Big Cat Fur Types

Lynx ~

Lynx Iberian Fur

Lynx Furs


Clouded Leopard Furs

Clouded Leopard

Leopard Furs NChina

North China

Jaguar ~

Jaguar US Furs

Original US Furs


US Furs

Jag Braz Furs Traits

Brazilian Furs

Argentina Furs

Argentina Furs

Jag Panther Furs

Panther Furs

Cougar ~

S. State Cougar

Southern State Furs

Cougar Furs Chart

SouthWestern US Furs

Cougar NW Traits

NorthWestern US Furs

Tiger ~

TIGER Furs TraitsAmur Tiger Furs

Amur Furs

SumatranFurs2018Tiger SumatranTraits

Sumatran Furs

Bengal FursBengal Tiger Furs

Bengal Furs


Maltese Furs

Cheetah ~

Cheetah Fur Traits

The Cheetahs come in two main spot patterns. The smaller spot pattern the one most think of in Real Life and the larger pattern which is known as The King Cheetah.

African Furs

Cheetah South African Fur

South African

Lion ~

Lion Fur North African

North African

South African Lion Fur Traits

South African

Lion Mane Traits

Lion Manes


Central African Furs and Manes


If you’re interested in seeing what hybrids look like visit the Unofficial Hybrid Museum

Fur Type plus Noses 

Each of the above furs have the chance of having any of the noses as you move up in levels the noses will change marking it as a higher level. The Noses are in no particular order.

Jaguar Noses

12 thoughts on “Big Cat Fur Types

  1. Hi, Just wondering if there are images of the North Western Cougar Furs, and the Sumatran Tiger Furs? Sorry to be a bother !

  2. Does the chance of a Hybrid increase as you increase in levels of cat. For instance is a level 21 combination have a higher probability of throwing a Hybrid then a level 10?

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