Pre Training Treats

Welcome to WK Wild Kajaera Mustang Class: Pre Training with Treats

This class is for WK Wild Kajaera Mustangs & Customers Only
This class is ONLY for Treat Training, There will be a second WK Wild Kajaera Mustang Class: Walk Training
Please watch for announcements on when the next class is available.

Basic information:
❖ MUSTANGS must be Age 3
❖ WK Training Treats are Available for Sale in the Mustang Barn@ WK
▸ Training Treats Cost 100L per 20 Treats. If your Mustang Box has 1 Treat in it please go to the Portal & MOOG
▸ If you do not know how to MOOG please speak to me after Class or Ask for assistance of a WK CSR

Training Your Mustang Only Affects it’s ability to be Ridden.
It does not make it have better babies. More Babies, Twins, or affect the # of Traits or what your mustang passes.

Where to find Personality & Skill/Confidence

Example Mustang;

ID ~ 161228
Trait Total ~ 26
Name ~ Sweetness
Gender ~ Female
Species ~ Mustang
Strain ~ Sabino 5.26% 2
❖Personality ~ Fearful
Scale ~ 15 Hands 6.28% 4
Coat ~ Gray Nose 2.65% 4
Level ~ 6
Right Eye ~ Sterling 1.62% 3
Left Eye ~ Sterling 1.62% 3
Eye Glow ~ Natural 99.64% 0
Right Ear ~ Lazy 5.14% 3
Left Ear ~ Natural 83.14% 0
Tail ~ Blonde Highlights-Straight 5.25% 4
Mane ~ Blonde Highlights-ShaggyLeft 5.37% 3
Aura ~ Natural 91.95% 0
Shine ~ Natural 99.79% 0
❖Skill ~ 0 ~ Confidence ~ 4 0
Foalings ~ 10

The important bits for this class are marked with a ❖ so you can find them easily!
The first part is Personality! This decides what type of treat your mustang eats the easiest.
This example mustang has a personality of Fearful.
It’s Skill is 0 – it hasn’t started walk training yet, and it’s Confidence is ~4 0
To be able to start walk training the confidence needs to be ~ 6 0

You will notice a chart right here. This is a free item made for you during training. It is free and you can simply buy it and rez it out at home.
It lists all the personalities and what treat they take the easiest.
A mustang can take any treat, but they will take the treat that matches their personality the easiest and quickist!

We’re going to use a Sugar Cube Treat for our example treat! When you moog treats, you should receive an item that says
WK – SugarCubeTT-WM (no copy)(no modify)(no transfer) in your objects folder or treat box if you did not need to MOOG.

This is the item you will rez out, we will call it a post. It is a stick with a treat stuck on top of it.
When you rez this item in a SCRIPT ENABLED area
it will give you another item

WK-SugarCubeTT-WM (WearMe) (no modify)(no transfer)

You will do what it says, and wear this item. You will receive a message that says this in your Local Chat.

WK-SugarCubeTT-WM: Initializing…
WK-SugarCubeTT-WM: Done… Click Me!

The first time you rez a treat out it MUST initialize. If it does not then it will NOT work.

DO NOT use super long names or names with special characters in it while Training

All WK Mustangs can be trained for riding once they are 3 days old.
You can also check to see if your mustang has any treats today!
You do this by clicking on the mustang –get your menu —-> options—> Treats
Local chat will tell you how many treats your mustang will have had in the last 24 hours.

The goal is to give your mustang 4 treats a day to get it the full 1 point increase in confidence – Confidence needs to be at 6 before you can Walk Train!

If you get a failed message you will NEED to wait 20 seconds before you can try again. This is to give the animal time to play out the animation of refusal.

You click on the post and put the animals name inside the box (I recommend copy and pasting the name)
❖ Important Note: Your mustang must have motion on, and a range of 10 meters to do treat training correctly
–You need to be within 10 meter range of the animal to hear the treat.

Successful message:

Sweetness: Eyes the treat you offer with anticipation
Sweetness: Confidence raise to 3.750000 willingness raised to 4.750000

Unsuccessful Messages:
“I am Not Sure I trust you Yet. Try again”
(wait 20 seconds)
“I don’t think I would go this time”
(wait 20 seconds)

You will notice if you get a successful message and point raise that the treat will vanish. However, the treat ONLY counts
if the point raise is indicated in local chat. Sometimes you may get a false positive. Keep feeding it treats, it will take it.

When your mustangs Confidence reaches 6.0000 or your mustang shows a * over it’s name, it has reached the ability to start Walk Training.
❖ ❖ ❖
At this time I am open for questions about Pre-Training Mustangs or Treats? Any questions?