Kadbury –

Clearing up confusion with the Kadbury Lion fur we are adding the additional noses like the other furs. If you have had an offspring of the Kadbury that passed the Kadbury Fur you will want to sync it so it shows the new nose. Your stats will show correctly after midnight tonight.

WK Pride

Available at the WKU Toy Center. Available until June 17th.

WK Pride Tiger will not pass its fur but will pass another new Sumatran Fur The Parents in the background also have new furs and one new eye that will also pass.

Wild Mustang –

Today is the last day to get your Spring Time Mustang, don’t delay as you wont want to miss this magical mustang.

Live Version of the Spring Time Mustang is located here.

If you have been with the Wild Mustangs for some time now you will be excited to see that the Sanctuary Mustangs have a few new choices. So hop on over the Mustang Sanctuary to check them out.

Live Versions of the New Sanctuary Mustangs are located here.

Spring Time Mustang

What will Pass? We heard this many times over the last few days. Mustang version 1.7.5 has the new mane and tail shapes these shapes can pass. The Textures do not. The Aura will. The personality will. When we say will we mean that they have a chance just like any other trait to move on to the offspring.

We have also heard what should I breed it with? We will give you some ideas. The WOW White would be a good one as it may add the chance of another White with a different nose similar to how the furs in the Big Cats work. Any of the WarPaints are also a good idea as this may bring out a new WarPaint Marking. Another idea is bring out new mane colors If you have a favorite color of the mane and would like to see it on this new style breed Spring Time with any male with that mane. You may have a chance of putting the shape and the color together.

Happy Breeding :))

Happy Mother’s Day

Happy Mother’s Day – This year we have the MomsLove eyes dropping in randomly for you. These will continue for just the day.

We have been asked by some of the big cat breeders to allow these eyes to glow. For today only there will also be the chance that they may get a glow version if you are breeding for glow eyes. You will still need a Magic Flame in the breeding to trigger this. Please don’t worry if you do not get it this year will have this option again next year.

The Tigers are big producers of the Mother’s Day eye so they get another new version for this series. Also new this year is the Fox Eye.

The Hunt is ON

The WK SpringTime Hunt started yesterday and from the feed back we are getting the Hunters are having a BLAST. Its not too hard but not too easy either. There is still plenty of time for you to join the hunt as it will continue on until the 20th.

We would like to thank all the owners of the various locations for being a part of the hunt it is a honor to work with you. If you would like to to have your location to be a host in the next hunt stay tune for the next Hunt.

If you have a location you really enjoyed we invite you to leave a comment or if you need help with a location leave a comment here as well. Or contact us in the group.

Loving Spring Time

If you’re like us you love the beginning of spring where the flowers come back out and the weather is not so hot. There is no better time of year to have some fun with your animals out side. Dressing them up and with the addition of our Wild Mustangs we can have a bit of fun with some face painting. Now this is a bit off our normal page but we are sure you will enjoy this Mustang. Her coat, mane and tail will NOT pass but they will pass the shape of the Mane and the shape of the Tail. This latest in the DC line is introducing not only the new Mane Tail look but also the Aura is new. The Mustang will come in FEMALE ONLY to help with keeping the Mane and tail rare but when you breed the Mane with other colors you have a chance of bringing that mane shape and the male mane texture together. The Tail Shape will come out at various levels in different colors in addition to passing a different color shaped tail.

She is going to be on sale till the end of May the 21st. You will be able to purchase her at the WKU Toy Center