List of Markets

The following markets do their best to help the sellers get the most for their hard work.  Providing a really strong community feeling as we visited each of the various locations.

Howlin At The Moon Too
This is a realistically landscaped sim set in a valley. Natural materials are used to set up stalls, carts are used thought out the area for those sellers that sell primarily sacks. Fairly new market a perfect time to get in before it fills up. Stop by for a visit.

United Divine Breedables
Walking among the sand dunes and garden buildings you can find some truly unique areas. The area is so delightful you must make sure to stop by and wonder. Live animals are able to move about the stall areas or a short distance from them really showing them off. The sim is not laggy in any way. If you need a space to breed check with the staff as they do have breeding areas in the sky.

Wild Cat Mania
Here at Wild Cat Mania, you will find a friendly going type of place. We have much to offer everything from a basic stall to full variety of the auctions. We invite you to explore and stay a while don’t mind the market pets they are very playful and wander the sim freely. Home of the Hybrid Museum a must see if you have not seen it as of yet.