WK Manual Funny Friends

You may already know how the WK Animals recognize their owners and others. Or noticed how the dads sit with the moms when they deliver their cubs. Also how some of the other animals will come to visit the new cub after birth. BUT now they have buddies, who play with them- that also breed.

Thats right, breed-able animals that interact with these already amazing big cats.

Lets give you a quick overview:

~ They will be recognized and will recognize the WK Animals, as a toy for the animals to chase. The birds/chimps/crabs/rabbits also tease the animals.
~ The parent couple or offspring are not transferable and cannot be sold.
~ The birds are sold in a coupled pair. No need to couple them.
~ The parent cannot be uncoupled. They do not die.
~ Only the parents breed.
~ The parent do not have an end date, are not transferable, or sell-able.
~ At age 3 you can turn food on if you choose to breed them.
~ If you decide later not to breed, turn food off.
~ If you choose for them to breed, simply buy food for them, (turn food on in the menu). They will give babies that the animals can chase. When the animals catch the offspring give the owner of that buddy sanctuary points!!!
~ The baby buddy will birth automatically and start their 30 day life span clock.
~ The buddy animals and eggs are moog-able if lost.
~ Like the animals, they eat from the server side so as long as you own food they will eat it. If you run out of food, the pregnant parent will just stop advancing, Buy food and it begins pregnancy count down again.
~ The baby buddy (born from the parent) moves around for 30 days if motion is on, teasing the animals, taunting them to catch them. If not caught they simply go away.
~ The sanctuary points are accrued by age, when the buddy is young and fast, the sanctuary points are higher than when the buddy is old and slow.
~ If someone else’s animals catches the buddy, the sanctuary points still go to the owner of the buddy animal.
~ Your sanctuary page for the flying friends will show which animal caught a buddy and the points given.