Server Side Update Complete

Today we rolled out an update to our Big Cat Systems Servers.  The updated include language updates to some of the behind the scenes magic that we do as well as a revamp to a few other bits that have been in development for a long time now perfecting it this last week in the Beta.

This updated rolls out the separation of Fur from Level.  Fur has become a independent trait free to move up and down the levels as breeders see fit, much like the rest of our traits.  Furs are still tied to the Species and Breed they represent.

Level no longer being tied to Fur has moved off the rarity calculator as it no longer represents a given fur on a given level. Yes, Furs will be introduced at certain levels but they may not stay there, just like any of the other traits once introduced they are free to move around on the levels.

Breed has also become more important with this update. Breed once held no importance at all as just a description of a line of fur with no ability to control the breeding of it. Now when you select a set of cats to breed you will have a much greater chance of passing the breed from the parents.  It will be possible to create a pure line of a certain breed within just a few breedings.

Which brings us back to the Level and we know you have tons of questions and the simplest way to say it is Level and Breed have now been tied together.  While in the Beta test we did look at joining level to the species but this was just not a good solution. When we tied it to the Breed we were able to get results that were expected. Each breed will need to work its way up to the higher end.  This for the Big Cat Market is a wonderful thing as it allows new breeders to come in and join and get started in all the fun.


Leopards join the Big Cats

As the beta is coming to its completion we are happy to announce that the Leopards will soon be joining the rest of the big cat family.  That does mean that you will be able to breed them with the Big Cats.  We would like to once again thank all the testers that helped us perfect the genetics on the Big Cats. Big Cats are still a level base up one, down one or the same level.  The fur has been liberated it is now free to move up or down its breed line and pass forward or back.  Species and Breed maintains its levels they are not allowed to cross over from one to another.

Leopards are coming

In the next few days we will be moving the updated system from the Dev area to the Production Area.  We will keep you posted on how the next few days go and will try to keep any interruptions to a minimum.

New Reference Page

We have a new page for you under the Classroom section to the left here that talks about Marketing. We get many questions about this daily and Jaed is really a wiz at this stuff she’s been in the breakable industry as a Breeder a Seller and an Auctioneer and has taken the time to write out some of her tips for you.  From a personal experience Marketing is really the heart of any business.  Realize that your product has more then one buyer is key and YOU are your Brand. If your not out and about and positively communicating your message it will effect your sales.

Small Cat Beta Full

Thank you to all the breeders who have agreed to be part of our Beta. Also thank you to all that have asked but at this time we feel we have as many testers that we need.

We are now trying to focus on adjusting the Dev system for the Big Cats to accommodate the extra breeds while we are hopeful all will go well nothing is for sure at this point.

Again we are trying very hard to accommodate all the request that the breeders have expressed to see and are very excited about the progress were making.

Update on the Small Cats

You all made one very clear point and that was you would be very disappointed if the Small Cats would be separate from the Big Cats. There are some concerns that we have about putting more on the existing system for the cats but we are willing to investigate more thoroughly the feasibility of this. It will need testing. What better way to test it then to do a Alpha Beta Test. We don’t need a ton of testers on this but we will need to open up a testing group that we will invite those that are interested into testing the adjustments we have planned.

We will need 10 to 14 days to get the adjustments to the system to done before testing can proceed.

The main area that will need testing of course will be to the genetic and feeding systems to make sure they can handle the additional amount of species. If all goes well and the system can handle it we should be able to release by mid to the end of July.

We know change and the announcement of an animal can play havoc with you’re planning we will keep you as much posted on the situation as we can.  The worst case would be that the system can not handle the additional animals as you want at which time we would look at going forward with them at all.  The best case of course that our system can handle everything we ask it to and then some and we will all be enjoying the Leopards mid Summer.  :-)

Clearing Up Level Up Confusion

There are a few people that have made the comments that if Small Cats were just added into the Big Cats that they would be up to level 30 with in 2 weeks. This is simply IMPOSSIBLE.  Those that have been with us and have seen a new species released can attest to this a Lion had to work its way up to a level even if it was crossbred to get traits from a higher leveled animal say Tiger or Jaguar. The out come that would happen if you combine a Leopard level 3 and a Jaguar Level 28 you cub would be either a Leopard 2, 3, or 4 level or a Jaguar level 27, 28, 29. Level is again tied to the Species which is currently tied to Fur.

Small Cats are coming soon . .

First off THANK YOU to all the wonderful breeders who care enough to want to make the WK animals the absolute best animals on the grid.  As we have been reading in the Wild Dog discussion many of you like generations but they’re a few of that prefer levels, we like to run the idea by the breeders of what we should do with the Small Cats.

Both Generations and Levels act similar as they go up in number more traits will be unlocked.

Levels – work in the up one level down one level or the current level and are directly tied to the furs.

Generations – are completely independent of any trait so all traits fur included can pass to the next generation, and Generations are figured on the average of the two parents to be plus one.

We would like to hear from you about the choice if you were us you would make. Please stay positive and let us know sooner then later as these Small Cats are anxious to come out and play.

A few things about the Small Cats you might be asking;

Will they breed with the Big Cats? These would be Small Cats completely separate for the Big Cats and would not be able to breed with the Big Cats in any way.

Will they have the same traits of the Big Cats? Yes they will have all the same traits of the Big Cats.

What Species will be included in the Small Cats?  Leopards, Snow Leopards, Lynx and Bobcats. Not all to come out at once but in a similar release pattern to that of the Big Cats.

What about food and boosters?  Food and Boosters will be similar to the previous Big Cats (BC) or Wild Dogs (WD) but will be Small Cats (SC)

Light Gray Fur gets an Update :-)

As discussed in the discussion post one of the major request was more distinctive looking furs. We are happy to announce that  The Light Gray Wolf furs gets an update to the body furs. If your an owner of a WK Wild Dog that has the lighter gray fur go to your animals menu and click Sync it will get the updated fur texture from the server. Again thank you for all that posted and we hope you appreciate the new look.

Wild Dogs Discussion

We would like to open up a discussion about the Wild Dogs and the confusion that seems to be there. We have heard from many of you regarding your frustration and confusion. As we know there are many more that do not contact us we like to have a discussion about your likes, your dislikes and what you would like to see happen with them. The goal here is to look at how to move forward with them to ensure that they thrive.

The biggest suggestions so far are:

Remove the Leg Set

Simplify the Furs (putting the textures together as one trait)

It would be better to separate their Personality, love the animations but would rather have tail sizes like the cats.

Have more distinctive furs making it easer to see the difference. (Less Furs)

Have Levels not Generations.

Please leave your comment below, respond to other comments in a positive way as we all can have our own opinions.

****** June 12, 2015 — Thank you for those that have left positive comments and participated in the discussion it is really appreciated.

Looking at the the wolf furs of all of them the Light Gray Wolf seemed to be the worst offender in having too many furs that looked similar. The Light Grey furs will be getting an update to a more distinctive body fur.  We are continuing to work on other areas of the wolves that have been requested to see improved and will release them as they become available.