Accredited Sellers

We would like to show some appreciation for those in the WK community that try to uphold the market.  While we don’t dictate how you sell your animals we do feel that those that go above and beyond for the community should be recognized. To do this we have conjured up an accreditation system follow these guidelines to earn a spot on the list.

Any WK Wild Kajaera Breeder, Market or Auction house can ask to be included on the appropriate list.

What our secret shoppers will look for;

For the individual seller shops:

A shop dedicated to their WK Animals.

That the animals are listed at no lower then 1000L’s.

That there are no givers, gotchas, raffles where the prize is a WK animal.

Make sure you have no duplicate IDs out by mistake.

For the markets:

To get top ratings all sellers must follow the seller shop guidelines.

That scripts are allowed On in markets group or in general.

Common areas free of random gift givers and raffles where the prize is a WK Animal.

  • Must be on a Gaming Sim if not a Gaming Sim then per Linden Labs they are prohibited. If you are a Gaming Sim Raffles must have a limit of at least the equivalent of the minimum sale price of 1000L’s.

For auction location:

First and foremost welcoming to ALL breeders new and old.

Encouraging to NEW breeders.

Minimum Bid requirement is 1000L’s

That there are no Patron Auctions with opening bids less 1000L’s.

**What you get for following the guidelines is a listing on the web page so when people looking for where to go and visit our site for suggestions they will find you first.

* Disclaimer; this may not be for everyone and that is completely fine.  This is for those breeders who want directions or recommendation on what we suggest. Anyone who chooses to not follow these guidelines is completely within their own right to do so. WK is not intending to police the market. Our intent is to give direction and guidance and a show of strength of the community of people who do. If you choose to follow these guidelines it is in the markest best interest not to bully others, go to a market that supports your beliefs of how a market should be.  You’re beliefs are your own and ALL members of the WK community should be treated with respect for their own beliefs.