We at WK get asked the question “what should I price this for?” a lot.
WK doesn’t want to be the pricing police, however we have given some guidelines in the past and I will expand on this now.
Our crate animals sell for 1,500 L and in bulk for as low as 1,000 L. This crate animal has parents and grand parents, so it does start out with basic genetics.
Your animals have been a project that could have taken months to produce the results you wanted. This project took time, concentration, and food. Isn’t your time worth something? So let’s say we start with the basic crate animal price of 1,000 or 1,500 does the sack or live you are selling have more traits than a classic crate animal, do it’s parent have even more traits they will bring to the array when that animal is bred? If you price it 1,000 and 500 for traits it should be a decent price. The rarity calculator also can assist you in pricing above the crate animal starting price.
Auctions are a wonderful way to sell your animals, however you have some homework there. First you read the ones on the auction page to see what requirments or restrictions they have, so you know you’re choosing the right place to offer your animal. It never hurts to attend an auction at the house you think you want to sell at, to find out what kind of animals do sell there and what the climate of the auction and its patrons is. There are different houses for different types of animals. When I sold I knew which house to take my breedable to if it was middle of the road or which to go to if it was a high end or even low end. All will sell if you get the right time of the month and the right auction house.
A note to attitude: When you work and live in a community you always need to have on your best face/personality so to speak. You don’t leave your home in the same clothes you wore to do the lawn work or paint the garage. What does this mean? When you are in the general public, parties, auctions, group chats, markets or clubs, you are talking to and around people who could be your potential customers. If they don’t like you, they won’t buy from you. If you say negative things about the product you are trying to sell you are not only ruining your own business but the business of others, as people hear you in public, even if you are talking to one person. So gripping in the group instead of grabbing a CSR is detrimental to everyone in this community.
~Think, use back space, ask for help, or clarification.
Pricing is always fluctating as things become less rare or as money gets tight at the end of the month. Adjust your plan, think ahead, and remember there is no wrong or right way, what works for you may not work for everyone try to remember that and have some fun with it.