WK Manual Wild Mustangs


WK MANUAL Wild Mustangs ~


Your mustangs are live. You will want to rez them as soon as you can. If you are unfamiliar with how to rez an item, all you have to do is drag your mustangs from your inventory to your land.

* For mustangs in crates, you need to right click on the crate, select “Open”, then copy the objects to your inventory. Find the folder containing your mustang, then drag and drop it onto your land.

* For mustangs in sacks, left click on the sack, and select “Birth” from the menu that pops up.


These are the symbols you will see in the hover text over the mustangs you have birthed from their sacks. You will see these during specific times when they are eating Hay or Oats and Salt. Major stat levels are indicated with a range of numbers from 1 to 100. The one exception to this is the Hunger stat, which explained below.

♂ Male
♀ Female
Ω Age
☪ Moxie
♨ Hunger (the need for food)
⚡ Sleep
☺ Happy (the need for Happy Treat)
♤ Heat
♋ Pregnancy

Ω Age – The cumulative amount of days your mustangs has been alive since the time it was birthed from its sack or crate.

☪ Moxie – Moxie is our term for knowing if your animal is rezzed in Second Life. This is a way for us to know if our servers are able to maintain good communication with your mustangs. Moxie will accumulate each full day your Mustang is rezzed inworld. When you are breeding your Mustang, Moxie needs to be at 60 points or greater. Breeding will stall if Moxie drops below 60 points and will resume again once it has 60 points or more.

♨ Hunger – You should try to keep this stat at 0, all the time. Your mustangs will eat twice a day. It will start to go hungry increasing this stat by 10 points for every meal missed. This will change the hover text over your Mustang from white to yellow, giving you a visual clue that you need to check its food supply. If your Mustangs is breeding, all breeding will stall until food is obtained and your Mustang eats enough portions to bring this stat back down to 0. Should your mustang’s Hunger stat reach 100, it will become sick. This is indicated by the hover text above your mustang turning from yellow to red. Once your Mustang is in the red, it won’t eat without extra help. To encourage it to eat again you will need a can of WKHealingAlfalfa-WM. You have until the Hunger stat reaches 160 to restore your Mustang to better health. If your mustang’s Hunger reaches 161, it will die. At this point, you won’t be able to get it back. It will be gone for good.

⚡ Sleep – This stat is simply a timer for when your Mustang needs to sleep. It serves as a visual for you to understand your Mustang better. Mustangs sleep standing. Sleep has no effect on your mustang’s breeding. This is a way for us to emulate a real mustang’s natural behavior. When your Mustang is younger, it will be able to stay awake and remain more active than when it’s older. We’re sure that everyone can appreciate the need for a nap from time to time.

☺ Happy – This stat indicates how Happy your Mustang is. It will only become available when you turn breeding on for your Mustang. Once breeding is turned on, your Mustang will require Happy Treat ( SALT Lick) to increase this stat. A Mustang will be ready to gain Heat once its Happy stat is at 50 or greater.

♤ Heat – Heat indicates the increasing drive for a mustang to mate with its partner. The stat will only become available when breeding is turned on for your Mustang. This stat will start to accumulate after the Mustang is 6 days old, if it has had WKOats-WM turned on, and its Happy stat is 50 or above.

♋ Pregnancy – Once a female mustang (mare) has reached 100 Heat, it has the ability to have foals. When your Mustang is coupled to its partner and both Mustangs are at 100 Heat, the mare will become Pregnant. As long as your Mustang has a Moxie value of at least 60, and your Mustang hasn’t missed a meal, her Pregnancy will increase. When your mare reaches a Pregnancy of 100, the mated pair will give birth to their foaling. Foaling could range from a single birth to twins.


FOOD ~ [Mustangs Eat Twice A Day]

Your WKHay-WM is distributed to your Mustang by what we call server-side feeding. This process makes feeding your mustang automatic and independent from Second Life. The food portions are housed on our server and can be found in your Wild Kajaera Inventory on the WK Portal Page. You can access your WK Inventory by logging onto your portal page, then clicking the “Items” button. By housing WK Hay on our servers, it provides a true indicator of the amount of food portions you have, independent of Second Life lag, restarts, or any other SL specific issue. We advise you to check your portions often from the WK Portal Page.

Foals – WKHay-WM

Hay is what you need for mustangs (foals) 0-2 days old or for the ones you aren’t breeding. All foals 0-2 days old will not have the option to eat breeding food, so having WKHay-WM on hand is vital.  Your mustang’s hover text will turn from white to yellow if it misses a meal. If it misses 10 meals, the hover text will turn red. Once the hover text turns red, your Mustang is sick, and you will need a WKHealingAlfalfa-WM to encourage it to eat again. For all WKHay-WM that are rezzed in-world, on your land, you will receive a warning message, once the portions start running low. This reminds you that you need to add more food.

Breeding Food – WKOats-WM

Oats is what your mustangs will eat once they reach 3 days old, and you decide to turn breeding on. After starting your Mustang on breeding food, and it has a Happy level of at least 50, you will see Heat start to rise. Moxie will factor into this as well. Your Mustang has to have Moxie of 60 (or greater) for pregnancy to occur. Should you run out of Oats during this time, the hover text will turn yellow once your mustang misses a meal. If it misses 10 meals, the hover text will turn red indicating that its sick. If this happens, you will need a WKHealingAlfalfa-WM to encourage it to eat again. For each Barrel of Oats, you have rezzed in world, on your land, you will receive a warning message once the portions start running low. This will remind you that you need to add more food.

Happy Treat – Salt Lick

Salt is what raises your mustang’s Happy level. WKSalt-WM will feed all the mustangs you have breeding. Should you run out of Salt and your Mustang’s Happiness falls below 50 pregnancy will stall but will progress again once Happiness is restored. You will receive warning messages once you start to run low on SALT lick for all mustangs rezzed on your land.

Training Treat – Apples, Sugar Cures, Peppermints and Carrots

Mustangs will start to take training treats at age 3. Training Treats are your mustangs trust builders. Mustangs will need to gain willingness and confidence before training is unlocked. Depending on their personality, the treat may be refused many times before they accept it. Accepted and refused Treats will increase their willingness to follow your instructions during training. You can see the acceptance on our web portal under training on dashboard.

When you purchase a set of training treats you receive the first one of the set and the remain 19 of the set go to your MOOG. This is to prevent multiple rezzings at one time which will confuse the animal. You can MOOG the item from the “FREE” Web Portal under the webMOOG Boosters. If you need additional help please contact a CSR they are available to help you get set up.


WHAT TO EXPECT ~ [Key Dates]

Day 0-2

Your WK foals are born with their eyes open. The newborn foal will have the strength to walk immediately like in real life. All animations are automatic in the foal moving or stationary.

Your foal, by default, is set to WKHay-WM, and is the only food your newborn foal will need.

Your foal will be able to move around on your land.

From the menu Motion > Range (set distance)

To turn motion on, click on your Mustang, then select Motion > Motion On

The range set/radius will appear in a red beam particle effect and in seconds will wear off…

Day 3

The Menu will change by adding the Breed option. If you intend to breed your Mustang, you will need to turn breeding on.

Click your Mustang (colt/filly) to bring up the menu, then select Breed > Breed. Make sure you have Oats and Salt Lick available, or it will go hungry after missing its first meal.

If you ever want to stop breeding, simply click your mustang again to bring up the Menu. Then, select Breed > Pet. This will switch your Mustang back to basic Hay, and it will no longer be eating Oats or Salt Lick.

Day 6

By now, you can fully enjoy your mustangs and their behavior.

If Breeding was turned on at 3 days old, Heat will start to rise.

Once breeding is turned on, your Mustang will eat both Salt and Barrel of Oats. Heat won’t rise until the Mustangs reach 6 days old and have a Happy value of at least 50.

Day 10

Your Mustang is fully grown on day 10. Sit back and enjoy the benefits of your wonderful mustang!