The RFL Breedable Fair OOAK Auction was an amazing success from what were being told that portion of the fair had raised more money then any of the predecessor Breedable OOAK Auctions.  As posted on the main SLBreedable site the Auction took in an ASTOUNDING, RECORD-SETTING 5,428,500L was raised!  You can see the full list on there page but the WK OOAK Tiger was a big contributor to the total.

  • Wild Kajaera: Tiger with Believe Eyes – 500,000L to high bidder duckkula; Pair of Flying Monkeys – 21,000L to high bidder Beloved Ruby

We hope you all got a chance to enjoy the fair and we look forward to the next one. Which should come around again in December.

Cat Update

We have a cat update ready version 1.4.63.

In this update you have increase probability of catching chimps.

You also have better wall script detection.

Range Ring feature added – when you set cats range it will temporarily show you a ring of the range you have set.

To allow you to know what cats are in the sacks the sack has a new version number as well it is 1.9.51


Item Update

If you have bought the WK Water Pump please place it in a box that you have created and send it on over to Queenfelinea.  She will get you a replacement sent out to you with in 24 hours or sooner.

We also have added the Chimps to the Magic Map. If you have a Magic Map and you have chimps box your map up. It can be in the same box as the Water Pump if you have both. Send it on over to Queen Felinea for an updated version.

Chimp Update 1.1.3

Well as many of you discovered the 1.1.2 version did not fix all of the motion stopping issue. The chimps are getting smarter so they now can detect the version of the cat.  This should fix the stopping issues. As we know the cat update is not a fun process for some of you we are holding back the 1.4.60 version until we are sure there is nothing more we need to get in it before the next update. We really try to keep the cat update down to once a season or less so that not to cause too much grumbling.  However updates are important as it keeps the cats learning and expanding and able to do more things.  We know many of you are just waiting to see what more we can do with these absolutely amazing and adorable cats chimps.  Pigeons, Doves and Black Birds should be out soon as well.  Similar to the chimps just a trimmed down prim count only 7 compared to the chimps 17.


We heard from many of you the disappointment in not having a cat as the One of a Kind, after much deliberation and in thinking it was too late to add a cat to it we asked the RFL if they would allow us to do two OOAKs this summer.  They gratefully said they could get it in the auction.


He is a must see and a beautiful eye that will pass the fur of course is a OOAK .



WK Flying Friends – Chimp Update

Well with our rush to get to the fair we had a few minor issues in the Chimps.  They have been corrected at this time and an update is available.  You update the chimps via the webMOOG Animals on the Flying Friends Dashboard.  If you have not figured out how to get to they Flying Friends website just simply click the Flying Friends logo once your logged in to the Portal site.  There is no Updater at this time for the chimps.

Fixes involve allowing spaces in the name, fake eggs and listening to the range that is set.

Mini Auction for RFL

The RFL fair has been very generous for our breeders and have given us not one but two of these mini Auctions. This is a great way for breeders to show of their breeding and donate to a great cause.  Think of this as a great way to advertise for your own breeding business.  When your cat is up for auction your breeding gets a bit of attention and advertisement.

We have also been issued a challenge to see if our community will be able to raise as much in donations as they previous Auctions.

If you find you have a cat to donate for the auction get in touch with Jaed Cartier for more information she will be Auctioning on Tuesday at 5 PM.  Summer Portello will be auctioning tonight at 7 PM you may also try to reach her or her CSR Tina Nabob either are available for help with both Auctions.

Mark your calendars we hope to see you there to support not only RFL but the WK Cats and their Breeders.


Happy Holiday

WK Holiday Balloons

We all love to celebrate and what better way to celebrate with some specialty balloons.  This time of year the US and Canada celebrate there independence.  We hope you all have a wonderful holiday weekend.  The cats will play with these balloons just like they do the other ones.  They surprisingly never pop and the cats will play with them when they feel like it.



Flying Chimps

WK Chimps

Flying Chimps are breeding buddies to the cats. They were designed for tons of entertainment value to both the owner and the cats.  They are able to multiply if feed and to help with the population the cats can catch and send the offspring to the sanctuary giving you a boost to your sanctuary points.

These should be a fun addition to any WK Big Cat breeder who allows their cats to move. The chimps will try to ride the cats and poke at them while they rest. The cats will chase them and scare them into the air again.  If you wish them to multiply just provide food to the Breeding pair and every five days you get a new clutch. (Clutch it the term for when a bird has its eggs.) The offspring only are around for 30 days and require no food being that they can be caught and sent off to sanctuary by your cats. If the offspring are not caught in 30 days they simple fade away, making room for new babies.

The Chimps can play with some of the cat toys as well as have a few of their very own.  Lots of fun you can choose to get a pair of whites or a pair of blacks. Each pair comes with a nesting point.

You can find them for sale on the WK University sim here;