WK Portal Guide


Wild Kajaera Portal Page Website Guide


The Wild Kajaera Portal Page website is intended to be your lifeline for all your Big Cats Or Wild Dogs. With a wealth of information at your fingertips, away from Second Life, we provide everything you need to view your cats and wolves for research, to keep track of the animals you’ve sold or bought, to list your animals for sale, and to redeliver animals you may have lost. These points are just a few of the numerous tasks you could complete using our invaluable Portal Page as a starting point.

Here is the location for our Wild Kajaera Portal Page: http://portal.wildkajaera.com/Login.php

Before you can access your portal page, you will need to stop by one of our Wild Kajaera Sim locations. Find the WK – Wild Kajaera E.U.L.A panel 􀀆 Click on it. Then, read and accept the terms. Close to it, you will see the WK – Wild Kajaera Portal panel. 􀀇 Click on it, and it will trigger a message in open chat. That message gives you your Login and Password information for the Wild Kajaera Portal page. If, at any time, you lose your Login information, you can always return to this panel and click on it to retrieve your credentials again.

Here is a quick overview of the menu buttons available once you log into your Wild Kajaera Portal page.

Dashboard – This is your landing page. By default, you will be brought into the Big Cats portion of your dashboard. At the top of the page, there are three circles representing the different main engines of Wild Kajaera: Big Cats, Wild Dogs, and Flying Friends. Click on each circle to switch between each section of the Wild Kajaera 􀀅

Big Cats – This is the area where you will find all of the information relating to your Wild Kajaera Big Cats.
Wild Dogs – Switch to this section to view all your wolf information.
Flying Friends – This area is where you will view all information regarding your WK Flying Friends, like WK Flying Chimps, WK Doves, etc.

Account – Brings up information regarding your account with Wild Kajaera. You can change your contact information as well as your password and default settings for your WK Big Cats and Wild Dogs in this menu. Follow this process to change your password:

􀀈1. From the Account Menu, double click your User Name.
2. A box will pop up. Clear the existing Password in the box.
3. Replace the Password and be sure to write the new one down for future reference.
4. Click Submit.
5. Your Password is now changed.
6. Remember, if you need to be reminded of your Username and Password, visit our sim and click the “WK – Wild Kajaera Portal” panel. Your information will be displayed as a private message in open chat.

Animals – Brings up a list of all your live animals. You can use the grid to sort specific columns for research.

Items – Lists all your items. Utilize this button as often as possible to monitor how many portions of food you have available.

Males – Lists detailed information about all of the live male animals you have.

Females – Lists detailed information about all of the live female animals you have.

Pregnant – Shows all pregnant female animals you have. This will list the level of pregnancy for each pregnant animal.

Sacks – A listing of all the sacks you possess that have yet to be birthed.

Young- Lists the newly born animals

Sanctuary – This is a rundown of all the animals and sacks you’ve sent to the Sanctuary and gives you a running total of your accumulated Sanctuary Points.

Animal Talk – You can make your animal speak whatever you want in Second Life using this function. Search for the animal you want to speak. Input the message you want, then select send. The message will appear in open chat soon after.

Inactive Animals – Contains a list of all animals that our servers have had issues communicating with. There could be any number of reasons an animal is listed here. If you see an animal listed, try MOOG’ing your animal or click the “Sync” button on your animal, causing it to establish a connection with our servers.

Inactive Items – Lists all the items that our servers have had communication issues with. The items listed may be in your inventory or may be outdated. To fix this issue, web-MOOG your item and rez it inworld.

Unused Boosters – Provides an overview of all the boosters you own that haven’t been used.

Total Animals – Shows a Grand Total of all of the animal activity you’ve enjoyed since becoming a Wild Kajaera member.

SPV Calculator – This will assign a current Sanctuary Point Value for the animal or sack you’re curious about. To find out the Sanctuary Point Value of your animal, copy the animal ID number from the stats and paste that number into the space provided then hit the Calculate button.

Rarity Calculator – This will provide a breakdown for all the rarities for your animal. It will list the rarities of your animal’s traits as a percentage compared to all animals in the same breed. It will also show you a breakdown of how the total trait points are distributed. Please note: The Rarities and the Trait Values will change as more animals give birth or are sent to the Sanctuary each day. The real beauty of our Rarity Calculator is that it gives you a true value for all the traits and percentages. The server updates every night at approximately Midnight SLT. Therefore, even older cats can be valuable, as more of the cats with the same traits are sent to the Sanctuary.

Animal Ancestry – This is a vital research tool that will help give you an idea of all the animals that went into making your animal. You can utilize this to see which traits passed through the ancestral lineage. This is important in breeding, which will be explained later in this guide.

Animals Bought – This is another research tool that allows you to view all of the animals you’ve bought from either the vendors or other breeders since becoming a member of Wild Kajaera.

Search Classifieds – This is our way to help connect you with the animal you’re hoping to find, listed by other breeders. You can search by Species, Breed, Fur, and Gender. The broader your search, the more animals you have the chance of locating. Check the Classifieds often, as animals are listed and removed throughout the day.

􀀄 􀀃webMOOG – Animals – Use this tool to update or redeliver your live animals. It will be sent to you in Second Life. Accept the box, then find it in your inventory. Drag and Drop the box from your inventory to your land to complete the process. You can have a single animal sent or an entire species.

webMOOG – Sacks – Use this tool to update or redeliver your sacks. It will be sent to you in Second Life. Accept the sack, then find it in your inventory. Drag and Drop your sack from your inventory to your land to complete the process. You can have a single sack sent or an entire species.

webMOOG – Food – Use this tool to update or redeliver your Food items. You can have individual food items sent or have all of them sent at once.

webMOOG – Booster – This will update or redeliver any unused boosters you own. You can have a single item sent or all boosters sent by product.

webMOOG – Misc – You can update and redeliver any miscellaneous items using this function. For the most part, you’ll only have a WK Updater box listed, if you’ve purchased one.

My Classified Ads – Shows a rundown of all Classified Ads you’ve posted. You can edit, view, and delete any ad by highlighting it and selecting the appropriate icon at the bottom of the box.

Add Classified Ad – This is a way to let all other breeders know that you want to sell your animal. To place a Classified Ad, find the animal or sack you want to list from the drop down box. Copy and paste the location of your animal you want sold in the space provided (found in the address bar of your Second Life viewer). You can even add notes about the animal and the location in the space provided. Once the fields are filled in, click “Add Classified” to complete the process.

Animals Sold – This is a valuable research tool that allows you to see all of the animals you’ve sold and to whom, since joining Wild Kajaera.

Animals Bought- This is a valuable research tool that allows you to see all of the animals you’ve bought and from whom, since joining Wild Kajaera.

Dive in and become familiar with your Wild Kajaera Portal page. In no time, you’ll be able to master navigating through the menu buttons. If, at any time, you need help, don’t hesitate to ask a member of our support group for help in our *WK Wild Kajaera group.