How to use –


When using boosters you will want to make sure to rezz only one at a time.  If you Rezz two at a time, several things can happen causing the booster to miss fire and needing to contact the group for assistance.  Best practice then is to stick with one on the ground at a time.

Ancestry Trees 

Rezz touch to get blue Menu.

Set Animal ~ gives you a drop menu enter the animals ID that you want to have show on the board. (Click the board green surface if the animal does not appear.) If nothing appears see trouble shooting note card.

To rest or change animal hit the Rest menu button.

Auction On / Off
If you see Auction ON then the panel will display as a temporary prim.
If you see Auction OFF then the panel will display as a long term prim until the owner clicks the word Off.

As the owner of the sign to get the pop ancestry panel you will need to click the info button from the menu. All non owners will just need to click the board to get the info.

************Trouble Shooting Media Play*************

If you click the board and still all you see is the Green texture, we have a issue with the viewer not playing media from a in world script, or requiring a prompt to play it.

Open your preferences –

Look at the page Sound & Media
Check Enabled by the Media sound bar
Check Allow Media to auto play / Automatically play prim media
Check Allow inworld scripts to play media.
Apply and close window.

Wording will vary slightly from viewer to viewer but will be similar to above wording.

Click the face of the board and the site should now load in.

If nothing loads in you may need to do a reinstall on your viewer.

If your still having trouble contact CSR on duty *WK Wild Kajaera* secondlife:///app/group/a754e686-96df-567a-660d-a37c01d7b862/about