How to choose your couples

The old way of clicking >getting stats > then clicking another animal to get stats is a thing of the past.
WK has provided the most effective and simple way to choose couples. I’ll tell you how then give you some examples. Go to your web pages and click the females page, while it is loading open another browser window and click the males page.
Now go to the bottom of the page and find the search ICON (looks like a magnifying glass / circle with a stick on it) that opens a line across each column for you to type in what you are searching for. You will be able to choose as many of the traits you have available in your animals. Do keep in mind choosing too many traits will most likely return nothing in your search. Do this in the females and then males tabs. When you find two you want to couple, go to MOOG and get them. Rez them > and couple them. WOOHOO
SO let’s say you want to get two extremes together, or two Bengals with a certain eye, not a hard task now. Just click and MOOG.