Ancestry Trees in SL

We are happy to announce the 2 new Ancestry Tree one for the Big Cats and one for Wild Dogs.  Make sure when purchasing your getting the right one for your animals.  These signs are great for use on you land to look up ancestry in world as well as at market places for buyers looking for that specific animals.

They have a temporary panel for market areas and long term panel for auctions that will show the parent and grandparent information.

WK Ancestry Tree BC

WK Ancestry Tree WD

Irish Eyes 2015

Starting today and running until the morning of the 18th, the Irish Eye 2015 will be added to the chance of eyes your animals may be able to get. May the Luck of the Irish be with you, Happy Breeding.

Irish Eyes 2015

****** The Wild Dog eye will run until the morning of the 26th due to a error.

Its Time

The Big Cats have finished the progression from the dev environment over to the Live one. You may update your cats and these cats are capable of producing any of the Hybrids.

There are also changes to the Data Base that you will be able to see with the Hybrids any one with a Liger or Tigon will notice that the Level has been changed to Uber Cat or UC in the tables. They will from this point on also average there parents levels to determine there breeding level when breeding.

Added benefit to the Hybrids are some new eyes that they will trigger these eyes are not on display at this time but will have that shortly.

Kajaera – Mens Clothing

The Koo’toor expands its line of clothing for the male breeders.  We are pleased to announce the 4 new additional items.  The Letterman Jacket is wearable by the females as well as males.

Letteman Jackets Mens Mesh T shirts Mens Mesh PolosMens Mesh Jeans

Located on the WKU Sim at

Located on the Crystal River Sim at

Just because your animals are naked doesn’t mean you have to be. :-)

Hybrids Expansion Coming Soon!!!

We have been working very hard these last few months and are really excited about this next update for the WK Big Cats. We have 4 new Species joining the 2 current Hybrids cats the Liger and the Tigon expanding this to 6 the newest of the Hybrids will be the Cheegar, the Coutah, the Jager and the Tiguar.

WK Hybrid Family

In order to bring these new specie out we will be making some adjustments to the current 2 Hybrids. The Hybrids will all get a breed adjustment to Hybrid and the Levels will be changed from a number to that of a Uber Cat. The Uber Cat is going to average of the two parents that made it plus one. There will also no longer be any lion level restriction.

We’re extremely excited about these Cats.

The Cheegar and the Coutah will come from the mixing of a Cheetah and a Cougar.

The Jager and the Tiguar will come from the mixing of a Jaguar and a Tiger.

Update for the Wild Dogs

After much conversation, both with breeders and with the WK team we have spent the last two weeks in adding the Generation counter.  The Generation Counter is independent of all traits. It can be used as a guide to when or where new traits may appear.  As previously announced it will take the generation of the parents and add them together, divide them in half round up where needs be and add one. The in world animal will need an update for it to be able to show the New Hover Text in both the live and the sacks. Generations will show in the stats of an animal its parents stats and on some of the pages on the website. Classifieds new will have the accurate generation Classifieds already listed will get a default of 0 until they go off or until they are reentered as new. The page Animals will have the Generation and so will the Sack Page.

Valentines Day is this Saturday

In honor of the upcoming holiday, on Wednesday the 11th will put a special Limited Edition Eye into the mix for any new baby being created from the 11th to the 18th has a chance of getting the eye. On the 19th the eye will no longer be available as a random birth.  This eye has possibility pass to the offsprings as well.

V Day Eyes 2015

Timber Wolves Join the Party

The Timber Wolves have been released. We had a few hiccups but were able to correct them quickly.  We have heard a lot of good responses. The two main store locations have the crates for sale.

Just after the release there was a bit of a discussion in the group about the desire to have a level type trait added to the wolves aka Wild Dogs.  The team had a meeting this morning about the options and the pros and cons of doing so and before we do anything we want your opinion. As it was the breeders that asked for it.

We can’t do levels exactly like we did in the Big Cats because the fur is broken out in to several different traits and not just the one. We could however add in a Generation Counter. A Generation counter would track the Generation level and with a bit of moving around from an ancestral meaning the family line plus a little more random  chance system to a system that unlocks traits at certain generations.  The negative side of this of course is that it becomes the ONLY trait looked at.  The plus side of it you have a direction on which to go.

The easy ones to figure of course are the same generations but what happens when the generations are different such as example a Generation 10 and an Generation 5 it is not a simple plus one. We have decide that it would be best to do an average of the two parents rounded up if its not a whole number plus one.

Cast your vote and if you like to share with others why you voted that way leave a comment below.