Toys for Tots Fund Raise Auction

Tomorrow Sunday the 23 at 10 AM SLT is a very special Auction it is for the Toys for Tots.  They have asked for donated items to go to help raise money for there cause which is to deliver, through a new toy at Christmas, a message of hope to less fortunate youngsters that will assist them into becoming responsible, productive, patriotic citizens. The US Marine Corp do this drive every year and were honored to be a part of it.

We have made up a very adorable Gray Wolf for you to bid on as a Thank you for the Donation to the cause. All proceeds go directly to Toys for Tots.

WK Toys For Tots

Toys for Tots Opens TODAY!!!

We are so proud to be apart of SL Toys for Tots Breedable’s Expo & Fair, it runs for November 15, thru to November 23rd.  This is a large event sponsored this year by the folks over at Amaretto and KittiCats so Big thank you to them for that.  We have put out two toys for the events donations as follows.

WK Present

The first up is a Present toy that the animals can try to open up. It is magical and will re wrap it self after each try.

WK T4T Bear

The next is a Large size Teddy Bear with the Toys for Tots logo on the belly.  This is only available at the Fair.

Hope to see you all pop over and check out the wonderful display Jaed has made up. The animals are in full support of the Toys.

A Leg Set Short Story

A creative use of the  Wild Dog leg sets.  A very funny story when linked together. Enjoy! Put together by Demi Radium.

Once Upon a time in a Galaxy Far from Mississippi i was Out of My Mind i seen Catty Wampus saying Life is Too Short To Sing In The Rain I Dance With Wolves Dance Love Sing Live Let The Good Times Roll North South East West.Star Light Star Brite let The Good-Times roll.Positive Thinking gets you Congratulations maybe even CinnaMonRolls fe Fi Fo Fum SuperCaliFragilisticExpaliDocious DociousaliExpilisticRupusagicaliRupus  anyway I Love WK Wolves not HipPopTaMus and A Way We Go// Back In 5 !! going for a Hot Dog With Chili.

Halloween Eyes 2014

We have 6 unique eyes for you this year. Our Halloween Eyes will birth in randomly one a week, and yes that does mean we will be pushing these into to November. Once an animal has a Halloween Eye it will not pass the eye but it will pass the Magical Flame. The Magical Flame Eye will make eyes that glow.

Halloween Eyes 2014


October is HERE !!!

October has to be one of our favorite months we seem to pack October with a lot of really wonderful things.  The first of course was the release of our Wild Dogs.  They have been extremely well received and we are truly grateful for all the wonderful feed back that we have gotten on them.  The second wave of goodness in this month is the new toys we have for both the Big Cats and the Wild Dogs these are seasonal some may find there way on to the year long toy shelfs but some are only available for the season.  Such as the next installment in the Bear toys

WK Wind up Rat

We also have some new friends the Monster Pals are the newest in the line of stuffy fluffys that the cats and dogs love to cary around.


WK Monster Pals


The Devil Ducks are useable on land as well as in the water.  Though the Wild Dogs are still not exactly sure what to do with them when they are in the water.

WK Devil Ducks

These are just a few of the toys that are out at the two main sim locations,

Stay tuned we have a few other treats planned for later in the month.


WK Class Update

We are thrilled with the fact that so many of you want to take the classes. This shows you are truly wanting to get the most out of your animals. Of late a lot of people have been asking for classes at different times or to have classes in text or to have a transcribe of what is said in class.  As we can not do this for every class we have at least done the general class.  This can be found in the section to the left under WK 101.  There is even a page for ?s, if you have any submit a ? in the comment section and we will add it along with its answer to the page.

The live classes will still be taught as often as we are able to fit them in along with all the other work we do with the animals, market support as well as issues that come up for the individual breeder.  Thank you all for your patience as everyone learns the newest addition to the WK Animals.

You may have heard ….

You may have heard the howl of the wolves through out SL they have officially been released as of yesterday afternoon.  The wolves have been well received by most.

Wolf In Tall Grass

Here are what a few users had to say;

[15:08] ℳia Ŧεroɳia-Ďαɹќṡτøɹṃ (drknlght): OMG They are soooo cute

[15:17] Saronda Jewell: Congrats WK – a great launch and such cute baby wolves!!!!!! WOW

[15:59] Rose (rosal.spiritweaver): i am loving these wolves

[16:45] Jude Banx (jude.plunkett): OMG I love my new puppies! the howling and other noises they make melts my heart!

[17:09] Kopi (kopiluwak.diesel): the wolves are awesome!!!
[17:09] Kopi (kopiluwak.diesel): great work!

[17:43] Toolgirl Panthar: I am so happy with them thank you for making them

[15:14] Omara Lyric: they are spectacular!!
[15:14] Omara Lyric: I love them sooooooo!!!
[15:14] Omara Lyric: ;)

The Wild Dog – Gray Wolf  breeding is a bit different then the cats.  There more of a family based breeding vs the Level Breeding of the Big Cats.  This does not mean it is harder it just means you are looking at different things.

We are holding the first class on the WK Wild Dogs this afternoon at 3:30 PM SLT and you won’t want to miss it.  The class is held at our main sim on the top platform of the tall tree in the middle of the sim.

We have heard that there are people in other time zones that would like a class to be held and we will do the best to accommodate these time zones but would need to know what is a good time for you as we are a US based company.  If you like a class in your time Zone and feel that many of your friends or other Breeders would like it as well let us know and we will try our best to accommodate you.

Wolf Note ~

As we approach the end of the Closed Beta we thought you might like to hear from one of the testers.

Hi Everyone! Cyndi here with a Wolf Update for you! I know everyone is waiting with much anticipation for the release of the wolves, and updates along the way. I thought I would take a few minutes to fill you in a little.

First, let me say this….the wolves are AMAZING! I am having so much fun watching them play and interact., that I have to make myself stop watching in order to get other things done. Each and every day the devs / owners are working hard to fix any small issues we find, so that they can get the wolves released to each of us to begin our breeding journey.

I could truly sit for hours watching the wolves playing. They run fast, and love to come sit by your feet when you are close by. I ask them to let me rub their belly through the interact on the menu…and it is too sweet. I have even included a photo for you to see. There are bones you can get, and they love to carry them around in their mouth, then place them on the ground, but quickly to grab them back up before another wolf can get it from them. Oh! and did I mention , when it is time for them to lay down, they even turn in a few circles making their bed comfy, just like they do in the wild.

I could go on for an hour telling you about the wolves and what a joy they are going to be for each of you, but then I would not get my testing done so that we can hurry them to you! All I can say is, be getting ready because the countdown is on!