A mystery to unfurl….

Attention: Jaguar Breeders (specifically those that are breeding the US Jaguars).

NEW FURS are coming in to the Breed.

Did you say new furs? (am I reading that right)  Yes, we said NEW US JAGUAR FURS.

We have listened to the breeders and have looked at how to introduce these furs to help the 2nd Market in the best way. We also want it to be a bit fun.  At this time of years Hunts start up and we thought what better then to have a mystery to unfurl for finding the furs.  We will make it easy starting with only one fur.  If you have the fur in the hint below.

Hint: (on what fur will bring in the new fur)

Little Jaguar Horner sat in a corner eating a ‘holiday pie’, he opened his eyes at such a ‘surprise’ and decided to give it a try.

His search went awry so off he did fly, to the markets to find this good ‘pie’

Update in Big Cats

Big Cat update to 2.5.7 for all cats and sacks.  This is the version that will introduce the the LPO feature.

The LPO Low Prim Options –

Is accessed under the option features of the animals Menu.

When converting to LPO the animal will create a second box. That box rezz’s out where the animal is. This makes the animal send out a re initialize message and you may get a cloning one as well. By the time you see the word Done you should now have a lower prim version of the animal and the full prim version has gone away.

Trouble shooting –
If both versions stay?
Right click and delete from the sl menu the full prim version.

If the second box does not appear?
Check your prim count you may not have enough prims to do the co conversion.

A Low Prim Version will not move out of the box it will peak out from time and maybe take a look around.

You have a full breeders menu meaning you can couple and uncouple as you wish.
It will drop its sacks if it is a female right out side her box.

How to get it out of Low Prim?
To get it out of Low Prim you will need to webMOOG it via your portal http://portal.wildkajaera.com/Login.php

For Log in information if you forgot it or need it for the first time visit any WK Store and click the registration for the Portal sign it will both register you and remind you.

Can I sell my animal in Low Prim Mode? Yes

In addition to LPO this version has a button Classified which will allow you to add or remove a classified ad from the WK Classified page. You can find this also under options.


New Scale added to Hybrids

We have added the chance of getting a new scale to the Hybrids and their direct offsprings.  The new scale is Gentle Giant and will fall between the Extreme and the XLG. This will be an exclusive trait to the Hybrids and their direct offspring. Once the trait is achieved it may pass to others.

This will effect all current Hybrids as well as new Hybrids. No Update is needed this is a server side adjustment.

LPO’s meet the Cats

With the upcoming release of the Lynx and the need to update the other cats we thought what better time to release the LPO’s.  Whats an LPO your wondering…..  LPO is a Low Prim Option that can remove unused prime from your breeder cats. Whats a Breeder Cat? A breeder cat is the cat that sits still or as still as they can while they wait for the babies to come.

The LPO does not effect the cat in any way and if MOOGed the animal will come back as a fully prim version with all its motion capabilities.

How many prim will an LPO be?  14 for all but the lion the lion will be 15.

How soon can we put an cat on LPO?  As soon as you birth them they can be converted. They will not start the one little animation that they have however until they are 1 day of age.