WM Breeding Combinations

Mustangs are unique in that they have 3 ways to introduce new coats. This can be done by the animals Ancestry, random Level additions or via the A+B=C.  Many have wondered about the specific listing of whats on a various level and this is still a mystery to the breeders. We like to share with you the A+B=C Listing to give you a bit of a guide in what combinations may work to add an additional chance to get something you are trying for.

The Mustangs A + B = C combinations.  A is referred to as the Female Mustang, B is referred to as the Male Mustang and C is the added chance of a Coat.  

This works will all coats but with the recent release of the WarPaint Markings we like to give you a bit more of a direction of how to.  This is a Partial List and will be added to.

FemalesMalesAdded Chance of
BW-GraySpotted WP WindStormWP WindStorm-BW
CH-Blaze-F-Socks CH-Blaze-R-Socks CH-Blaze-Socks
CH-Blaze-R-Socks CH-Blaze-F-Socks CH-Blaze-Socks
WP TwoEagle WP CrazyDog Paint WP FireStar-Paint
WP BlackSun WP BlackSun WP Kai
WP Crazy Dog BW DarkFreckled WP CrazyDogBW
WP Crazy Dog BW PaleSpotted WP Sike-BW
WP BlueBird WP TwoEagle WP WarriorHawk
WP Windstorm WP Crazy Dog WP FireStar
WP TwoEagleCH WP BlueBird WP BlueBird-CH
WP BlackSun CH WP TwoEagle WP TwoEagle-CH
WP TwoEagleBW WP BlackSun WP BlackSun-BW
WP CrazyDogBW WP BlueBird WP Firestar-BW
WP BlackSunPaint WP CrazyDog Paint WP WindStorm-Paint
WP CrazyDog Paint WP BlackSunPaint WP BlueBird-Paint
BW DarkFreckled WP BlueBird WP BlueBird-BW
BW PaleSpotted WP Windstorm WP WindStorm-BW

Abbreviations were used to shorten up names. Previous Combination This is a list that continues to grow as more coats are found.  

CS-Bald-FLeftAnklet CS-NoMark-RLeftAnkletCS-NoMark-FLeftAnklet
CS-NoMark-RLeftAnklet CS-Bald-FleftAnklet CS-Bald-LeftsideAnklet
CH-Blaze-FRAnklets CH-Stripe-FLAnklets CH-Stripe-FRAnklets
CH-Stripe-FLAnklets CH-Blaze-FRAnklets CH-Blaze-FLAnklets
Paint-Bald Paint-Bald BW-DarkFreckled
Appaloosa HalfBald Appaloosa HalfBald Dapple-GrayNose
Bay-ThinStar CH-SmallStar-RR-Socks BM- SmallStar-RLeftTS
Bay-WideBlaze CH-WideBlaze-LR-Anklets BM- WideBlaze-FLS-A
CS-Bald-FleftAnklet CS-Bald-LeftSideAnklet CS-Bald-RearAnklet
CH-Blaze FrontRightAnklet CH-Stripe FrontLeftAnklet CH-Blaze F Anklets
CH-StripeFrontLeftAnklet CH-Blaze Front RightAnklet CH-Stripe-RR-Anklets
BM- SmallStar-RLeftTall BW-DarkFreckled BM- FullBald-FLeftTallSoc
Paint-Bald Bay-WideBlaze Bay-Blanket Bald
Bay-WideBlaze Paint-Bald Paint-Full Bald
CS-NoMarking-FLeftAnklet Bay-Thin Star SB Snip-FTL tallSocks
Paint-Bald BW-DarkFreckled Appy GrayLongBlaze
BW-DarkFreckled Paint-Bald BW-PaleSpotted
CH-WideBlaze-FRAnklets CH-WideBlaze-LR-Anklets CH-WideBlaze-RR-Anklets
CH-WideBlaze-FRSocks CH-WideBlaze-FRAnklets CH-WideBlaze-FRTallSocks
CH-Blaze-FRAnklets CH-Blaze-FLAnklets CH-Blaze-F-Anklets
CH-Blaze-FRSocks CH-Blaze-FRSocks CH-Blaze-LR-Socks
CH-Blaze-FRTallSocks CH-Blaze-FLTallSocks CH-Blaze-F-TallSocks
Bay-Thin Star CH-Stripe-FLAnklet BM-ThinStarFreckles-FLeftAnklet
CS-Bald-RLeftAnklet Bay-Thin Star Bay-Bald Blanket
CH-SmallStar-FRSocks CH-SmallStar-FRSocks CH-Small Star RR Sock
CS-NoMarking-RLeftAnklet BW-Dark Freckled FSL Freckled
CH-WideBlaze-FRAnklet CH-Blaze-FLSocks CH-WideStripe-LR-Socks
BW-Dark Freckled Appy GrayLongBlaze FSL Freckled
Bay-ThinStar CH-SmallStar-FRSocks BM-StarFreckles-FRightSock
Dapple-Gray Nose Dapple-Gray Nose Dapple-Stripe
CS-Bald-FleftAnklet CS-Bald-FleftAnklet CS-Bald-RRightAnklet
CS-Bald-LeftSideAnklet CS-Bald-LeftSideAnklet CS-Bald-RearAnklets
Paint-Full Bald Paint-V2 Spotted Paint-V2 Bald
Paint-Big Star Paint-Bald Paint-V2 SMStar
Paint-V2Spotted Paint-Big Star Paint-V2 SmStar
CH-SmallStar Sabino Appy Brown Star
Pal-No Marking – FL TallSock Pal-No Marking – FL TallSock Pal-No Marking – FR TallSock
Pal-No Marking – FL TallSock BM-ThinStarFreckles-Fleft Dun Stripe-RearLeft TallSock
CH-WideStripe-LR-Sock Pal-No Marking – FL TallSocks SB Bald-FTR tallSocks
Pal-No Marking – FL TallSock Bay-Thin Star BS Snip
Bay-Wide Blaze Pal-No Marking – FL TallSock BS Blaze
CH-SmallStar-LR-Socks CH-SmallStar-FR-Sock CH-SmallStar Front Socks
CS-Bald-LeftSide Socks CH-Blaze-FR-Sock CH-WideStripe-R-Socks
CH-WideBlaze-FRAnklet Black and White App-Brown Blaze
CH-Blaze-FRSocks Bay-ThinStar Bay-BlankStar
Bay-Thinstar CS-NoMarking-RLeftAnklet App-Brown Snip
CH-Blaze-FR-Sock Bay-WideBlaze BM-Blaze-FRightSock
Paint-Bald Sabino Dapple-Charcoal Grey Bald
Bay-Thin Star CH-WideBlaze-R-TallSocks SB Blaze
Paint-Bald Sabino SB FullBald-RR tallSocks
CH-Blaze FLTallSocks CH-Blaze FRTallSocks CH-Blaze F Tall Socs
Paint-Bald Sabino Sabino BR-BrownNose
CS-Bald-LeftSide Socks BW-DarkFlecked Dun Bald-RearRight Socks
Bay-WideBlaze Paint-V2 Bay-Blanket Bald
WideStripe-FR-TallSock Blaze-FL-TallSock WideStripe-FL-TallSock
CH-WideBlaze-FR-Anklet FSL Freckled FSL CreamFreckled
FSL CreamyFreckled FSL Freckled FSL PinkNose
Appaloosa HalfBlad CH-WideBlaze FLeftAnklet Appaloosa Brown WideBlaze
Paint-Bald Paint-V2 Paint-V3-Freckled
Sabino Cream Nose Sabino Cream Nose Sabino BRPale Nose
BM-WideBlaze-FLSockAnklet CH-SmallStar-FR-Sock BM-SmallStar-RLeftSock
Pal-NoMar-FLTallSockPal-NoMark-FR Tall SockPal-NoMarkF-Tall Sock
Pal-NoMark-FRTallSock Pal-No Marking – FL Tall Sock Pal-No Marking – RL TallSock
BM-ThinStar FLAnklet BM-Large SniPaint-R Right Tall Sock BM-Small SniPaint-R left Tall Sock
Grullo-CharcoalNose CS-Bald-RLeftAnklet Grullo Cream-DarkGray
Grullo-CharcoalNose Grullo-Charcoal Nose Grullo-Gray-BlackNose
CS-Bald-RLeftAnklet Grullo-CharcoalNose Grullo-Cream-MedGray
CH-WideBlaze-FRAnklet CH-WideBlaze-FRAnklet CH-WideBlaseLRAnklet

As we continue to add Combinations we will post them to this page as time permits.