At what age do they gain heat? 

Breeding can be turned on at age 3. They will eat breeding food and catnip and you will see heat start to rise when the happy is at 50.

How long is heat gain? 

Heat gains over the period of 5 days, with a condition that happy must be = or > then 50.

How do they get pregnant?

A male and female cat need to be coupled in order to get pregnant.  They can couple with your cat, with cats that are in the same group or with cats that are set to everyones.

How do I find you in Second Life?

You can find the WK – Wild Kingdom main locations in second life at our first location


Or are second and larger area


How do I join the in world group for the Cats?

You can Join our In world group by coping and pasting this link into open chat.

Main Group


Ad and Auction Group


What does Yellow Hover Text Mean?

If your cats text has turned yellow it means that they are hungry.  You will need to check your food supplies and re rezz them in world, it may have lost communication with the server.

But my friend has food and my cats are in the same group?

The group setting on the food is for payment not for feeding being that all food is grid wide it would cause many issues so each owner MUST have their own bowls and catnip plant. They can be set to everyone or group for refilling.  ONLY the owners cats will eat from the food items.

24 thoughts on “WK FAQ

    • You update your cats though the MOOG system. Which can be accessed through the Web portal or the log in section of the website, or at either of the main sims. Ask in group for more information. secondlife:///app/group/bbb7296f-ee93-3f4b-614f-02242807f27f/about

  1. Can you breed with other cats of another species? Say you have a jaguar and lion. Would that work or would you need to have two of the same?

  2. I could not find the firestorm free wolf. Been going around and around the sims but could not find. Cry out loud. Please help.

  3. How many prims is the mustang in display mode ,can they still get pregnant in display mode and can they have babies in display….. Thank you

    • The display mode is for others to be able to use the avatar animations prim count does not change. To lower the prim count use the low Prim mode this will put the Mustang into a stall type box. To reverse this you will need to MOOG it.

  4. I bought a tiger and I love him I have had him for a long time now I am very upset that I set him out and I got this message……..Snow King: Initializing…Snow King: Animal Id 960260 has been Retired. So does this mean I won’t get my tiger back? I paid for him just for you to take him away just because I have had him for a long time or is there a replacement for him? I JUST WANT MY WHITE TIGER BACK! Please HELP me with this! Looks forward to hearing from someone soon please!

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