Ground Hog Day

Happy Ground Hog Day to everyone. As tradition the Phil the Ground Hog saw his shadow this morning, which means we can expect 6 more weeks of winter. To celebrate this we came out with a Ferret Strain GroundHog.

These will be out for a limited time, also introduce some new ears for the Ferrets.

Available at the WK Region.

WK Turns 10!!!

Let’s party like its 1999!!!!

6-8 PM SLT

Saturday 28th of January


We will; dance like no one is watching, sing like we are in the shower, and TRY to answer the trivia questions.
WHEN you are the first to answer it correctly, you get to spin the wheel and get a gift!
JOIN the WK crew and let’s blow out the balloons, and pop the candles!

To commemorate this wonderful occasion we have a beautiful Tiger for you to add to your collection.

As always all traits pass the fur will pass with a new nose but other than that you can add these traits to your breeding line.

Stop by the WK Region and pick yours up today!!

WK Christmas Wolves

These wolves introduce the color strain of BlueBrown and what a pretty fur set it is. The 6 wolves will pass version of the fur without the sweater.

The Leg Word Set to go along with this strain is the Itsy Bitsy Spider Poem.

They introduce 6 new eye colors to the wolves.

Lots of fun to discover with these adorable pups big and small a like.

Can be found at the WK Toy Center

Happy Halloween

Happy Halloween to you all. Its been a great month so far with lots of wonderful comments from people about the Halloween Tiger. It has been part of the SL Shop N Hop event which will be wrapping up here in the next few days. If you have not made it over to the event you can now find it on the WK Main region see the link under the image.

As always have a wonderful holiday and stay safe.

Halloween garden area. The Halloween Tiger and Toys can be found here.

WK Halloween Horse

This horse is a night at the Opera that introduces a new strain called Phantom. This Limited Edition horse is special in the fact that it releases a whole new set of AB combinations for you to work on. We hope you enjoy the breeding experience.

This horse will be available till the 5 of November. Available at the WK Toy Center.