News – Updates/Releases

November 28,2017

This update is packed with a few fixes to training that would cause the Mustangs to set back to 1.24 Skill Time.  It has Hud Coding for use of the Hud which is a free group gift. There are saddle adjustments in this release as well.

Please update both Sacks and Live animals to the current version of 1.2.0.

There are Updaters available at the Wild Mustang Store location on WKU for 1L or simply MOOG them.

There are 3 saddles out for sale 2 Western and 1 Blanket.

Stop by the store to take a look.

October 15,2017

Mustangs release.

February 21,2017 

Wolf Update to 2.3.1 fixes a few things in the wolves that you have been reporting.

First up is the sound off in babies 0 to 1 day old.

The large sack issue that appeared in 2.2.7.  We did release a 2.2.7c and unfortunately the Updater is having a hard time detecting this version.  If you do have the 2.2.7c as your animals you will have to MOOG the animals instead of using the updater.

The reporting aging issue in the Low Prim version is also been fixed.

The Updater will work with versions other then 2.2.7c

January 21,2017

Cat Update to version 2.7.2 releases the fix to cat chat off to keep this as a stored setting.

January 15, 2017

Cat update to version 2.7.0 releases the cat chat speech when you click on a cats head ear or tail.  To get the menu you click on the cats back, legs or base. This release also fixes minor memory problems.

November 20, 2016

Web Page update to new grid final fixes in place.  Pregnancy page now shows the mate as it should.

November 14, 2016

Part 2

Web Grid Update – This update is server side and is required by our server company.  There are changes to the color scheme not all previous were still available.

Cat Genetic Update – This makes all hybrid combinations a possibility.

 Part 1

This update is the first part of a two part update. The in world animals that are 2.6.8 are ready for the new Hybrids.  New hybrids are going to be added to the genetic combination.

We will have more on the New Hybrid combinations but for now can let you know the combinations.

Jagon –
Lion Female and Dad is a Jaguar
Laguar –
Jaguar Female and Lion Dad
Leonx –
Lynx Female and Leopard Male
Lypard –
Leopard Female and Lynx Male
Cougar Female and Tiger Male
Tigger –
Tiger Female and Cougar Male
The server side of the update will be done shortly.

November 12, 2016

Wild Dog Update to 2.2.7 Fixes reported issues with the ride and the cave. Introduces new toys.

August 5, 2016

Update for Big Cats to version 2.5.71 this update adds the classified feature to the sacks. Makes the LPO sit up and look around more and fixed some communication issues.

July 26, 2016

Lynx Release and Big Cat update to version 2.5.7

Version includes the LPO and Classified in live animals.

July 14, 2016 about

Hybrids get new scale transferred if in the bottom row.

Hybrids get new eyes triggered by a parent to be being a Uber Cat.

June 27,2016

Update to in world stats.

After the last stat update the request was made to add the trait points to the end. It is now done and you will see this numbers at the end of each trait.

Change to matching Ear and Eye traits, they are now independently counted.

June 12, 2016

Wild Dog (Wolf) Update to 2.0.0

This update fixes Fluffy Tails.

This is for all Wolf Species with Fluffy Tails. If you have wolves with fluffy tails you will want to update them to show the correct look.