This is one of the easiest things to do with the animals once you learn how.  If you are new to WK you may hear people refer to MOOG or that to update you need to MOOG it MOOG it. You may be wondering what MOOG is and how do you find this MOOG. Well writing this page to introduce you to MOOG.  MOOG is short for Magical Orb of Goodness. You can find it on our website.  To gain access to the website register at any of the stores for the Portal. It is very easy, just click the sign at the store and watch local chat for your login and password only the clicker will be able to see this.  MOOG is used for recovering lost animals as well as to update animals.

MOOG is a Magical Orb of goodness
This was the original MOOG 🙂

MOOG is a Magical Orb of Goodness now found on the website only.

We have grown and improved this system of MOOG and have placed it also for easy use on the Dashboard of your website login section. You can find it on the right side of the dashboard. As we have added more systems each system has their own MOOGs.

How to update1

Once you select the MOOG you need depending of course on the item you wish to update could be lives could be sacks could be a booster or a misc. Looking a bit closer at animals when you open the animal webMOOG by clicking you will get two options.

How to update2

Once you click this open you have two options. Single or All by Species. There are many variations on how to do this. If you have them set for sale somewhere singles might be best. If you have them just at home like I do all works best for me.

Once you make your selection a box will be given to you by the Magical Orb of Goodness and it is either a “Spices”Box-1 if singles it will have a -3 after it. Sacks will end in -2.

What happens when I rezz a box out?

It will make a new updated version of your animal all stats are the same and the old animal will tell you they are being cloned and then go away. Now it has happen on rare occasions that your old animals wont go away because we have no url for it and can’t find it. If this happens you should use the sl delete and remove it. If you don’t know where sl delete is simple right click the animal and delete. If your not comfortable with this pick the old one up and drag the item to your inventory trash and then empty the trash.

Why is it so important to do the delete or trash empty?

If you were to accidentally rezz out the old cat it would make the new cat go poof and your back to outdated scripts causing you to have to start all over.

12 thoughts on “MOOG

  1. when will they toys become Moogable twice now SL has eaten my hay bales 1st time Kalli replaced them and now it’s happened again getting really frustrated with it =/

    • If you lost your cub, try looking on your WK Portal and see if it is listed in your Animal List or if it has not been born your Sack list. If it is in either place then you can simply MOOG it from the dashboard and either the webMOOG animal for anything that has been birthed or webMOOG sack for anything that has not been birthed. If your still not finding it please contact us in SL so we can help you further via the WK Wild Kajeara group or you can contact Queenfelinea for assistance.

  2. i got the firestorm horse.When i rezzed it and in the menu i clicked on low prims and it put the horse in a cage. How do i remove the cage?

  3. Where does one find the CSR in the in-world support group? It is telling us that if, we want to get our stallions out of low prim we are to MOOG that we want it now out and it gives this site as the go to place to do this..Help please

    • To reverse a low prim animal you need to MOOG it which is what we call our recovery unit. MOOG is found on the portal. Register for the portal at any of the WK stores. Landmarks were given out with the Mustang for you to be able to find our main sim. Once you register for the site by clicking the sign the local chat will give you your password and login information. Log into the site click the Wild Mustang Page tab and right-hand side column you will find webMOOG~Animal, use this to resend your animal to you. Ress the item that is sent to you in world out next to the low prim version of the animal and it will contact the server and make a new full version of the your animal.

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