Progress report on Wolf Beta

Beta has been going along well and have only had minor issues.  Later today the wolves in the beta test will turn 3 and be able to start the breeding cycle.  The wolf breeding cycle is much like our cats at age three they will start to use the happy bowl and gain happy points if the breeding has been turned on.  At age 6 they will have enough happy points to have heat points start to gain. By age 10 they will become pregnant and 5 days from there the pups will be having there first set of pups.

Wolf Update . . .

It is a very exciting time.

Many of you know we have been working on a wolf breedable. Well the work is progress and tonight we have moved out of the Alpha Phase and into the Closed Beta Phase. There are just too many wonderful breeders of ours that have asked to Beta them that it would be impossible to choose.

The WK CSR’s have them as of this afternoon.  This is a normal time test and if all goes well we will be releasing by them By October first or so.

Remember . . .

It is coming up on one of those moments that are just frozen in time for many of us. When you take the time to remember it can be surprising just how clear the memory is of the moment you heard about the attack on 9/11/01.  I my self was getting the kids ready for school when my co worker called me and told me to turn the news on.  I remember watching in horror at the scenes that they were showing and the recapping over and over again.

There have been many tributes over the last few years to remember and pay tribute to the victims the survivors. To those that have worked hard to put right the ground zero area to make something that pays respect to those that died there. It also allows those that are living to have a place to go to remember and pay there respect to the 2,977 that were lost there that fateful day.

In our own little way we would like to pay tribute as well with a special 9-11 Eye called “Remember”. It is available on cats created between Noon on 9-9 through to noon on 9-12 and will be random like we do with special eyes.  It will pass once it is on an cat.

In memory of



WK Pigeon’s

These are so cool looking when you have a flock of them around hanging out and a cat walks through them and they all flutter up at once.

Very similar to the Chimps they will annoy your cats. If your cat catches them they are sent off to sanctuary to earn you points.

These birds are 6 prims per bird.

WK Pigeons

You can find them here

Update on Collectors Edition

When we introduced the Collectors Edition we over looked one small detail, of the Breed name Collectors Edition being passable. We spent quite awhile trying to sort this, and finally have a solution.

The changes has been made that the Brr Fur Black Nose when pass would take on a new breed name of South African. Any cat that then has been randomly birthed in or an offspring of have been converted to South African. Please “ReREzz or Sync” these cats to see the effected change.

The Brr Black Nose Fur will no longer be randomly birth in. The only way to get the Brr fur will be from a cat that already has it . In further Collection Editions will work this way they will not pass there Breed but will pass furs in this manor.

We are sorry for any confusion, irritation, disappointment or annoyance this may have caused you.

Q: Is the Fur Brr Black Nose Passable?

A: Yes


The RFL Breedable Fair OOAK Auction was an amazing success from what were being told that portion of the fair had raised more money then any of the predecessor Breedable OOAK Auctions.  As posted on the main SLBreedable site the Auction took in an ASTOUNDING, RECORD-SETTING 5,428,500L was raised!  You can see the full list on there page but the WK OOAK Tiger was a big contributor to the total.

  • Wild Kajaera: Tiger with Believe Eyes – 500,000L to high bidder duckkula; Pair of Flying Monkeys – 21,000L to high bidder Beloved Ruby

We hope you all got a chance to enjoy the fair and we look forward to the next one. Which should come around again in December.

Cat Update

We have a cat update ready version 1.4.63.

In this update you have increase probability of catching chimps.

You also have better wall script detection.

Range Ring feature added – when you set cats range it will temporarily show you a ring of the range you have set.

To allow you to know what cats are in the sacks the sack has a new version number as well it is 1.9.51


Item Update

If you have bought the WK Water Pump please place it in a box that you have created and send it on over to Queenfelinea.  She will get you a replacement sent out to you with in 24 hours or sooner.

We also have added the Chimps to the Magic Map. If you have a Magic Map and you have chimps box your map up. It can be in the same box as the Water Pump if you have both. Send it on over to Queen Felinea for an updated version.

Chimp Update 1.1.3

Well as many of you discovered the 1.1.2 version did not fix all of the motion stopping issue. The chimps are getting smarter so they now can detect the version of the cat.  This should fix the stopping issues. As we know the cat update is not a fun process for some of you we are holding back the 1.4.60 version until we are sure there is nothing more we need to get in it before the next update. We really try to keep the cat update down to once a season or less so that not to cause too much grumbling.  However updates are important as it keeps the cats learning and expanding and able to do more things.  We know many of you are just waiting to see what more we can do with these absolutely amazing and adorable cats chimps.  Pigeons, Doves and Black Birds should be out soon as well.  Similar to the chimps just a trimmed down prim count only 7 compared to the chimps 17.


We heard from many of you the disappointment in not having a cat as the One of a Kind, after much deliberation and in thinking it was too late to add a cat to it we asked the RFL if they would allow us to do two OOAKs this summer.  They gratefully said they could get it in the auction.


He is a must see and a beautiful eye that will pass the fur of course is a OOAK .