Avi Choice Cheetah and more

The Avie Choice is nearly to a close and before we wrap up the fair. If you have not been able to get over to the shop and take a look at whats on display here is a few of what we have to offer.. http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Avi%20Choice%20Holidays1/59/200/24

First up is the Avie Choice Cheetah a Collectors Edition

WK Avie Choice Cheetah

Being that this is the Fashion Avie Choice we had to come out with a line of Fashion for you to enjoy.

We have not one but two sets of Avatar Eyes fashioned after are Wild Dog Eyes we do hope you enjoy.

Sign Avatar Eyes 2 Priced

Sign Avatar Eyes 1 Priced

For those of you who love the new mesh style.

WK T-Shirts we have some with and with out a scarf accessory.


Shirt wth Scarfs

Skinny Jeans

The Skinny Jeans are what all the Avatars are wearing this season and you won’t want to miss on these.  Again they are mesh and hug your Avatar Body and are a nice complement to the WK T Shirts

OOAK Auction today!!

Where is the time going, oh my this holiday season is flying bye and maybe due to so much going on.  Later today over at the Relay For Life auction house is going to be the OOAK One of a Kind auction.  It is going to be a large event and they have proxy areas set up as not all will fit into the sim but to even get there you need to be registered by noon.

We have a very special OOAK this season for you.

WK OOAK 2014

We do hope you will all come out and show the support for the WK animals.

This is the notice that the Fair sent out

The OOAK/LE Breedable auction will be held tomorrow Dec. 14th
at 1pm.

If you are interested in the auction, but can not be on site, we will offer a “Proxy Bid” system.

You must be registered to be included in the proxy group. We will take registrations up until tomorrow at 12 noon.

The Auction is now over and the Tiger was bought for 75,000 by TopperToo Resident

Toys for Tots Auction Winner

The Auction was a very fun and exciting time but there was much anticipation for the team as the WK offering was on panel 31 the last panel of the auction.  For those of you who missed the auction it was a might impressive auction the Auctioneer was wonderful to listen to and she kept the energy up and the show moving right along.  No one was more thrilled then us that the WK Wild Dog went for 120,000Ls this was a very aggressive bid war but ToppaToo Resident won it in the end.

The Auctioneer had this to say, NeCK  caDaVeR (neckcadaver): Thanks to all WK foLks wHo came and supported the TOTs that will get TOYS CAUSE OF YOU!~ for the MADNESS & LOVE of breeding~~ having fun is key and I believe we all did that! ~ fRom mY MaDneSs & Love jOined witH yOurS we ARE MAKING a child see & have christmas ~ WHO SAYS PiXeLS DON’T MAKE AN IMPACT? that be the GRiNCH

Now I would like to give a shout out to Jaed she has done amazing at helping to keep all of our events organized and on track but she would like to pass along that the T4T group make the  fair fun and entertaining, and are a true pleasure to work with to put on this whimsical event for the kids.

Again thank you all for supporting the cause and the animals love the present boxes you been buying them as well as the T4T Teddy Bear.  Thank you to each and everyone of you and hope you continue to enjoy the holiday season.

Toys for Tots Fund Raise Auction

Tomorrow Sunday the 23 at 10 AM SLT is a very special Auction it is for the Toys for Tots.  They have asked for donated items to go to help raise money for there cause which is to deliver, through a new toy at Christmas, a message of hope to less fortunate youngsters that will assist them into becoming responsible, productive, patriotic citizens. The US Marine Corp do this drive every year and were honored to be a part of it.

We have made up a very adorable Gray Wolf for you to bid on as a Thank you for the Donation to the cause. All proceeds go directly to Toys for Tots.

WK Toys For Tots



Toys for Tots Opens TODAY!!!

We are so proud to be apart of SL Toys for Tots Breedable’s Expo & Fair, it runs for November 15, thru to November 23rd.  This is a large event sponsored this year by the folks over at Amaretto and KittiCats so Big thank you to them for that.  We have put out two toys for the events donations as follows.

WK Present

The first up is a Present toy that the animals can try to open up. It is magical and will re wrap it self after each try.

WK T4T Bear

The next is a Large size Teddy Bear with the Toys for Tots logo on the belly.  This is only available at the Fair.


Hope to see you all pop over and check out the wonderful display Jaed has made up. The animals are in full support of the Toys.

A Leg Set Short Story

A creative use of the  Wild Dog leg sets.  A very funny story when linked together. Enjoy! Put together by Demi Radium.

Once Upon a time in a Galaxy Far from Mississippi i was Out of My Mind i seen Catty Wampus saying Life is Too Short To Sing In The Rain I Dance With Wolves Dance Love Sing Live Let The Good Times Roll North South East West.Star Light Star Brite let The Good-Times roll.Positive Thinking gets you Congratulations maybe even CinnaMonRolls fe Fi Fo Fum SuperCaliFragilisticExpaliDocious DociousaliExpilisticRupusagicaliRupus  anyway I Love WK Wolves not HipPopTaMus and A Way We Go// Back In 5 !! going for a Hot Dog With Chili.

Halloween Eyes 2014

We have 6 unique eyes for you this year. Our Halloween Eyes will birth in randomly one a week, and yes that does mean we will be pushing these into to November. Once an animal has a Halloween Eye it will not pass the eye but it will pass the Magical Flame. The Magical Flame Eye will make eyes that glow.

Halloween Eyes 2014