Hybrid Breeding

What is a Hybrid? A Hybrid results from breeding two animals together to make a new animal species.

The biggest misnomer circulating the WK Community, dealing with in hybrid breeding is, “Do the parents have to be a pure species?”. The answer is, “No.” Pure animals do not play into Hybrid breeding in any way, shape, or form.

The Hybrid genetics ONLY looks at what the paired cats are. It does not look at what they came from.

What to mix in order to get the Hybrid your hoping for ~

Liger –
Tiger Female and a Lion Male
Tigon –
Lion Female and a Tiger Male
Jager –
Tiger Female and a Jaguar Male
Tiguar –
Jaguar Female and a Tiger Male
Cheegar –
Cougar Female and a Cheetah Male
Coutah –
Cheetah Female and a Cougar Male

No level restriction

Hybrid / Uber Cats can trigger all scales larger than “natural” if the Uber cat is in the Bottom Row of the ancestry page. Excluding the newest Exclusive Scale Mammoth, which will come only from the Birthday 2019 Cheetah or any animal with it showing in the the breeding Ancestry.

WK Hybrid Family

Hybrid Eyes

Hybrid Eyes

We added a new set of hybrid eyes.  These eyes only have a chance to come in if the paired cats (‘mother to be’ or ‘father to be’) is one of the Hybrid species listed next to the name of the eye on the chart.  They will pass ancestrally if the eye is on a regular cat listed on the bottom row of the ancestry page.

Hybrid Eyes 2016

New Hybrid Mixes 

Jagon –
Lion Female and Jaguar Male
Laguar –
Jaguar Female and Lion Male
Leonx –
Lynx Female and Leopard Male
Lypard –
Leopard Female and Lynx Male
Cougar Female and Tiger Male
Tigger –
Tiger Female and Cougar Male

21 thoughts on “Hybrid Breeding

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  2. Can you breed two hybrids to make that same species for example can a liger and a liger make a baby liger, if the answer is no, why not?

  3. Is there any Hybrid of
    1) cougar and jaguar
    2) Leopard and Jaguar
    3) Black Leopard and Black Jaguar
    4) White Bengal Tiger and Siberian Tiger
    5) White Bengal Tiger and White Siberian Tiger
    6) Asiatic Lions and African Lions

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