What is Sanctuary?

Sanctuary is the last home for WK Big Cats and Wild Dogs but for you, the breeder, it is a reward system that lets you earn points for toys, selected boosters and even special Sanctuary cats and wolves.

How to earn points?

Sending your cats and wolves that are bred-out or that you simply have no further use for to Sanctuary earns these points that are called Sanctuary Point Value or SPV.

Flying Friends can earn you points as well. When a cat or wolf catch an offspring of a flying friend they will add some points to either the Big Cat or Wild Dog Sanctuary.

Why should you use the Sanctuary?

Let’s face it, we all get many sacks that are less than what we had hoped for but it isn’t a total loss as all sacks are worth SPV points. Sending your excess sacks or animals to Sanctuary is also good for the secondary market by helping to keep the supply and demand of WK Big Cats and Wolves in balance. When supply outstrips demand prices fall and sales suffer for everyone. Additionally, by moving those sacks that are not selling out of your booth, you keep things fresh in the booth and encourage sales. Selling excess sacks at give-away prices hurts the market and your business. Instead, send them to Sanctuary and earn points for things you can use.

How are points calculated?

The SPV points for cats and wolves are based on the age of the animal and on its traits. To find out what any animal is worth you can simply access the SPV Calculator on the web Dashboard specific to either the Big Cats or the Wild Dogs.  Simply enter the id number of any animal, live or sack, and it will show the value of the SPV points you will earn by sending it to Sanctuary. You can check your SPV balance by clicking on the Sanctuary button on the web site tool bar.  Live animals will always be worth more then the sacked animal as you have the added points for the age of the live animal.

Can I combine or transfer my points?

Sadly no we do not allow transfer of points.  Big Cats and Wild Dogs sanctuary just like the food is separate and can not be transferred from one to the other.  You may also not give your points away to anyone else the avatar that owns the animals that are sanctuaried must be the one to purchase the items.  Once items are purchased they may be transferred.

How to buy from the Sanctuary Vendors?

Once you have accumulated those SPV points they are easy to use. Simply go to the Sanctuary vendor and use the vendors just like any of the other WK vendors but with one exception. If you do not have sufficient SPV points to purchase what you are looking for then it will not come up on the menu when you try to purchase it.

Available Animals

Leopard Sanctuary CatDire Wolf SPVSanctuary Black Calico FerretSanctuary Palomino fixeedSanctuary TigerSanctuary LynxS.Tiger 2016Sanctuary S.State CougarSanctuary S. African CheetahSanctuary Gray WolfSanctuary Timber WolfSanctuary Panther JagSanctuary Argentina JagSanctuary African LionSanctuary TigerSanctuary Cougar fixSanctuary CheetahSanctuary Cat