WK Wild Kajaera has 3 groups you may want to join.

The *WK Wild Kajaera* Group – This isthe group you want to get help with your WK Animals

The charter for the support group.

This is the official WK Wild Kajaera Support Help group. THE place for the latest information about WK Products and Support.
WK has NO ticket system. CSRs are on duty 6 AM – 10:30 PM SLT everyday to personally assist our customers.

Community Group Rules:
Do use this group for WK Support
Do ask questions and help each other learn
Do be nice to one another
Do laugh a lot

Don’t argue in group chat
Don’t advertise or solicit

The <>WK Wild Kajaera Brag & Chat<> Group – This is the community group to make friends in and to share your love of WK.

The charter for the brag and chat group.

This group is a friendly community group. CSRs and Owners may drop in for a chat.
Show off your babies. Chat about breeding share tips.
We ask that you don’t slam others, or markets, or negatively impose your views on others.
DO have a good time talking about your terrific animals.

The *WK Wild Kajaera Auctions* Group – This is the sales group both auctions and individual sellers are welcome to post here. As a CSR for posting rights.

The charter for the auctions group .

ADs for WK Wild Kajaera Animals ONLY NO prices under 1K posted
Individual WK Animals or WK Auction times are allowed
ASK CSR for RIGHTS – Spam other animals and LOSE YOUR Rights
1 AD per every 4 hours, per person Only 2 ADs per day for the same event
NO Rude ADs, No Rude comments, play nice
If you have issues with someone and how they advertise, please contact them.
We reserve the right to say who can and cannot advertise in this group.
DO NOT send NOTES to members