Class Instruction for WK Wild Dogs

Wolves are pack animals you will notice this in their behavior, you might see one on its back with another standing over it. This is the personality of the animals.
self assured lifts tail
self confident lifts tail
aggressive lifts just the tip of the tail, curled at end
worried tucks tail
shy tail is down
worried and shy ears are down ish
You do not need to breed any personality, the pack sort of takes care of that for you.

Head and body are complete sets, and are named a fur name.

Ear stats list the ear shape and texture as one unit, they are named for shape and fur. Example Pointy Light gray > is a pointy ear with light gray fur.

Tails show the personality and the personality trait shows like this Personality~ Long shy > this means the tail is long (shape) and the personality is shy. The tail also has names of cards like in a regular deck of playing cards. These represent the texture on the tail, or fur. One playing card is no higher than any other, they are simply tail names.

Legs are named words, these words do make up a four letter sentence or a four syllable word if arranged correctly. Front to back left to right, so Front left Front right, back left, back right. You do not have to play the leg word game unless you want to. There is a higher % on the rarity chart if you get the 4 word sentence or the 4 syllable word correctly on the legs and it does open up Xlarge on your wolves.

Generations alert you to new furs and traits becoming available. The generations are tabulated as such, if you are breading a generation 8 to a generation 10 you add the two together and get a 16, then divide by 2 you get an 8 then add 1 generation and that is the cubs generation you are breeding that couple to get. If you breed a 5 to a 10 and get a fraction on division 5+10=15 /by 2= 71/2 you would round up to the nearest number (8) and then add a 1 to the generation and that cub would be a 9.

Live classes are taught on Saturday mornings at 11 AM SLT or if you gather a group of 6 or more and plan a time and date jaed will teach a class for you.

9 thoughts on “Class Instruction for WK Wild Dogs

  1. Ok this statement is a bit confusing (maybe its just early)
    If you have a third cub dropped in the litter, you have the chance for a runt. A mini or runt can’t pass that mini or runt on through your genetics and a runt can pass a runt or a mini a mini. IF you get a large from a mini or runt or any scale, it is not that it came from it, it came from the genetics of the animal bred, in that family tree.

    It says mini and runt “can’t” pass a mini or runt, then it says a runt can pass a runt or mini, etc. LOL what am I missing? smacks forehead!! lol

    • Mini and Runt are passable traits. It is meant that you do not have to have one to get one that it comes from the multiple births. Multiple births are not passable meaning if I am a Twin I will be more likely to have twins FALSE.

    • I believe that heat has to reach 100% for pregnancy to start. For heat to rise, Happy must be 50% and they must have breeding food. Once pregnancy starts, heat is no longer a factor and is no longer shown, but Moxie must remain 60 and over and food must be 0% to keep pregnancy going, otherwise it will stop until levels are acceptable

      • I looked up your cats and they are starting on there second heat rise. The first baby was born 2015-05-17 22:41:05, if it did not make it into Second Life you should be able to MOOG it from the website. If you need assistance with this feel free to contact our in world support group. secondlife:///app/group/a754e686-96df-567a-660d-a37c01d7b862/about

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