Wolf Update 2.3.1

Wolf Update to 2.3.1 fixes a few things in the wolves that you have been reporting.

First up is the sound off in babies 0 to 1 day old.

The large sack issue that appeared in 2.2.7.  We did release a 2.2.7c and unfortunately the Updater is having a hard time detecting this version.  If you do have the 2.2.7c as your animals you will have to MOOG the animals instead of using the updater.

The reporting aging issue in the Low Prim version is also been fixed.

The Updater will work with versions other then 2.2.7c


Coal Dust

The one request we keep getting from breeders is to find a way to make more of an ultra rare fur that is slower to come in and we keep looking for ways to do this. We have tried doing this through Exclusive Furs but these apparently are not rare enough.


Introducing the Amur Tigers first Ultra Rare Fur!! You may have heard the whispers that there is a new fur floating around called Coal Dust.  This fur was first found about two months ago. Its numbers are still very low and we are watching the pace in which they have been coming in.  They have a extremely slim chance of periodically coming in randomly at level 45, as well as ancestrally from the bottom rows.

Its the Year of the Rooster

In keeping the Chinese New Year Eyes going today the actual day of the Chinese New Year the eye “Rooster Year 2017” will have a chance of birthing in.  This will be a one day chance of getting the eye in Big Cats.

These eyes started with “Horse Year 2014” followed by “Sheep Year 2015” and “Monkey Year 2016”

Enjoy these rare eyes they will continue to birth in till tomorrow morning.happy-ch-new-year-2017

You asked we listen

Added to the Cat Chat feature in WK Big Cats. We have now added a user default setting for Cat Chat on your Big Cats Dashboard under the  Account tab.

Please take a moment to check your BC Dashboard Account tab and make sure this new feature is set for your preference.
This new Chat setting will affect any WK Big Cat you buy, is transferred to you or born through genetics. It will not affect the Chat setting on any existing Cats.

If Chat is checked it’s On and messages will be whispered in local chat.
If Chat is NOT checked Off then no messages are displayed in local chat.

Big Cat Update 2.7.2

Big Cat Update 2.7.2 gives you the option to turn off the recently released Cat Chat when you touch them on their heads, ears and tail.

Cat Chat was released with out giving you the information on how to get the menu. In order to get the menu when the cat chat is on touch the back, legs or base of the cat. If you like to get any of the random messages from the cat simply touch its face or ears or tail.

As this is a feature update and not a critical update it is not necessary to update unless you want to partake in the new feature.

Cat Hang Out Tree –

We have been fielding a lot of questions about the climb tree button that is in the cats menu under interacts.  This button works with the Cat Hang Out Tree or the Oak tree designed for us by Lilith Heart of Heart and Heart Landscaping.  This will send the cat up the tree and the tree comes in 3 colors spring winter and autumn each sold separately.

In case you missed it the Cat Hang Out Tree has had a update too.  If you edit your tree and do not see a “Cat Hangout – main 1.6” and a “Cat Hangout – timer 1.6” in the content tab ask in the WK Wild Kajaera Support Group and any one of the CSRs can get you a updated set of the new scripts to replace the older script/s.  DO NOT SEND THE TREE to US we will send you the scripts. The group join is secondlife:///app/group/a754e686-96df-567a-660d-a37c01d7b862/about.  If you need further assistance and can’t join the group contact Kassidy Jameson our lead CSR.

Coming up

Coming up on New Years Eve we will drop in randomly the following eyes.

First up is the Lunar Moon Eye for the wolves will start mid day on the 31s and un thru to the morning of the 2nd of January.


Up second is the reworked Party Time Eye for the Big Cats.  This Eye will also start mid day on the 31st and run through to the morning of the 2nd.


For this of you wondering about the Rooster he is on hold and may decide to come out for the Chinese New Year but then again he may not. Time will tell. For now good luck and enjoy the time.