Eye Types

Wild Mustangs ~

Horse Eye Trait Tables

Wild Mustang2

Dire Wolf ~dire-wolf-eyesGray Wolf ~

Wolf Eyes Grey1.1fixedTraits copy

Wolf Eyes Grey2.1Traits copy

Timber Wolf ~
Timber Wolf Eyes
Jaguar ~

Jaguar Eyes Jaguar Eyes

Cougar ~Cougar EYE Trait Fixed

Cougar Eyes

Tiger ~

Tiger Eye Chart 2


Tiger Eyes

Cheetah ~

Cheetah Eye Traits

Cheetah Eyes

Lion ~

Lion Eyes

Lion Eyes

Zodiac BC Eye Chart

Lion Sanctuary Eyes


Lion Eyes 2018

Leopard ~

Leopard Eyes2

Leopard Eyes

Lynx ~

Lynx Eyes

Lynx Eyes

Hybrid Eyes ~

Hybrid Eyes 2016

Individual Hybrid Eyes

Hybrid Eyes

General Hybrids

Little Varmint Eyes~

Ferret Eyes

Sanctuary ~

Sanctuary Eyes Jeweled

Sanctuary Eyes

Limited Edition ~

Parent Day Eyes

DadsLove MomsLove 2014

 MomsLove 2WM MomsLove Spring Time2014Birthday Eyes

WK RFL Winter 2013 RFL OOAK LigerWK Autism Cat
Irish Eyes 2015V Day Eyes 2015 WK WInter CE 2014KWK OOAK 2014


Halloween Eyes 2014

Remember WK RFL Tiger OOAK

MemorialDay Eyes 2015 

Winter Festival Wild Dog





Chritsmas EYEs 2017Love is in the Air 2018EasterBunny
Memorial Day Eyes 2018

22 thoughts on “Eye Types

  1. are these trait pages gone be updated soon ? Seems last update is from oktober 2013, it’s juni 2014 now !?!?!

    • It is one of the Eyes we released for Halloween so it will be on the halloween Eye chart. It will trigger the making of a magical Flame Eye which will trigger Glow Eyes of other colors.

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