Class General Information

Specifics for Wolf OR Big Cats are in the appropriatly labled classes.

Suggested first reads are:
– WK How to sign up for Dashboard and Use webMoog kajaera
– Forgotten WK Portal Password and Password Changing.
– MOOG our web site (portal)

There are 3 options to remove a animal from your MY WK Inventory Permanently.
1) Sell it.
2) Use the Sanctuary button. Sanctuary places the animal in it’s last home. You will get SPV for the cat, which you can see on your MY WK under the SPV button. CATS AND WILD DOGS each have their own sanctuary page.
3) Use the delete button on the animals menu. This will Permanently remove the animal from your MY WK inventory but will not give SPV.
WK Sanctuary Vendors for cats,

Do not buy OR sell outdated animals or sacks. The current version for cats is on MY WK ~ animals tab.
For sacks is on MY WK ~ sacks tab.
*WK animals get updated often, like good computers they must be kept up to date. MOOG is your update system. WK also has an in world updater, outside the stores on our two main sims.

WK has no ticket system, the CSR is your lifeline. You get live support 24/7. Barring chat lag and internet issues.
They are happy to answer any questions they can. If you politely ask for one in our main group.
IF they don’t jump in right away, wait 3 minutes and ask again. Remember it’s a human on the other side of that monitor, and they need water or have group lag, or might be typing a long sentence, and will get to you, we promise.
Never ever be unkind to them. This is a wonderful product and the CSRs will most likely be able to solve the issue, if not it will get solved by end of day. (Office hours are 8 AM SLT to 8 PM SLT)
CSRs do not teach breeding, we have classes for that,
They do not accept friends requests, per WK’s request, That way they don’t become your personal CSR. Even if you see one online or in group, please ask for one on duty and wait for the one on duty to respond to you. No one works all the time.

Please read the notes; Getting started and What to expect on key days.
REMEMBER every cat or sack or food or catnip or booster is recoverable in MOOG. UNLESS you choose delete from the menu on it, or sanctuary on the cats menu also. More about this later. (you can right click and delete it or pick it up and delete from inventory without fear of it being lost forever)

Now that you have adopted a WK animal, you have 2 KINDS OF INVENTORY
Sl inventory, and WK inventory. No live animals, sacks, food, catnip, happy bowl, or boosters should ever be stored in your SL inventory. Your MOOG holds it all. Go to your web page and items tab you can see all the items you own, like food, and happy items and boosters. Your animals tab holds your live animals, also tells you the current version of the animal and your sacks tab holds your sacks, as well as your current version of them. You can keep your animals updated.
If you forget the web page address, just touch any WK animal and go to web from its menu.

We took the entire manual and put it into bite size notes, easy to read exactly what you want. No searching through a lot of text, open the one you want and read it. There is always an updated set of them at the WKU class in the tree house.

Before you ask for help in group, pop one of the notes open and see if it doesn’t answer your question in one or two sentences.

Main stores :

WK food is server side, this means if you own it, they will eat it. They will not eat anyone else’s food. The food dish in world does not actually hold the portions, you can touch it to show the current portions in hover text and in local. We suggest you use the wonderful web pages we made for you, and check the items tab for food portions. There is a search icon, which looks like a magnifying glass, at the bottom of each WK web page, when touched it opens a search box at the top of all of the rows. Type in breed in the food row and see how many you have, then do pet, then catnip for cats and happy bowl for the wolves. Do this daily and you will never have to worry about paying for a healing cream,
The group and everyone on the bowl is who can refill it, Touch the bowl, grant permission to take Lindens. Touch again and set it to everyone, and if something happens to your internet, your friends can refill your dish for you. Again remember only your cats can eat your food, and cannot eat food not owend by the animals owner. WK also has a refill vendor at each of the two main stores. You can refill any of your dishes or any of your friends dishes.
Make sure you go to the right vendor Big cats show a picture of the cats and Wild dogs show a wolf.

Since the cats vitals live on the server and not in SL they are virtually as lag free as possible. The heat, food, happy, pregnancy all live in the server, and not in SL. The engines for these run approximately every 6 hours. Each stat has its own engine. Aging, heat, happy, food, pregnancy, and when they run (all different times throughout the day, and each species, and each sex at different intervals) it takes them awhile to get to all the cats.
Sometimes the animal in world does not match the stats on the web pages, simply sync the animal through its menu, and turn motion back on.
SO you edited the animal and saw a million scripts in it. Each of those run singularly. This means if hes running across the sim, he’s using one script, he stops washes his face or scratches, and he is using a different script and the previously running one is turned off.

TWINS AND TRIPLETS, minis and runts:
Are a random extra sack birth, or drop. If you get a second sack in the litter, you have the chance of a mini (scale) If you have a third cub dropped in the litter, you have the chance for a runt. A mini or runt can pass that mini or runt on through your genetics and a runt can pass a runt or a mini a mini. IF you get a large from a mini or runt or any scale, it is not that it came from it, it came from the genetics of the animal bred, in that family tree
*** Twin or Triplet is a term for the second or third random sack drop, NOT a trait, and will not pass. This means a twin will not give a twins, except randomly, same with a triplet. Do not believe someone if they say it does, please.

WHY? Its unfair to have half of a coupled pair if sold, specially if pregnant. It is possible the other person will oopsie the mate and you will lose the moms pregnancy. Also if they stop giving it catnip or happy bowls, they can stay pregnant forever. As for sanctuary if you sanct one of the couple, the other will lose the coupling and the pregnancy. We do not return animals sent to sanctuary, please slow down when you sanctuary, the animation animal walking away is to entertain you while the server removed the cat from one list to the sancruary list on the web pages. Let the cat go through that animation before you sanctuary the next, this gets you the proper points.

Animal acting strange? pick it up and delete it from your inventory. (right click delete) go to your dashboard tab on your web page, at the bottom right is webMOOG. find the animal and get a fresh, updated version,
MOOG is also an update system. If you see a notice to update any WK animal or product. MOOG will do it by delivering what ever animal or product you order. Once more we do have an in world updater for the animals at the two main stores
Main stores :

Are calculated against like kind by the rarity calculator. This does change as more like kind are on the grid. This does NOT change daily, it takes numerous animals born like each other for this to register. Rarity calculating of traits is far more realistic and effective than a static trait count. You have no room to grow with a static trait count. Embrace the rarity calculator.

IF you get an animal not stating a trait (example ear or fur or tail) It is being calculated on the calculators. Both the rarity calculator and ancestry page are updated around midnight each night, so try it again after that time.