Quick Facts ~ WK Big Cats

Species can have more than one breed.

Breeds have specific furs, those furs can not cross breeds or species.

Breeds will not come in randomly must be a parent to be or its parent to pass.

Levels and Furs are tied to Breed – They cannot cross breeds or species.

Level and Fur Jumping – is within Breeds only.  A parent to be or its parent must be the breed and the level in which you are going for.

Furs – Can move to any level. Are randomly introduced to a parent to be at a level or within one +/- of a level.

Fur Names – come with two parts the first part is the color of the body fur ~ the second part is the color of the nose.

Limited Edition –  Fur traits are the only ones that do not pass. They take on the level of 5 regardless of parents.

Collection Edition – Furs will pass with a different nose.

Collector/Limited Edition Traits – Have traits you can only get from these animals.  They maintain a rarer trait value as they will not come in via the random pool.

Uber Cats Level Math –  Mom’s level + Dad’s level / 2 + 1 = Uber cat level.

Ancestry Pages –  show the 6 animals that went into making up the ID of the animal that was entered plus the random pool.

Multiple Births – Are completely random.

Trivia Fact Test –

Can you get a level 24 US Jaguar from breeding a level 20 US Jaguar with a Level 23 Brazilian? No

Can you breed a Leopard and a Tiger and get a Hybrid?

How many points are Levels worth?

If breeding a pure Amur Tiger with a pure Sumatran Tiger will you ever get a Bengal Tiger? No

If I breed an Uber Cat with another cat will it increase my chances of getting an Uber Cat? No

How old is too old to breed? As long as the litter count is under 10 they can still breed.

Will a twins or triplets produce more twins and triplets? No

Can you uncouple a pregnant pair of cats? No

Do clones eat?   No

Does WK have 24-hour support? Yes