Auction Locations

Auctions going on weekly check the schedule and visit the location for more times. Because there are so many auction times may over lap but they are listed alphabetically , check the sims location for time.

It has come to our attention some of the Auction House have started to put some panel restrictions on there auctions. This is there choice and we stand by that the second market and wish to support them all. Please check with each auction house they can let you know what the restrictions are.

No Restrictions indicates there are no pricing or level restrictions

Some have Starting Bids or Special Panels

Plus Restrictions means see them for the details of their rules.

Angels Cat House ~ No Restrictions

M – Sat at 4 PM

Sun at 10 PM

Breeders House  ~ No Restrictions

M and Th at 2 PM

Castle of Cats  ~ No Restrictions

7 Days a week 2 PM, 5 PM and 1 AM

Cataclysm WK Market  ~ No Restrictions

M at 6 PM, T and Th at 7 AM, F, Sat and Sun at 6 PM

Down on the Bayou ~ No Restrictions

M – F 10 AM and 5 PM, Sat at 5 PM, Sun at 1 PM and 5 PM

Gerri Ranch ~ Starting Bid 500

7 Days a week at 8 AM and

M at 7:30 PM, T  at 8:30  W, T, F at 8PM, Sat at 8:30 PM Sun at 8 PM

Huntress ~ Starting Bid 500, Special Panel 3000

Tue, Thu & Sat at 1 PM

Mystic Seaport ~ Restrictions (see their notes)

M thru Sat 12 pm and 5:30 pm -Sack sales only 5 PM on Sun

Mysticals Auction House  ~ Starting Bid 500, Special Panel 1000

M at 7AM, T at 11AM, W at 6PM, Th 9AM and 6PM, F at 2PM and 7PM. Sat at 8AM and 7PM and Sun at 10AM

Paws and Purrs~ Starting Bid 1000, Special Panel 2000 plus restrictions

7 Days @ 11 AM

4 PM T and Th and  8 PM M, W, and F

Pixel Purrfect ~  Starting Bid 500, Special Panel 3000 

M at 11 AM &  8 PM, W 11 AM &  4:30 PM, F at 10 AM,  Sat at 10 AM, Sun at 4 PM

Ranch Tinamou  ~ No Restrictions

Tue and Thu at 4 PM,

Safari Island Pride  ~ No Restrictions

7 Days 10 AM &  7 PM

Speeds Auction House  ~ No Restrictions

Mon, Tue, Fri at 8 PM and Sun at 7 PM.

Tomorrowland Breedables ~ Starting Bid 750, Special Panel 1000

M, T, W, Th, F, Sat.@ 9AM & 4PM SLT

Wild @ Heart ~ Starting Bid 1000, Special Panel 2500 plus restriction

7 Days a week at 2 PM and 7 PM

As the popularity of the cats is growing more and more auctions and markets are popping up we have listed several of the Auctions here above however, locations maybe offer different times and days please check with them.  This is just a sampling of what is available.

Please  join the *WK – Wild Kingdom Ads & Auctions*


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