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WK has been hard at work expanding the brand, we have places these tip jars not only at our main sims but on the SL Market Place.

The Tip Jars have much of the personalities of the full version animals.

Just like the first release of the Tiger Animated Tip Jar we did find that a group joiner was a nice to have so we have added the group joiner feature to these and the tigers.

Jaguar, Leopards still to come.

9 Lives ~ Chapter 3


9 Lives – Chapter 3


The stormy sky shattered with bright explosions from each flash of lightning, followed by bone crushing thunder. The winds shifted directions, blowing like a tempest testing the root strength of every tree in the forest. Each raindrop fell to the forest floor and dug deep into the ground. By any stretch of the mind, this was no place for a small cheetah to have wandered into after being lost.

Breathing heavy and feeling the energy drain from every muscle in its body, the small cheetah willed itself back to its feet and stood as it looked at the demonic mass twisting in front it. The little cheetah watched as the monster grabbed another cat. After being touched, the other cat’s eyes glinted brightly, reflecting the jack-o-lantern filled forest. The grabbed cat’s body quickly went limp and lifeless, and the aura of its soul seemed to pull from its body into the mouth of its captor, increasing the monster’s size.

A wolf, snarling at the monster, darted side to side to avoid the debris that swirled around the demon’s feet, averted the monster’s attention away from the small cheetah. The little cat could barely pull itself through the forceful winds. Every step the cheetah tried to take away from the scene slightly outpaced the direction it was being sucked backwards, to whatever the hell that thing was.

Each moment spent inside this sucking storm seemed so slow and hard to fight that, for a brief moment, the small cheetah almost gave up the will to live. It couldn’t pull away from this thing. It was helpless. What’s the point in fighting it? Even though the small cheetah could feel its mind wavering, the muscles in its body seemed to push on, almost instinctively. It wasn’t until it could feel the pressure of the the vortex release its grip on the small cheetah, when it realized it was free from the scene, and fled deeper into the forest.

Dodging WK Logs, bounding over the WK Stump Hop Sets, and darting thru numerous WK Hollow Logs the little cheetah couldn’t seem to run fast enough. It’s mind was in a panic, but its little paws kept running and running until it reached a clearing in the forest. Taking a moment to relax, the little cat looked back to the forest. It noticed that the storm was secluded to the area of the forest it just fled from. That demon, or whatever it was, was far behind.

The tired cheetah turned back to the clearing and noticed many pumpkins lined along a path, looking like a troop of soldiers marching toward the house sitting on top of a distant hill. Knowing that humans were valuable allies and needing refuge, the little cheetah gathered all its remaining energy to walk toward the building.
All of a sudden, the little cat’s body went completely numb, as if paralyzed, and fell motionless to the ground. The cat’s eyes widened with fright as storm clouds quickly filled the sky. That house on the hill, with rows of pumpkins lining the path, became the last thing the little cat would see before complete darkness. Before the cat’s eyes closed that final scene was burned on it’s retinas, serving a lasting reminder of a moment caught in fright.

The limp cat dropped to the ground after being released by the giant demon. The bright white essence of its soul slithered between the monster’s cracked lips like it was inhaling cigar smoke. Fully sedated, the hideous monster, surrounded by wispy black smoke, resumed its search for souls.

Deep inside the demon’s body, in an empty void, nine souls of unfortunate animals slowly swirled around each other. These souls will become the energy that the evil creature uses to go on its horrific rampage. By the time the morning sun cracked the horizon, the beast that ravaged the forest vanished, leaving a path of destruction everywhere it had been.

Quickly awaking from his vision, an old wise man fumbled for some way to record the terror he witnessed in his hallucination. He’s had omens like this many times before and needed to warn others. Grabbing a sharp rock and quickly scoring his words on a granite slab, he frantically recorded the nightmare.


WK Tiger Tip Jar 2.0

We’ve all seen it. You’ve been to an auction location, a club, or an event and wanted to show appreciation for the hard work the auctioneer,CSR’s, DJ’s hosts or hostess, or any of the other wonderful performer’s do. When you look around for their tip jar, it’s hard to find. How about something completely unique?

We are happy to introduce our WK Tiger Tip Jars 2.0!


We’ve revamped our unique Wild Kajaera Tip Jars. With our previous version, you just placed your tip jar down and a our amazing WK Breedable tip jar would collect your Lindens and distribute them to you. This helped direct patrons, who wanted to show their appreciation for your hard work, tip you. Our new tip jars do that and so much more.

Our WK Tiger Tip Jar 2.0 is ANIMATED! Not only will it help guard your hard earned Lindens, but its menu allows you to customize options. You can select the size of your tip jar. You can edit the hovertext above your tip jar. You can even edit the starting pay-in amount quick buttons. Finally, it has a reset option, that allows you to reset the amounts paid in during your event, to help keep track your earnings per event.

When a patron tips you, our WK Tiger Tip Jar 2.0 will stand up (if lying down), stretch, rawer and raise a paw forward, as a salute to the patron who tipped you. It will then say, “Thanks for the tip! I really appreciate it.” to their chat to help show your appreciation in return.

Chose from our selection of well loved Big Cat furs:

Sumatran Dumai Fur
Bengal Chennai Fur
Amur Darkness Fur
Amur Peanut Brittle Fur

We’re confident that you’ll enjoy using our animated WK Tiger Tip Jar 2.0 as much as we enjoyed creating it for you.

~Wild Kajaera

9 Live ~ Chapter 2


9 Lives – Chapter 2

The morning sun seemed to take forever to rise. As quickly as the campfire light in my window transitioned to morning light, I sprung out of my sleeping sack and tended to Trixis. She didn’t wake easy. When she roused, I was greeted by the strange Raven reflection again. I poured an Elixir of Happy in her bowl, and it didn’t seem to clear her eyes when she drank it. I reached for a Healing Cream Bowl, and nothing. I even tried a Happy Teddy to no avail. No matter what I tried my tiger companion’s eyes wouldn’t clear.

Exasperated, I decided to check on Elder Thohm to see if anything new happened overnight. As soon as I opened the door, I was quickly greeted with a familiar muzzle, directly in my face. The extra large Timber wolf’s familiar growl awaited me immediately after. Taking a moment to collect my thoughts, I noticed that his eyes were the same from last night as well. The way the morning light glinted through his eyes, allowed me a chance to examine the details, the scary dark house with deep purple sky highlighted in the reflection.

“Fenris! Come on now!” Quistis’ voice seemed to drew the wolf’s attention away from me. “I know you like playing, silly pooch, but you’re gonna give the poor boy a fright.”

In a daze, it took a moment for me to register that Quistis was talking. She snapped me out of my stupor, waving her hand in front of my eyes and emphasizing, “Hey. You! The Elder wants you to bring the tablet and go with us to the Tahn-dar clan by Migrawl Creek.”

I grabbed the stone slab and my travel bag, motioned for Trixis to follow, and walked with Quistis to the edge of camp where our clan had gathered. Each step I took, following along, seemed to help deepen my thoughts, lost in the myriad of information that seemed to flood my mind.

Before reaching the edge of camp, I was abruptly brought out of my thoughts again by Quistis yelling. “Eyes up!! Hey! Stop staring!”

My eyes blankly looked forward, not examining at anything in particular. Once my mind registered she was berating me, I realized I was staring directly at her shapely butt, barely hidden by her tanned leather skirt. Unable to fumble words to help me out of that blooper, I shrugged and smiled her words away while directing my eyes to the WK Flutter Bugs in the distance. It is Second Life, after all. And, it’s difficult not to gawk.

Quistis and I reached the edge of the camp and greeted a clan full of eyes. Surveying the crowd, I witnessed Elder Thohm, his shoulder wrapped in a bandage, examining another stone slab similar to the one I had. Standing in front of him, surrounded by onlookers, I saw three unfamiliar people. They were dressed similar to the Hehn-Rox tribe, with silken robes highlighted by bright white feathers on the seams of their sleeves. Each of the three visitors were accompanied by their companions, a wolf and two small cats.

Peering at the visitors, I noticed each companion our guests brought had a different reflection in their eyes. The extreme Dire Wolf had a dark gray graveyard scene, a foreboding image considering current events. The mini lynx’s eyes had a tangled forest reflection with jack-o-lanterns hanging on tree limbs. The moonlit leopard’s eyes were highlighted with the view of a house as viewed through a field of pumpkins. Each animal seemed to look uneasy as it waited patiently by its companion.

Elder Thohms voice boomed loudly as he spoke the inscriptions from the slab. “The gravely witnessed bones and forested eyes of gourds venture forth from the home of Hallows. The triad of nine, three by three beacons…”


After reading the inscription on the tablet, Elder Thohm explained how each of us, who have companions with the strange reflections, would travel to the Tahn-dar clan. He asked for our clans blessings before each of us started walking toward Migrawl Creek, the once fabled location of the Great Cat War.

Knowing we had a long journey ahead, I tossed Trixis a WK Wind Up Rat from my pack to gnaw on and urge her to follow. I was still unable to shake the idea that our trusted animal companions turned against us the night before. A moment of panic hit my mind as I frantically searched my travel sack for the other toys I packed, in case she turned on me again. Her favorite WK Spider Bear, WK Boo Bear, and WK Monster Pals were safely tucked inside, providing a moments peace before the weight of this tedious journey flooded my thoughts.

9 Lives

“…for it’s within these animals that we find our salvation. Upon the crimson gaze as spoken by the raven, through ghastly times of lore, one will emerge as valiant. Witness the Eve of…”

Stopping his words, mid-sentence, the wiry, gray-haired old man held the stone against the dwindling evening daylight, trying to make out what the rest of the symbols meant. Finally, giving up and reluctantly passing the stone back to me, I realized I was left with more questions than answers about this mysteriously carved slab of granite placed back into my hands.

I raised my head and looked into my teacher’s wise gaze. “Thank you, Elder Nuit Thohm,” I responded. “Do you know what this means?”

The old man reached his knobby-fingered hand up to his chin and began stroking his wild-looking pepper gray beard. Taking a moment to reflect on the words he recited to me, I could see his mind working through many decisions as his eyes danced back and forth. After pausing for a few moments, his raspy, low voice bellowed the only answer he could think of.

“The Guardians are a superstitious people, ma`boy. Maybe you should find the the remaining pieces of that tablet. It would definitely help.” Having finished his thought with a whimsical tone at the end of his statement, he seemed amused. “Folk heard tale of others with them rocks, ma’boy. Seek the Tahn-dar clan by forest edge”, he continued.

Standing in front of the campfire, the darkness highlighted the margins of his wrinkled expression, giving him a creepy presence. The discontented growl of his Arati furred jaguar, aroused from its sleep as the old man turned to walk to his hut, seemed to add to the haunted aura surrounding the campfire once the Elder left.

I stood there a moment, next to the campfire with my tiger companion sitting, stoic and watchful, next to me. After examining the stone a bit longer, I looked at the firekeeper who was stoking the embers of the campfire and asked her what she thought of the the Elder’s words. Her toothless smile seemed to brighten against her soot-covered face as she shrugged blankly.

Calling to Trixis, my darkness furred tiger companion, I left the campfire and walked to my hut. Once I stepped into my adobe brick dwelling, I placed the tablet on the table next to my sleeping sack and nestled into bed. The thoughts of how I found this mysterious stone by Migrawl Creek, how it seemed to call to me until I found it, how I seemed to instinctively locate it through the weeds and the water, how it seemed to energize once I touched it, all seemed to flood my head in a flurry of chaotic visions. My mind was on fire, and I knew I wouldn’t be able to sleep much that night. I almost had to force myself to sleep.

The darkness of the hut seemed to smother the campfire light as it pierced the windows of my small hut. I was awakened by the sound of Trixis growling. I hopped to my feet and quickly lit the candle next to my bed, calling out, “Who’s there!” before the candlelight filled the room. Once my eyes adjusted to the low lit room, I didn’t see a thing. I looked down and saw Trixis clawing at the air in her sleep. She was growling fiercely at something in her dreams and clawing ferociously. It wasn’t like her. I’ve never seen her do that before. Her sleepy ferocity caused a creepy feeling to course through my veins.

Unable to control the mounting fright that was crawling through my body, I reached down and tried to wake my tiger companion. “Trixis!,” I shouted. “Wake up!” Unresponsive to my commands and to my touch, I was beside myself trying to figure out what was wrong with her. I pulled my hand way from her and sidestepped to the opposite wall of the hut, trying to avoid her splayed claws as she viciously clawed at the air in her sleep.

A few moments passed, and Trixis kept clawing and biting at the air. All of a sudden, she stopped, stood up, and stared straight into my eyes while walking toward me as I stood by the opposite wall of the hut. Looking at her with fright building in my mind, my eyes witnessed her gaze change as she examined every move I made. Her once bright blue Azuren eyes became muted with a darker black hue, and the image of a Raven on a branch reflected back at me as I looked on in shock.

She stopped advancing toward me the second I witnessed her eyes change. I timidly reached toward her dark fur and scratched behind her ears, hoping to reassure the bond we shared between us. She responded by stretching her neck toward me, giving me access to her favorite scratching spot, indicating that I had my “old” Trixis back.

As soon as I reasserted the bond between myself and my companion, the tiny village seemed to erupt in noises. The clamoring of people rushing everywhere with torches lit only added more confusion to an already chaotic night. Calling for Trixis to follow me, I rushed to the door of my small hut and flung it open.

Knocked back in fright, I was shocked to see my friend, Quistis, already standing in front of my hut. Her extra large, Butte furred, Eastern Timber Wolf stood in the doorway blocking my exit. With a bright purple, ghostly-looking house reflected in it’s stony eyes, the large wolf glared back at me. “Down, Fenris!,” Quistis shouted as I advanced toward the door.

“What’s going on?,” I asked.

“Our companions,” she started. “Something’s changing them. Elder Thohm’s been injured!”

We rushed to the campfire where everyone else was gathering, our companions in tow. Once I sorted through the mass of bodies surrounding the circle, I witnessed Elder Thohm gasping for breath as he clutched the top of his shoulder, blood slowly oozing from between his tightened fingers. His dark, Arati furred jaguar was being restrained by other clan members, as it violently thrashed and gnarled at anyone within reach.

“Leave him!,” the Elder muttered. “Nuit De Sang!” As quickly as the Elder’s words escaped his lips, the jaguar stopped thrashing and calmed down. I watched as the men subduing the Jaguar lessened their grip, and a blood red scene washed over the reflection in his jaguar’s eyes, changing instantly.

Something eerie was happening.

Halloween EYEs 2016

The Halloween EYEs for 2016 are ….. drum roll please.


Along with these eyes coming in through out the month of October we have also added the Magical Flame eye to come in randomly for the entire month.  The Halloween Eyes will no longer be passing the Magical Flame eye. They will now simply pass themselves.  You still do need Magical Flame to create the glow eyes which will only come in randomly during the month of October.

The Great Cat War . . .


Trick or Treat Jaguar, Trick or Treat Leopard, and Trick or Treat Timber Wolf



You might have read the hype. We might have stirred your curiosity. We may have entertained you with our story. Whatever the reason is, we want to introduce you to our new Trick or Treat Jaguar, Trick or Treat Leopard, and Trick or Treat Timber Wolf. Keeping with the the tradition we started with our Trick or Treat Cougar back in 2013, we wanted to present to you something special this Halloween.

As our “Great Cat War” story unfolds, you can tell that our Trick or Treat animals are going to be battle tested. With our Trick or Treat C.E. Leopard and our Trick or Treat C.E. Jaguar, we are introducing new traits that you will be able to pull into your pride. Not only will you be able to pull the Jerakyl fur from our Trick or Treat C.E. Jaguar, but you can also pull the Skellah or Ghosse fur from this cat’s parents. As far as the Trick or Treat C.E. Leopard, you will be able to pull the Hydel fur from this cat as well as having a chance to pull the Migrawl and Terawr fur from the small leopard’s parents.


There’s quite a few amazing furs we’ve presented to you with these wonderful Trick or Treat animals. But, we didn’t stop there. We’re also introducing the Swollen ear from our Trick or Treat C.E. Jaguar, and the Bent Whisker from the Leopard.

Here’s a quick rundown of how and what will pass into your future breeds from these great new Trick or Treat animals. First thing is first though. You’ve seen us introduce new parental furs in the past. The Licorice fur from our Sanctuary Amur Tiger’s parents, the Bogor fur from our WK Birthday Tiger’s parents, each only passed this fur from the Collector’s Edition itself. Our new Trick or Treat animals will pass in that same way. You will only be able to pass the parental fur from the Trick or Treat Jaguar or Trick or Treat Leopard directly. If you don’t get the parental fur to pass into its litter, you’ll have to try again. If you didn’t get the parental fur to pass in the 10 litters your cat has, you’ll have to try again with a different Trick or Treat Leopard or Jaguar.

This is the importance of Exclusive Furs. You will only get these furs directly from the C.E. cats. Once you pass these furs from the C.E., it can be passed onto future lineages directly or through the parental lineage. For a listing of all the Exclusive Furs follow this link: .trick-or-treat-timber-2016

Now, for our Trick or Treat L.E. Timber Wolf, we’re changing things up a bit compared to our Trick or Treat cats. You will be able to pass an undiscovered fur from this Limited Edition wolf. It will have the Canagan fur and a “Whos, Got, Candy, Corn” Leg Set. This Leg Set will not pass or enter the trait matrix when bred with other wolves. This makes the Canagan Fur and Leg Set unique and collectible, for you collectors out there. There are some very nice traits included with our Trick or Treat Timber Wolf, though. It will have a Boo Fluffy EXLong Tail, Black Tongue, Chipped Tooth and Pointy Big Devil ears. Each of these are great traits to pull into your wolf pack.

We’re confident you’ll enjoy our new Trick or Treat Jaguar, Trick or Treat Leopard, and Trick or Treat Timber Wolf as much as we’ve enjoyed creating each of them and this back story. We look forward to bringing you more depth into the background of more great cats and wolves to come.


~Wild Kajaera




The Cat Story . . . . chapter 4

,.-~*’¨¯¨’*·~-.¸-(_ The Great _)-,.-~*’¨¯¨’*·~-.¸
,.-~*’¨¯¨’*·~-.¸-(_ Cat War _)-,.-~*’¨¯¨’*·~-.¸
,.-~*’¨¯¨’*·~-.¸-(_ Chapter 4 _)-,.-~*’¨¯¨’*·~-.¸

There’s a subconscious sensation a jaguar feels when it’s leg is clenched in the vice-like teeth of another animal. It’s not a feeling of pain or fear. It’s more an innate feeling of rage that pours out into every neuron of a jaguar’s body, fueling their thoughts and reactions to dig deeper into their well of wild fury, helping to unleash a blinding torrid of teeth and claws at the attacker.

To a lesser degree the same can be said when a leopard is backed into a corner, against it’s resting tree, caged. Whereas the jaguar may have brute force and power, the leopard is afforded with quickness and stamina. Each attack and counter erupts with the precision of a surgeon’s scalpel, fast and deadly. Often times, only resorting to a toe-to-toe battle if there is no other way out of a situation, the vice-like bite of a leopard is often only a distraction for the chaotic whirl of claws to quickly follow.

For the most part, although intensely powerful and cunning, the bulky Timber Wolf is a wild card. Each rip and tear felt on it’s hulking body often times goes unnoticed. Every contusion or wound inflicted on its body seems to numb its sense of physical feeling, only to fill that void with a sense of peace. Knowing that each attack on their body, opens the assailant up for another wolf to strike, and a different wolf to claw, and yet another member of the pack to bite.

Shielding the once resting leopards from the vengeful glare of Ghosse’s eyes, Bodolf shifted his body side to side, mirroring Ghosse’s furious pace back and forth. The stately Timber Wolf knew that he needed to put himself between the weakened leopards and this rage-filled attacker. “Let it go, Ghosse. Rest it off. Think about it. No one needs to get hurt more than what’s already happened.”

“Save it, Bodolf. Get out of my way, or you’ll be a part of the fight!” Ghosse’s voice was short and shrill, behind it you could sense a swelling primal anger.

Intensifying the situation even more, the once resting leopards started emulating Ghosse’s caged pace. Growling and gnashing their teeth as if preparing them, the leopards were wide awake, to say the least. The aches and pains, from the night before, seemed to vanish from their thoughts in an adrenaline-induced drunkenness. Even Hydel’s once terror-filled eyes seemed to flash a newfound sense of rage.

Having no clear opening to quickly pounce the leopards, Ghosse, impatient and impetuous, launched himself anyway. True to form, Bodolf intercepted the powerful cat once more. When the two tumbled to the ground, Migrawl and Terawr jumped into the altercation with Hydel quickly following. Between the dust, the mud, and the fur the riotous melee seemed to be an endless assault of teeth and claws.

Having witnessed her mate, outnumbered and ganged up on by the Timber Wolf and the leopard trio, Skellah added herself to the scrum with a thunderous roar. Not quite as impressive, but adding an eerie, haunting tone to the jaguar mother’s war cry, Jerakyl’s roar seemed to echo against the resting tree while the little jaguar flung himself into the fray.

“Here we go again. Next time, bring an extra WK Hour Glass of Moxie!”, Felan sighed as she bounded down from her WK Fallen Log and bolted toward the leopard’s resting tree. Once she arrived at the free-for-all, she quickly surveyed the confusing mass of twisted bodies, sorting out Bodolf’s position. She noticed the young leopard and jaguar had singled themselves clear from the adults. Their little claws, scratching and fighting each other, seemed to resemble play fighting more than anything meaning serious harm. Seizing an opportunity, she clenched her powerful muzzle on Migrawl’s tail, attempting to pull the feuding leopard out of the brawl. Within seconds, she was quickly sucked into the pandemonium.

Canagan, watching the whole scene unfurl, cautiously inched closer to the skirmish. The ferocity at which the grown wolves and cats attacked each other seared a frightful image into the back of the little Timber Wolf’s mind. Noticing that the young leopard and jaguar were emulating the parent’s actions, the little wolf rushed towards the cats to try to separate them. “Little ones shouldn’t be fighting!” the little wolf cried, As a result of the little wolf’s bravery, it received nicks and inadvertent scratches, collateral damage for trying to help.

With a sharp, “Yelp!”, Canagan was knocked backwards against a large WK Hollow Log close to the water’s edge. Then, as if snapped back to reality from a dreamy nightmare, the little wolf looked around and noticed something peeking out from the weeds next to the log. With a gleeful shout, “My Toy I found you I will love you and hug you and carry you with me!”

All the fear, terror, and anxiety that the little wolf was feeling at that moment was completely washed away at the sight of that WK Stuffy Pig. Quickly overtaken with pure bliss, Canagan pounced the overstuffed toy. The squeaking sound of the pig getting pawed at and bit into added a light-hearted overtone to the war that was still waging a few feet away.

The WK Stuffy Pig’s playful squeaks seemed to grow louder and louder until every jaguar, leopard, and wolf stopped mid-battle. With dumbfounded looks on each face, the combatants watched as the scratched, battered little Timber Wolf playfully attacked the loud toy. As if a light switch had been flicked, the heavy, foreboding tone of the melee instantaneously shifted to a light-hearted almost comical jaunt. Witnessing the pure power of play, it only took one attacker’s muffled chuckle to ignite a wildfire of contagious laughter between the warring factions.

It was in that moment that an unspoken cease fire ended this battle in The Great Cat War. The universal wisdom of laughter and play, often times afforded by only the young or the ‘crazy’, trumped that of power, anger, and pride in the world of Wild Kajaera.

The Cat Story . . . . chapter 3

,.-~*’¨¯¨’*·~-.¸-(_ The Great _)-,.-~*’¨¯¨’*·~-.¸
,.-~*’¨¯¨’*·~-.¸-(_ Cat War _)-,.-~*’¨¯¨’*·~-.¸
,.-~*’¨¯¨’*·~-.¸-(_ Chapter 3 _)-,.-~*’¨¯¨’*·~-.¸

“Mom. Do you think the cubs will be by the river today? Mom. Did you see the WK Flutter Bugs by the sun rock? Mom. Have you seen, Fluffy, my WK Stuffy Pig? Mom! Mom! Mom!…”

Taking a deep breath and collecting her thoughts before replying to her little pup’s incessant questioning, Felan, Bodolf’s life mate, answered her young one. “I love how inquisitive you are, Canagan. Many of the questions you ask can be answered by just observing and KEEPING QUIET!” With patience at it’s limit, the new mother pawed at a WK Hour Glass of Moxie to tip it over and immediately lapped it up giving her that extra jolt of energy to wake up in the morning.

The sound of dense forest undergrowth being pushed aside could be heard adjacent to the wolves den. When Felan looked up to inspect the noise, she saw Bodolf standing in the clearing. “Those cats were at it again last night,” he huffed with his nose to the ground checking scents. “I just overheard the new Lynx neighbors talking about it. The story seems to be all over the forest by now. I’m going to go check to see what happened.”

With a nod of approval, Felan knocked over another WK Hour Glass of Moxie, drinking it before it soaked into the ground. Enjoying the effects, as energy spread throughout her body, she bellowed her morning howl and gave a good stretch to start the day. Suddenly, a flash of caution crossed her mind. There was silence. There was never silence. What’s with the silence?

Looking across to where Bodolf had cleared the forest undergrowth, she saw just enough of Canagan’s tail, disappearing through the bushes, to realize that the pup ran off to follow Bodolf again. Knowing how bad last night’s storm was, she didn’t want her pup doing anything to ruin that perfectly clean fur, so she reluctantly gave chase. “Good grief! That pup’s gonna drive me to drinking!”, she thought to herself.

Felan picked up Bodolf and Canagan’s scent and followed it to the clearing next to the pond by the stream. The faint scent of jaguar and leopard could be detected by the banks of the water when she arrived. She followed their markings to the other side of the pond where she stopped for a moment to survey her surroundings. Something didn’t seem right. Twitching her ears in every direction, she discovered a fresh set of cat scents and followed them.

Tracking the new scents, she looked up. A few yards in front of her, Felan saw a large mother jaguar crouching in the weeds with her young cub beside her. Close by, a large WK Fallen Log caught her attention, so she stood on top of it to get a better view of her surroundings. Instantly, something else caught her eye. Off in the distance, she watched weeds slowly being pushed aside, adjacent to where the crouched jaguars were huddled. Her eyes widened when she saw the tell-tale markings of Canagan’s tail sticking up in the weeds, barely visible in the dense growth. To add even more confusion, peering further towards the trees in the distance, she witnessed two dark masses quickly converging close to three sleeping Leopards followed by a resonating thud.

The forest became abruptly silent once Felan heard the thud. The noise roused the sleeping leopards and caused the crouching jaguars to pop their heads up. Immediately, turning her attention to where Canagan’s tail was, the worried mother saw just enough of his tail to watch it lower in the weeds.

Felan rolled her eyes and whispered, under her breath, an exasperated sigh, “Good grief! Two of the WK Hour Glass of Moxie bottles wasn’t enough for this!”
<Stay Tuned>

OOAK Winners

We would like to say congratulations to the winners of the OOAKs.  We know that they have wonderful new homes.

Devin and gray wolf.png

Devin aka Goldenheart with the winning bid of 70,001 Ls


oeNNeo with the winning bid of 700,005L’s 

The organization MFS is very grateful to all that have contributed through the purchase of these OOAKs as well as all the CE Cougars and the LE Dire Wolfs  they have been amazed at the generosity of what one breeding community can do. You should all be very proud of yourselves.   We our honored to have such a wonderful group of breeders. Thank you each and everyone of you.