Battle Training No Hud

You have decided to train your wild dogs or wolves, here are a few things you will need to know to get you started if you have never trained an animal before.

You can start training when your animal is 2 days old. They must have a energy of greater then 10.

There are 4 levels in training to work through.
When you are in the Arena Mode Just starting out you will notice that the Skill is at 0 (0.0) to gain a level you need to have the numbers in the ( ) reach a certain value to increase your skill level.

Personality will play a part in how fast they learn. There are 4 different skill levels when your in the Role Play Modes you will see the level at the bottom of their stats.

Skill Lv 1 (number your at / number you need to reach)
Skill Lv 2 (number your at / number you need to reach)
Skill Lv 3 (number your at / number you need to reach)
Skill Lv 4 (number your at / number you need to reach)

To beginning your animals Training you must put them in Arena Mode to do this

Menu > Options > RP > Arena

A Training session by default will last 10 minutes or you can choose 20 minutes with a 30 minute rest period in between. The session will auto end after time limit and you will see the stats revert back to white. If they get tired and need a nap they will drop out of RP.

You can check the skill level on the website as well. Skill level as well as the Defense and Health (Used with the Role Play Huds) are stored in an animals setting area. To view this visit your animal page then highlight an animal make sure you’re on your wild dog pages. When an animal is highlighted the animal settings appear in the view in the top window.

But back to training how too.

It is a good idea to also have motion on.

Turn Motion on by Menu > Motion > On

Now be patient with them as they are just starting to learn at first they won’t always respond to you, it may take several tries to get them to respond as you like.

the commands are the name of the animal you want to train, plus the comma and the action. The attack is the only one that will have the comma after it and followed by the what you want it to attack. This attack training is also only available at a skill of 2.0 or grater.

, Sit
, Lay
, Come
, Stay
, Home
, Follow
, Stop Follow
, Attack, The Object or Avatars Name
, Down


Toys as a training tool. At level 0 these are probably the best tools to use to gain the most amount of points.

In the very beginning you might find it easiest to just give your pups toys to play with. As this is there first learning tool. To do this MOTION MUST BE ON.

Turn Motion on by Menu > Motion > On


More info about the individual commands and what to expect.

Basic training commands such as sit and lay are fairly self explanatory, they will hold the pose for some time.

**** COME

Come, is used to call your animal back to you.

The name of your animal will precede the , Come
The animal in the beginning 0.0 skill level will not always listen to this command you may have to give it more then once. You know you have a successful command when the animal comes and sits near you for a moment. The animal will then run off. You can try again. As the animals skill level increases you should notice that they sit longer waiting for your next command.

**** Stay

Stay, will stop an animal where ever it is. Essentially turning Motion to off with a verbal command.
The name of your animal will precede the , Stay

They may seem to be frozen in this spot and not do much.
Too Release an animal from stay use the Come command or simply turn motion back on via the menu.

**** Home

Home, is a command you can use to send the animal back to its home spot or its rezzed at spot.

The name of your animal will precede the , Home

**** Follow

Similar to the Follow under the interact menu but when in the arena mode you can go in and out of follow via the local chat commands.
Follow will raise your animals skill level approximately 0.01 for every 5 minutes in this mode for a max of .03 per session.

**** Stop Follow

Turns the Follow off

**** ATTACK starts to train Attack at Skill Level 2

WK Attack Dummy is very useful in getting this training successful.

**** Down will stop an attack.


These are a bit trickery as the commands are longer.
Your animals Name, HUNT/TRACK, What you want it to track, and a range you want it to go.

, HUNT, , 20
, TRACK, , 20