Auction Houses

Auction Houses – 

Auctions Houses are part of any breedable community. Each sim offers their own unique take on how to do an auction. We really encourage you to check them all out to see what is available before choosing the auction for you.

A Wild Farm – 

M- Sat at 11 AM

M – Sat at 3 PM

Armsted Auction House 

No note cards, No mixed auctions.

Big Cat Auction Times
W – 1:30 PM
Sat and Sun – 12:30 PM

Wild Dogs Auction Time
Th – 1:30 PM
Sat – 10:30 AM
Sun – 9:30 AM

Wild Mustang Auction Times
M – 11:30 AM
All Auctions held at;

AMIS BREEDS WK – Ferrets & WK Animals!!

M, TH, F and Sat 3:30 PM

Breeders ChoiceWK Only Auction and Market~ Mixed Cat / Wolf Auctions
& Mustang Only Auctions Come See What the Difference is


M, F, – 4 PM ……. Mixed

Gerri’s Ranch ~

M – F 8 AM WK Cat Only Auction

Golden Panels include Advertising


Sat and Sun 8 AM SLT All Big Cats

T – 5PM SLT All Big Cats

TH – 5PM SLT WK Mixed Auction

United Divine Breedables ~ 

M 5 PM – No Note Card Drop Auction

T – F 5 PM – Regular Auction

Sat – Sun 2 PM – No Note Card Drop Auction

Wild Cat Mania Auction ~ 

SUN – F 7:30 PM

As the popularity of the WK Animals is growing more and more auctions and markets are popping up we have listed several of the Auctions here above however, locations maybe offer different times and days please check with them.  This is just a sampling of what is available.

Please  join the *WK Wild Kajaera Auctions*


7 thoughts on “Auction Houses

  1. I have visited all the auction houses every single one of them strive to promote the breedable in a positive helpful and friendly way Thank you WK for growing the best community.

  2. Most are pleasant and I do buy at auctions as my way to support the markets. I only wish that Auction Houses would make regulations on staff actually going to WK classes. Most misguiding information comes from auction houses that haven’t taken the time to truly learn how WK works. I had one place try to convince me that sacks or babies cant get levels from the grandparents and yes I have boycotted that auction house. Be safe, take the time to learn and know for yourself what the truths are from the myths.

  3. I’m sad to say some of the auction houses are showing favoritism to a few. They are only buying from friends but get upset if others don’t. It’s sad. And drives away people like me. Example I went to one auction with over 65K in lindens to spend on anything. I won’t say who but there was more than one auction house. But when I came in no hello nothing but a select few talking. So I took all my lindens and left to a place that greeted me like they wanted me there. I left with some wonderful animals, and 20K left.

    Giving out some incorrect information that can be corrected easily, but 45K?

    • We’re sorry you ran into this issue with the various locations. As they are owned and operated by others and not WK there is not much we can do but to pass the message along. Secondary Market locations from time to time can go through a low period, just like they can go through high points.

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