Update Wrap Up

Friday April 17th at noon we did a system update, that went fairly smooth.

The update was a thinning on the data base to shift data from one table to another table. The reasons for the shift was to increase the load speed on the website. As many users were starting to noticed an increase wait time or a loading issue.  As this was one of the main tables many of the pages needed to be adjusted and we over looked the Ancestry page cub list, so for the last two days you may have noticed that the list of cubs was incomplete, this is now corrected.  The stats were the correct number it was the showing of the cubs on the page that was incorrect as you can now see.

A handful of you that had used boosters had to reapply them in the window of updating but we contacted you and let you know about this.

It has come to light that there was also a few that had birthed babies that are now not showing that they were birthed.  If this is the case for you please contact a CSR if we can verify that your cub was created before noon on Friday and you believe you have been wrong we will of course adjust the age this one time.

We’d like to thank all the community for their patience this past weekend while we fixed the minor issues that came up.

Shine and Glow Update

Many of you have been asking for us to allow Shine and Glow traits to pass to the lower level cats if the cat has it in a parent or a grandparent.  We are happy to say that we have found a way to do this.  Both the Shines and Glow trait are now able to pass to lower level cats ONLY if its in a parent or grandparent.  If you do not have either of these then your still able to trigger the chance of them at the fur level 15 +, 20 +, and 25 + respectively.

Rarity Calculation gets an Update

OH MY GOSH, we are reaching the known top level in some of the species.  Can you believe it? But don’t you think it would be really sad if we stopped there?  WOW it has been exciting getting to this point but YES the top Level is no longer 30. We don’t really know what it is, as it has yet to be defined. You can continue to discover more and new furs and other traits as you climb higher if that is your wish.  It is so amazing to see all the wonderful animals you have created.

If you have not seen the WK pictures lately check those out there are some adorable moments in there.  We especially like your titles.

When the New Hybrids started to be born we looked at their stats and thought my gosh they are so low in traits for such unique animals. This made us take a closer look at the Rarity calculator and saw that with all the growth we have had it need an adjustment to how the percentage traits are figured.

We have added a bonus now for traits calculated on a percentage.  We have also moved the fur to the percentage calculation as well as it is a more honorable reflection of your breeding, as well as the levels are starting to be out grown from the old table.  How this is figured then is if there is less then a certain amount you will get a point bonus added on to the existing points so your points should all go up and adjust or at the least stay the same.  No need to worry about the math here just continue to use the rarity calculator and it will do the math for you.



New Toys

Have some new toys for your animals to enjoy. All but the wagon can be used by either the Big Cats or the Wild Dogs but sadly the Wagon is for Big Cats ONLY at this time the dogs will be able to play with in the future. Once again the WK Wagon is for the Big Cats only at this time :-).

WK Sitting Bunny

WK Easter Basket

WK Fluffy Stuffy

WK Wagon

WK Spring Time Bear


Autism Awareness Fair Opens today

Well we here at the Wild Kajaera (WK) have been very busy indeed. Today many new products hit the SL grid.  Some of which coincides with the Autism Awareness Fund Raising Event going on in Second Life. http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Bridgman/117/42/23

Doing research in to Autism and it seems to be a extremely misunderstood condition. It’s not a disease it can not be cured it is a condition that needs understanding. It will effect a persons social behaviors, speech and sensory areas of the brain. As many of these effects can range from mild to extreme doctors are now calling it a spectrum distorter.  We here at WK only want to help make people more aware of the condition so that maybe in the real world people will show more kindness towards those effected by it and there families.

Pictures below are of various products:

WK Autism Wolf

WK Autism Cat

WK Autism PenguinBunny

WK Autism Balloon

WK Autism Ball




Ancestry Trees in SL

We are happy to announce the 2 new Ancestry Tree one for the Big Cats and one for Wild Dogs.  Make sure when purchasing your getting the right one for your animals.  These signs are great for use on you land to look up ancestry in world as well as at market places for buyers looking for that specific animals.

They have a temporary panel for market areas and long term panel for auctions that will show the parent and grandparent information.

WK Ancestry Tree BC

WK Ancestry Tree WD

Irish Eyes 2015

Starting today and running until the morning of the 18th, the Irish Eye 2015 will be added to the chance of eyes your animals may be able to get. May the Luck of the Irish be with you, Happy Breeding.

Irish Eyes 2015

****** The Wild Dog eye will run until the morning of the 26th due to a error.

Its Time

The Big Cats have finished the progression from the dev environment over to the Live one. You may update your cats and these cats are capable of producing any of the Hybrids.

There are also changes to the Data Base that you will be able to see with the Hybrids any one with a Liger or Tigon will notice that the Level has been changed to Uber Cat or UC in the tables. They will from this point on also average there parents levels to determine there breeding level when breeding.

Added benefit to the Hybrids are some new eyes that they will trigger these eyes are not on display at this time but will have that shortly.