WK Food and Boosters


Wild Kajaera Food and Boosters Guide


By now, we are sure you can see how advanced our Wild Kajaera Big Cats, Wild Dogs and Little Varmints are. There’s quite a bit of information to learn about them. We’re confident that you’ll become a master in no time and will be breezing through the menus before you know it. In this part of our Definitive Guide to Wild Kajaera, we’re going to go into depth with how to use our food and boosters. You can purchase all food items for your Big Cat or Wild Dogs from our food vendors at our sim locations

As you know, our cats and wolves will eat twice a day, often times early to mid morning and later afternoons to evenings. The different feeding times are related to the animal’s other stats. Each stat (Hunger, Happy, and Heat) is calculated at separate times. The stats will increase after each one of the other stats is effected.

When you purchase a crate from the vendors at our locations, you will also receive Pet Food for your animal. When you drag and drop that item onto your land, it will begin initializing. Once it’s finished, it directs you to click it. When you do, the menu will pop up. Here’s a quick overview of what each button on the menu means.

Delete – This button will completely delete this food container. It will no longer be available if you use this option. So, use it wisely.

Refresh – If you move your food container around after setting it down. It is wise to click this button. It will reestablish communication with our servers, to keep communication current.

Help – Clicking this button will send you a Help Notecard to assist you with any issues.

Permiss. On/Off – When you want to purchase additional food for your animals, you first must grant the food container permission to withdraw Lindens from your account. This is a double check, to ensure that you intended to set the food container to allow this option.

Owner / Group / All – Clicking this button will toggle allowing Owner, Group, or All avatars the option to purchase food for the food container.

Purchase – Once you’ve given the food container permission to deduct Lindens from your account, to purchase food. Click this button to buy more food. After you hit the Purchase button, right click on the container, and select “Pay”. A menu will pop up asking the amount you wish to pay.

Exit – Takes you out of the menu.

Text Off / On – You can toggle between showing the food container’s hovertext above it with this button.

Warn Off / on – You can toggle between receiving warning messages when the food container starts to run low with this button. To receive the warning messages, the container needs to be rezzed in-world.

As a back up plan, we have also made it available for you to feed anyone’s Big Cats, Wild Dogs or Little Varmints. If you know a friend is having difficulties feeding their animals, or if they’ve been away from Second Life for an unexpected amount of time, you can help keep their cats and wolves from becoming hungry. Just visit our sim and look for the “Refilling Big Cat (or Wild Dog or Little Varmints) – Food Items” kiosk close to the food vendors 􀀀

When you touch the refill vendor, a drop menu will appear at the top of your screen. In that window, enter the UUID Key of the avatar you want to refill a dish for. You can locate the your friend’s Avatar UUID Key below the name in their profile.

Once you’ve input your friend’s UUID Key in the space indicated, the next menu will pop up asking you which dish to choose. It makes no difference which dish you chose to fill (Breeding Food/Kibble, Pet Food/Kibble, Catnip/Happy, etc.). The type of food you chose DOES matter. For example: You can’t fill a Breeding Food dish with Pet Food. You can fill a seasonal food dish with the type of food it was intended for. The Big Cats, Wild Dogs and Little Varmint eat from the server side, so any dish will feed them as long as it’s the food they’re set to eat.

After selecting the type of food to fill, right click the vendor kiosk and choose the amount you want to pay. If you need to see how many portions each amount will add to your friend’s food supply, look to the food vendors next to this kiosk. This is the only way to feed someone else’s animal. Buying a new dish from the regular food vendor will not feed your friend’s animal.


Boosters and Potions:

For those breeders, who want that extra push to quicken the breeding process, you also have the option to purchase Boosters and Potions from our WK vendors at our sim locations

Each item will help you manipulate your big cat/wild dog/little varmint breeding to the fullest potential. Listed below are each of the WK Boosters and Potions we offer and how you can utilize them for your needs:

1. Rez the item near the cat or wolf you want to use it on.

2. Touch the rezzed booster and look in open chat for the instructions.

[Please Note] You can only have one Booster or Potion rezzed at one time. Wait for the Booster or Potion to register in the cat’s stats before you try to rez or use another one.


List of WK Boosters and Potions and what they do:

1. Snack Bowl – This item resembles the other food items. It will take 10 points of hunger from your animal. You can give your animal as many Snack Bowls a day as you wish to bring hunger down.

2. Elixir of Happy – This blue bottle will boost your animal 10 Happy points. You can give them as many a day as you wish.

3. Jar of Love Potion – This pink bottle will boost your animal’s Heat 10 points. You can only use two potions a day.

4. Healing Cream Bowl / Healing Biscuit – Heals a sick animal, bringing its hunger down to 80 points. After using the Healing Cream Bowl / Healing Biscuit, your animal will eat double the amount of food as usual until their Hunger reaches 0.

5. Pregnancy Vitamin – Increases pregnancy by 10 points. You can only use these boosters from a Pregnancy point value of 10, up until your animal’s Pregnancy is at 90 points. You can give your animal two Pregnancy Vitamins per day. (see C-Section Blanket).

6. C-Section Blanket – This item will cause your animal to deliver its litter. It can only be used when Pregnancy is at 90 or 95 points. If your animal is already in the process of delivering its litter, you won’t be able to use the C-Section Blanket. You will see a message in open chat indicating the process and directing you to wait.

7. Bottle of Oopsie – This item will take away an unwanted pregnancy. Your animal will not lose a litter if you use this item.

8. Forever Pet – The Forever Pet potion will turn your pet into a full blown pet. It will no longer need food or Catnip / Happy Bowl. Your animal will not be able to breed anymore. This item is valuable for animals that are bred out, or for animals you want to keep forever with minimal maintenance. When your animal has had the Forever Pet Potion used on it, it will change the “Food Type” in the Animal menu of the Portal Page Dashboard to F.P.

9. Hour Glass of Moxie – This booster will increase Moxie by 5 points. You can use as many Hour Glass of Moxie as you wish to boost your animal’s stat.