It’s almost Paw Hunting Time

WOWZES!! I am so excited at all the amazing items we have in this hunt for those that will participate.  Before the crazy fun starts we would really like to give a huge THANK YOU to the Market Sims who have Chosen to participate, in random order they are Cataclysm WK Market, Ravenwolf Breedables, Frisky Felines, Midwest Breedables Auctions & Breakable Rentals and last but surely not least is Gerri – WK Markethall – Home of leading Breeders. Thank you all the prizes you have donated they are sure to be a treat.

If you have not picked up your hud as of yet there is still time to do so and the cost is 500Ls stop by any of the WK store locations to get yours today.

We’re gearing up for The Hunt!

This is the time of year we all look forward too with excitement, our Anniversary Hunt we will be officially 2 years at the end of this month. We want to celebrate and are currently planning a Hunt as per the request of last years hunters this Hunt is a little bit longer then the last one from the 25th of January through the 31 of January. We also have set the hud price at 500. We have several different prizes included and have also asked the store location markets to contribute if they wish to give something back to the patrons that participate.  There will be some things you can only get from HUNTing that will NOT be available in the stores. Mark your calendars you won’t want to miss this one.


WK Birthday Hunt Come join the fun we hope you all will enjoy this one.


Classifieds Get an Update

The classifieds on our website have recently gotten an update. It will allow more information of each animal to be listed to help you track down that specific animal your looking for.  The pull down searches have not change. If you select a general search meaning click the search button it will show you all the adds, then go down to the lower left hand corner of the grid and click the magnifying glass this will open the inline search tools and you will be able to type in what your looking for there to help narrow the search more.

As there are already adds in the classifieds those ads will NOT show the new information until the owners either remove it and re add it or until the adds drop off in a weeks time. A week from now all searching should be filled with full information on animals.

Don’t Miss Out

Just a reminder that today at 8 PM the Wild Dogs first Limited Edition animal will go off sale today. If you have not gotten a chance to pick one up before today you may want to grab one before they are gone. Once they are off sale they will only be available via the Secondary Market.

WK LE WolfTraits that pass are the Scale, Eye, Ear Shape, Tongue, Teeth.

WK Cave

Many of you have asked for a Cave for the animals to be able to use. We are happy to finally be able to release this one. It is available at the two main stores and we will be getting it out to the satellite stores just as soon as we can.

The cave comes with multiple textures to choose from. WK Cave

Winter Seasonal Food

We have put out the winter seasonal food it is in all the stores locations. There in both the Big Cats and the Wild Dogs. Similar shapes different sizes so you can keep them separated.

Food Seasonal Winter BCThe Big cats have the Larger Candy Cane for their Catnip Supplement.

Food Seasonal Winter WDThe Wild Dogs have the smaller Candy Cane for their Happy Supplement.

These will be in stores till The end of January.

WK Limited Edition Wolf

Happy Holidays to you all. We have on sale now through January 5, 2015 the first of the Wild Dog LEs. This is a pure winter white Gray wolf with a eye that is reflecting Santa as he flies across the sky. We have added a few traits to this little one that you will want to be sure to get into your breeding line.

First up is a tallSkinny Ear this one has two of them, Scale is large and the only way to get either the ear or the large scale will be from this LE or for its offspring where they are listed as a grandparent. If they are a great grandparent and no offspring has the ear it will not pass to the great great grandchild. A trait that will come out eventually through natural breeding is the Pink Heart Tongue we have included it on this animal.  The Leg set is not words and will not trigger the Extra Large Scale size. The Fur on all parts will NOT pass.

Its a very self assured wolf and other wolfs may follow behind them as they move about your sim.WK LE Wolf

WK Wild Dog Update

The Wild Dog update is ready for you, as well as the Wild Dog updater. The Updater works much like that of the Big Cats Updater so now you have the choice to use the web MOOG or the updater.

Many of you will want to know what is in the update, a bit of house keeping on a script or two as well as some additional animations and behaviors. They are getting smart and starting to see more of their SL world and there Wild Dog companions.