Big Cat Fur Types

Cheetah ~

Cougar ~

Jaguar ~


Lion ~

Lynx ~

Tiger ~


Ligers and Tigons

Jagers and Tiguars

Cheegars and Coutahs

Fur Type plus Noses 

Each of the above furs have the chance of having any of the noses as you move up in levels the noses will change marking it as a higher level. The Noses are in no particular order.

Jaguar Noses

12 thoughts on “Big Cat Fur Types

  1. Hi, Just wondering if there are images of the North Western Cougar Furs, and the Sumatran Tiger Furs? Sorry to be a bother !

  2. Does the chance of a Hybrid increase as you increase in levels of cat. For instance is a level 21 combination have a higher probability of throwing a Hybrid then a level 10?

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