OOAK Winners

We would like to say congratulations to the winners of the OOAKs.  We know that they have wonderful new homes.

Devin and gray wolf.png

Devin aka Goldenheart with the winning bid of 70,001 Ls


oeNNeo with the winning bid of 700,005L’s 

The organization MFS is very grateful to all that have contributed through the purchase of these OOAKs as well as all the CE Cougars and the LE Dire Wolfs  they have been amazed at the generosity of what one breeding community can do. You should all be very proud of yourselves.   We our honored to have such a wonderful group of breeders. Thank you each and everyone of you.

OOAK Current Bids

Giving all an update on the OOAKs

The Tigon current highest bidder is a MagicManMike at 700,001 L’s

The Gray Wolf current highest bidder is Goldenheart at 28,500 L’s

There is just over 6 hours left to the auction when the bid boards go off the auction is over.

Good luck to those bidding.


This is a wonderful charity and they are extremely grateful to all that have bought or donated.

A Cat Story …..chapter 2

,.-~*’¨¯¨’*·~-.¸-(_ The Great _)-,.-~*’¨¯¨’*·~-.¸
,.-~*’¨¯¨’*·~-.¸-(_ Cat War _)-,.-~*’¨¯¨’*·~-.¸
,.-~*’¨¯¨’*·~-.¸-(_ Chapter 2 _)-,.-~*’¨¯¨’*·~-.¸
Nothing was said after the fight with Jerakyl’s best friend, Hydel. Every cat in the battle, evenly matched in strength and stamina, seemed to accept a timid truce by the end of the night. As the maddening storm let up to allow the morning sun to shine, each cat, laden with scratches and patches of bald fur, limped off to their tree stand for the day. Every step towards home seemed to deepen the confusion for what really transpired over the night in Jerakyl’s mind, “Did I really attack my best friend?”

Once the beaten duo reached their resting tree, Ghosse, Jarakyl’s dad, became incensed to see both jaguars so roughed up. After learning the events that transpired over the night, he quickly started planning his retaliation. Sneaking away after waiting for Skellah and Jerakyl to fall asleep, he set his plan in motion.

Peering through the forest undergrowth, Ghosse reached the leopard family’s resting tree. He watched and noticed that each of the leopards were too weak to climb to their overlook branch. This gave him the perfect opportunity to exact his revenge. As he stalked closer, the world around him seemed to drain to silence. The WK Flying Chimps seemed to grow quieter with each step he took. The once loud cawing WK Black Birds seemed muted with each inch he crept closer. Even the WK Flutter Bugs, that seemed to always provide a tranquil feel to the forest surroundings, scurried away as each paw of his powerful legs stepped towards the leopard’s tree.

Intent on ending this feud immediately, Ghosse could already feel the crunch of their bones between his powerful jaws. He could already taste their fur in his mouth. His splayed claws seemed to emulate the feel of him ripping into their tattered hides with each step he took closer to them. His eyes glinted his evil intent as he peered through the undergrowth, the sunlight catching it just right, marking his location in the forest surrounding. He was a bad cat, ready to do a bad thing, on a bad day, in a bad way.

Finally, reaching a safe pouncing distance, his body reared back like the spring in a trap slowly being set. Stillness filled the air, and the deafening silence rang chaotic in Ghosse’s ears. As if shot from a cannon, his body sprung quickly from the brush he was crouched behind.

Hydel, aching from last nights battle, rolled over next to sleeping parents, unable sleep. With eyes creeping slightly open, just in time to see a bulky shape darken the sky, terror flooded the little cub’s mind. Unable to mutter a single sound, another darkened shape intercepted the flying bulk.

Ghosse suddenly felt a giant mass ram him in the side, mid-pounce. As he toppled to the forest floor, only a few feet away from the sleeping leopards, his heightened senses immediately felt a familiar presence. Taking a deep breath, he mumbled underneath his exhale an airy, “Bodolf, stay out of this!”, as he brought himself to his feet.

The stately Timber Wolf held his position while Ghosse slowly stood, not saying a word. He only took a defensive stance between the resting leopards and the assassin in front of him.
<Stay Tuned>

New Website Feature

Over the past few months, we have rolled out new features and menu options into our Wild Kajaera Big Cats and Wild Dogs. From adding the roleplay functionality to our Wolves, to providing a Low Prim Option and Classifieds button to the menu of our animals when you click them inworld, we constantly strive to make our breedables more user friendly.

As of today, we’ve added two new features to your WK Big Cat and Wild Dog portal page. We’ve added the option to look up who has bought animals from you and who you’ve bought from. Having this level of control over seeing who and where your cats are going to is useful in so many ways:

1. You can see who bought an animal that you had out in your market stall, to thank them.
2. You can see who you bought an animal from, if you want to see if they have more like it.
3. You can research how many animal’s you’ve bought or sold to a particular breeder.
4. You can find out what happened to an animal you don’t remember doing anything with.
5. You can just explore, out of curiosity.

We’re sure you’ll find even better ways to use this valuable information. That was just 5 examples, to name a few.

The thing is. We want to give you more flexibility to work with your wonderful cats and wolves. By adding the “Animals Bought” and “Animals Sold” buttons to each of the Wild Kajaera Big Cats and Wild Dogs portal pages, we feel you’ll have a lot of use for the additions. These buttons are located at the bottom of each of the button columns on the portal pages. Take a look.

We look forward to rolling out more bells and whistles in the future, to show the world Wild Kajaera Big Cats and Wild Dogs are the best Breedable animals and community in Second Life.

Thank you,

~ Wild Kajaera

S.O.S. Progress

If you look back at our previous post, explaining how humbled we are to have such an amazing WK Community, we hope that we supplied enough details to explain why we feel that way. The events that transpired last night at the 5:30pm WK Community and CSR auction exceeded our expectations. Huddled around a tower of cats, supporting MSF / Doctors Without Borders, we were all proof of how incredible our WK Community is.

Every one who attended, every person who spread the word, every individual who showed their support, played a part in strengthening our community. Some of you may have had issues with chat lag or camera lag, but you pushed through it to join us. Some of you may have had difficulty entering the sim, due to it being full, but you persisted and made it. Some of you may have even decided to stop by just because of the notice we sent out to our group, but your curiosity still brought you by. That, to us at WK, is nothing short than incredible.

We’ll show you how:

Of the Spoonful of Sugar C.E. Cougars and L.E. Dire Wolf kiosks, you have helped us raise 601,000L by purchasing 129 Cougars and 107 Wolves.

The entire auction pulled in a Grand Total of 239,256L by auctioning off 45 cats and wolves donated from the WK Community and CSR’s.

In our WK Community and CSR auction, Jess Intermenos purchased the most panels, with 12, winning the Most Panels Purchased Winter Fur Bengal Prize. Rachal Mixmaster won the Most Lindens Spent Winter Fur Bengal Prize by purchasing a Level 19 Bengal for 55k.

As of the typing of this message the Spoonful of Sugar O.O.A.K. Gray Wolf has a 20k bid on the bid board, and the Spoonful of Sugar O.O.A.K. Tigon has a bid of 700,001L. Each having 6 days and 9 hours left to bid.

Let’s put that into perspective. With the Direct Sale Kiosks, the WK Community and CSR Auction, and the bids on our O.O.A.K. Tigon and Gray Wolf, we have a Grand Total of 1,560,257L that we will be raising for this incredible cause. And, with about 6 ½ days left until the end of the bidding for the O.O.A.K. Tigon and Gray Wolf, we’re sure this amount will only increase. All of this goes to prove how amazing our WK Community is and how completely stunned we, at Wild Kajaera, are.

Please. Keep in mind. We still have an opportunity to do so much more, to spread the message, and raise more Lindens for this great cause. You still have time to hit the bid boards and place your bid for the Spoonful of Sugar O.O.A.K. Tigon and Gray Wolf. The Spoonful of Sugar C.E. Cougars and L.E. Gray Wolves will be available until further notice. Be sure to keep an out for future updates.

YOU are the reason Wild Kajaera Big Cats and Wild Dogs are the best breedables in Second Life. You make our WK Community a force to be reckoned with.

With complete admiration and respect,
~Wild Kajaera

Tonight at 5:30

There are a few events that happen in this world that make it difficult to fully express the complexity of emotions as a result of what occurred. Having been at the forefront of so many charitable events, like our Autism Awareness or Relay For Life fund raisers (just to name a few), it’s a little easier to gain a broader perspective to discover the need that arises for the funds raised. What constantly amazes everyone at Wild Kajaera is the generosity of so many people, who donate to help such wonderful causes.

Our MSF / Doctors Without Borders event has been a part of a larger cause throughout Second Life that started just a few days ago. In that time, the proceeds raised from our Spoonful of Sugar C.E. Cougar and our Spoonful of Sugar L.E. Dire Wolf have astounded us. And, that’s not even the best part.

As of now, the top bid for the Spoonful of Sugar O.O.A.K. Tigon is listed at 700,001 Lindens. And the Spoonful of Sugar O.O.A.K. Gray Wolf is listed at 16,000 Lindens. With a few more days until the bidding is closed, we’re sure those amounts will increase.

Can you say, “Wow!”?

This outpouring of support just goes to show how incredible our Wild Kajaera Community is. It’s not only about 100% of the proceeds going to MSF / Doctors Without Borders. It’s about how generous, caring, and awesome the breeders in our community are.

From everyone who has purchased the Spoonful of Sugar C.E. Cougar or L.E. Dire Wolf to anyone who has bid on our Spoonful of Sugar O.O.A.K Tigon and Gray Wolf, we are honored to be a part of this great cause. We’re even amazed by those people who aren’t able to provide monetary support, but share the message with family and friends to help spread the word.

Our community constantly raises the bar during charitable events like this.

To say, at the least… We’re incredibly humbled. Thank you!

Please keep in mind that we have an even greater opportunity to do more at our CSR’s / Community Auction at 5:30pm SLT tonight. Stop by before the auction. Have a look at all the great cats and wolves the CSR’s and the Community at WK have donated, with the proceeds going directly to this great cause.

Here’s the location: http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/SOS%20Breedables/124/156/24
**For Further Information, Please Visit These Links:

Wild Kajaera Blog Page – https://wildkajaerablog.com/

Second Life’s Spoonful of Sugar Festival – http://thesosfestival.com/

Medecins Sans Frontieres / Doctors Without Borders – http://www.doctorswithoutborders.org/

A Cat Story … chapter 1

,.-~*’¨¯¨’*·~-.¸-(_ The Great _)-,.-~*’¨¯¨’*·~-.¸
,.-~*’¨¯¨’*·~-.¸-(_ Cat War _)-,.-~*’¨¯¨’*·~-.¸
Once lifelong friends, Jerakyl and Hydel did everything together. They would cause mischief in the rain forest by constantly running wild, tugging on their parent’s tails, or chasing the Wild Kajaera Flying Chimps through the trees. Much to the chagrin of their parents, who tried their best to keep them from becoming friends, this pair seemed inseparable. Whenever you saw these two, they always seemed to be together, growing as friends.

As is the case with most forbidden friendships, their story became more clouded. One night, these two young cubs snuck away from their parents to hang out by their favorite watering hole at the mouth of the river. They wanted to talk about the fun they had that day and attempt to catch the WK Funky Fish that taunted them every time the cubs came to their watery hideaway.

A storm quickly rolled in, heralded by a punishing crack of lightning. Being shocked awake, only to see her cub missing, panic flooded Skellah’s mind. Racing off to find her lost cub, this tenacious jaguar mom searched high and low, through thorny vines and muddy river banks, looking for her cub. She finally located the two cubs, huddled beneath palm fronds at water’s edge. Distraught and still reeling from the unrelenting storm, Skellah roared ferociously at the young cubs.

Taking her cub in her mouth and leading the little Leopard to its parents, disgruntled snorts and hisses could be heard escaping her cub-clinched mouth. Each frustrated noise that emanated from Skellah seemed to drive shame deeper into Hydel’s thoughts. By the time they reached the little leopard’s parents, Hydel raced toward them, quickly hiding behind them for safety.

[The tense moment that followed, would be passed from parent to cub for generations to come.]

After releasing her cub from her mouth, dirty, muddy, rain-worn Skellah was visibly angry at Hydel’s parents, Migrawl and Terawr, for allowing their cub to be a bad influence on her little Jaguar. Having cursed at the pair for not keeping better track of their young one, Skellah, so proud of her beautiful fur, howled at how angry she was that she would have to spend the rest of the night giving herself a tongue bath to clean it off.

Feeling threatened and not willing to take all the the blame for their little leopard’s actions, Migrawl and Terawr hurled insults back toward the preening mother jaguar. Knowing that they both had equally impressive furs and feeling that they deserved the same recognition, they roared back, telling Skellah that her fur was nothing compared to theirs.

It was at that moment, when Migrawl and Terawr insulted her, that Skellah reached her breaking point. In that instance, a crack of thunder lit her fuse. She instinctively pounced the slightly smaller pair and started scratching and clawing ferociously at them. A major skirmish ensued between the rival cats.

Not knowing what to think, the two cubs were reluctantly drawn into an unexpected battle. Watching his mother, outnumbered and overpowered by Hydel’s parents, Jerakyl lunged toward Hydel. In a melee of claws, teeth, and blood amidst the chaotic, stormy backdrop, these two cats, who once closely resembled each other and were friends, became bitter enemies.

To this day, this war is whispered every time a Jaguar and a Leopard meet and become friends. Could there be any peace?

<Stay Tuned>

Animal Updates

Updates for the animals –

Included in the cats is the option to change the white hover text to pre selected colors. This options are available in the sacks, the Live cats and the LPO’s.

The LPO’s for the cats have an option for show more or show less.  They still pop down into the crates in the show more but you can have them showing for if you like.

Included in the dogs is the LPO versions this brings the dogs down to 12 prims.  They have a different look then the cats.  They also have the color changing feature that the cats get so you don’t have to wait for that.

Current Cat Version 2.6.15

Current Dog Version 2.1.3


SOS Animals are out

The Spoonful of Sugar animals are out.

There was a little mix up on the Cougars first sign it is a CE not an LE, which means the fur is exclusive. They are now out for sale at the Event Sim



The Community Auction is going to be the 16th at 5:30 SLT time in the center of the breeding sim.

The OOAK Auction is going to be the following Friday.

Mark your Calendar

We have a very special event coming up this month.  The event is put on by a group of fashion designers who’ve pulled together to help the MSF Doctors with Out Borders.  With a adorable name to go along with it a Spoonful of Sugar…. we all know that this will help the medicine go down.  Doctors with out Borders supply Medical aid where it is needed most. Independent. Neutral. Impartial.  A Breeder brought this event to our attention and as we are a company that has breeders all over the world we felt it was a good fit.

We asked if we could help and while we are not necessarily a fashion company but we do believe that the WK Animals are the best fashion accessory companion.  We do hope that you will all visit the event especially the fashion side of the area with your best fashion companion walking with you. Showing the rest of SL how good they can look with their own animal companion.

The event starts September 9th we want to make this a great event.

Up for donations are the following animals ~ full details to follow in the weeks to come.

Spoonful of Sugar LE Spoonful of Sugar LE Dire

Up for auction OOAK’s ~ Auction time to be announced on the September 23,2016

Spoonful of Sugar OOAK Gray Spoonful of Sugar OOAK Tigon

Up for the community Auction held on Sept 16, at 5:30 are 30 wonderful animals donated from our CSR staff and filled in with some very special animals.