WK Classifieds


Using the Classifieds Guide


Searching Ads in the Classifieds:

From your Dashboard Select Search Classifieds (top right). 􀀁

There are two ways to sort the field one is to click search and wait for the table to load and then use the magnify glass in the lower left corner then click or type in the header area what your looking for.Classifieds.png

Or use the pulled downs as follows.

Step 1: Select from the options listed below, in the drop down lists.

Select a Species (May take a moment for Breed to populate)
– Selecting a Species will limit the results to that species.
– Selecting a Species will populate the Breed list with Breeds matching the Species.

Select a Breed (Dependent on Species, may take a moment for Fur to populate)
– Selecting a Breed will limit the results to the Breeds of that species.
– Selecting a Breed will populate the Fur list, with Furs matching the Species and Breed.

Select a Fur (Dependent on Breed)
– Selecting a Fur will limit the results to the Species, Breed and Fur selected.

Select the sex of the animal you want to search from the bullet button: Both (Default), Male, or Female

Step 2: Click “Search” to see the results.


Search with no options selected to see ALL current Ads.

If no results are returned, select a broader search range.

Use the inline grid search (magnifying glass icon) to find specific traits.

Placing an Ad in the Classifieds

From your Dashboard Select the Add Classified Ad button in the bottom right corner of your screen..

1. Select one of your Animals from the drop down list.
– Animals can only be listed once.
– Both Sacks and Live Animals are listed in the drop down list.

2. Enter any additional text in the Location/Note to highlight your ad. (Optional)

3. Enter a SLURL, Map or tiny URL where your animal can be found. (Optional)

4. Click Add Classified.


Side Note:

You can create a URL to the location of the animal you’re listing in the Classifieds with your text and picture on it. Go to http://maps.secondlife.com/

Click Create your own map link in the upper right corner of the page.

When you create a map link, you can also create a tiny URL by clicking “Shorten your map link”.

Maintain Your Ads

Maintaining your ads is even easier.

To see your current Classified Ad listings click “My Classified Ads”
(bottom right corner of your Dashboard on the Portal Page).

When an animal is purchased, part of the transfer process will check the
Classified Ads. If the animal is listed and a new owner is detected, the
listing will be removed automatically for you.

Use the icons in the lower left corner of the data grid to edit Ads or delete
any you no longer wish to advertise.