WK 101 Class

WK would like to welcome all the new breeders who joined us. We have noticed many have questions they don’t ask and many have questions they haven’t even thought to ask yet. Therefore we have written out some classes to assist in getting to know the WK Animals better. Under this heading if you find you still do not get the answer to your question please leave your question and we will get back to you. Or feel free to IM the group and ask for a CSR if you like to chat with a person or get help.  

14 thoughts on “WK 101 Class

  1. I have a question about the Sanc Value on the Sacks, I had 2 cats born, one had 21 traits and has a sanc value of 1390, one had 31 traits and has a sanc value of 800?

  2. Please tell me why I cannot seem to find the age of a horse when pregnancy stops it seems I have looked through the manual and found nothing & cannot remember if it is 114 or 120?

  3. Question? It’s been quite a while since I have done anything with WK animals so I recently birthed 2 Zobeide jaguars which are now 5 days old. I noticed when I came on today that the male has a baseball cap on. I did not put that on. I’ve never seen this before. How do I take it off?

  4. yesterday my tiger get her first baby right afther born its gone and cant find it anywere why is this happening it say she got 1 litter but it is nowere

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