Mustang Training Mode –

When you get to this stage you may be wondering what do I do now.  Training Mode has been referred to as clicker training, ground work or circle training.

Before you start make sure your horse motion is on. Make sure that the range is set to 15 or better 20.  If your Mustang is low in energy you may want to wait till they have the energy of 50 or greater. It is really funny when they fall asleep during training. When these things are there and your training MODE button is under the interact section of your menu. You’re ready to start.

Click the Training Mode to ON

As you face the horse type Left or Right in local chat.  This will start the horse walking in the direction you said.  If you keep facing your horse they will go around you. Just like in real life you have to keep watching your horse to keep them going around you.

Other commands you can use at skill level 0 are Right, Hoe, Left.

Training sessions last 30 minutes.

Skill levels are 0 – 5

When you reach Skill Level 1 You can also do your training session while riding the Mustang as long as the Mustang is in motion.

Speeds that you can use at the different skill levels are as follows;

Skill 1 – Walk

Skill 2 – Walk, Trot

Skill 3 – Walk, Trot, Canter

Skill 4 – Walk, Trot, Canter, Gallop

If you use the speed greater then the Skill Level you won’t get credit for the training.

When You get to Skill Level 3 you can use a WK Saddle.

Groundwork can be done at any level.

Riding at Level 1 or Higher.

Saddle Riding as Level 3 or Higher.