Cecil the Lion

As many of you know on 29th of July Cecil the South African Lion was hunted and killed. This was a great loss in many ways. We would like to help his pride and his reserve.

The Zimbabwe Parks and Wildlife Management Authority has set up a Zimbabwe Endangered Species Fund to fundraise for the conservation and protection of endangered species like the late Cecil the Lion.

We know that the breeding community is a lover of big cats in the real world as well as in Second Life help us give back to the real life animals and make a positive come from an extremely negative and senseless act.

Remember Cecil and build your own family of his here in Second Life.

Tribute to Cecil the Lion

Tribute to Cecil the Lion

We thank you for your support to our effort to give back to the animal world.

What Passes –

Cecil will pass his traits like all other cats.

Cecil Fur with the black nose is the only thing that will not. The Fur with a similar nose will pass if Cecils Fur is the winning fur.

Cecil has a stunning mane and there are two possible fathers for Cecil and each are wearing similar but slightly different color manes.  Porky is wearing the Fearless Leader Mane and Tinker is wearing the Braveheart Mane.


Sanctuary Cat

Thank you all for the comments and the concerns. We will go back to the regular operation with our own designs but with a passing fur as the added reason to get the sanctuary cat.

We were give some really neat ideas so stay tuned as always.

Cats share their wagons

With the latest update to the wolves, they are able to enjoy the wagon that the cats have been enjoying.  While they willing to share the wagon there are times you may find them growling at them when they always want to ride.

There is an update to the wagon the current version of the wagon is 3.1. If you find your wagon needs an update you can put it in a box with your name and wagon update will send an updated wagon to you.

Wild Dogs and Big Cats Love their WK Wagons

Wild Dogs and Big Cats Love their WK Wagons

Server Side Update Complete

Today we rolled out an update to our Big Cat Systems Servers.  The updated include language updates to some of the behind the scenes magic that we do as well as a revamp to a few other bits that have been in development for a long time now perfecting it this last week in the Beta.

This updated rolls out the separation of Fur from Level.  Fur has become a independent trait free to move up and down the levels as breeders see fit, much like the rest of our traits.  Furs are still tied to the Species and Breed they represent.

Level no longer being tied to Fur has moved off the rarity calculator as it no longer represents a given fur on a given level. Yes, Furs will be introduced at certain levels but they may not stay there, just like any of the other traits once introduced they are free to move around on the levels.

Breed has also become more important with this update. Breed once held no importance at all as just a description of a line of fur with no ability to control the breeding of it. Now when you select a set of cats to breed you will have a much greater chance of passing the breed from the parents.  It will be possible to create a pure line of a certain breed within just a few breedings.

Which brings us back to the Level and we know you have tons of questions and the simplest way to say it is Level and Breed have now been tied together.  While in the Beta test we did look at joining level to the species but this was just not a good solution. When we tied it to the Breed we were able to get results that were expected. Each breed will need to work its way up to the higher end.  This for the Big Cat Market is a wonderful thing as it allows new breeders to come in and join and get started in all the fun.


Leopards join the Big Cats

As the beta is coming to its completion we are happy to announce that the Leopards will soon be joining the rest of the big cat family.  That does mean that you will be able to breed them with the Big Cats.  We would like to once again thank all the testers that helped us perfect the genetics on the Big Cats. Big Cats are still a level base up one, down one or the same level.  The fur has been liberated it is now free to move up or down its breed line and pass forward or back.  Species and Breed maintains its levels they are not allowed to cross over from one to another.

Leopards are coming

In the next few days we will be moving the updated system from the Dev area to the Production Area.  We will keep you posted on how the next few days go and will try to keep any interruptions to a minimum.

New Reference Page

We have a new page for you under the Classroom section to the left here that talks about Marketing. We get many questions about this daily and Jaed is really a wiz at this stuff she’s been in the breakable industry as a Breeder a Seller and an Auctioneer and has taken the time to write out some of her tips for you.  From a personal experience Marketing is really the heart of any business.  Realize that your product has more then one buyer is key and YOU are your Brand. If your not out and about and positively communicating your message it will effect your sales.

Small Cat Beta Full

Thank you to all the breeders who have agreed to be part of our Beta. Also thank you to all that have asked but at this time we feel we have as many testers that we need.

We are now trying to focus on adjusting the Dev system for the Big Cats to accommodate the extra breeds while we are hopeful all will go well nothing is for sure at this point.

Again we are trying very hard to accommodate all the request that the breeders have expressed to see and are very excited about the progress were making.

Update on the Small Cats

You all made one very clear point and that was you would be very disappointed if the Small Cats would be separate from the Big Cats. There are some concerns that we have about putting more on the existing system for the cats but we are willing to investigate more thoroughly the feasibility of this. It will need testing. What better way to test it then to do a Alpha Beta Test. We don’t need a ton of testers on this but we will need to open up a testing group that we will invite those that are interested into testing the adjustments we have planned.

We will need 10 to 14 days to get the adjustments to the system to done before testing can proceed.

The main area that will need testing of course will be to the genetic and feeding systems to make sure they can handle the additional amount of species. If all goes well and the system can handle it we should be able to release by mid to the end of July.

We know change and the announcement of an animal can play havoc with you’re planning we will keep you as much posted on the situation as we can.  The worst case would be that the system can not handle the additional animals as you want at which time we would look at going forward with them at all.  The best case of course that our system can handle everything we ask it to and then some and we will all be enjoying the Leopards mid Summer.  :-)

Clearing Up Level Up Confusion

There are a few people that have made the comments that if Small Cats were just added into the Big Cats that they would be up to level 30 with in 2 weeks. This is simply IMPOSSIBLE.  Those that have been with us and have seen a new species released can attest to this a Lion had to work its way up to a level even if it was crossbred to get traits from a higher leveled animal say Tiger or Jaguar. The out come that would happen if you combine a Leopard level 3 and a Jaguar Level 28 you cub would be either a Leopard 2, 3, or 4 level or a Jaguar level 27, 28, 29. Level is again tied to the Species which is currently tied to Fur.