Support Group

*WK Wild Kajaera*  is the official support group in sl.


Most of your questions can be answered in this group.  We do have staff on 24 hours of the days most days.

Some of the most frequently asked questions are;

What is MOOG?  MOOG is our retrial system it stands for Magical orb of goodness. You can read more about it here

How to change an animal once you Low Prim it? You will need to MOOG it to get it back to a full prim version.

Can we animals share food?  Animals can share food but owners can not. Simply means each owner needs their own set of food items. Food is server side and can feed your animals anywhere on the sl grid.

If you still need assistance and can’t find the information here on the blog feel free to IM the group and request assistance a Customer Service Rep or CSR will be in touch.  Your wait time should be no longer then 3 minutes.

Please refrain from selling in the support group we do have a auction of ad group to do your selling. You can join that one here secondlife:///app/group/a98a6c83-6525-deed-08ad-9226f2e6e6bc/about  its called *WK Wild Kajaera Auctions*.

If you like to show off your animals and chat with other breeders please join our <>WK Wild Kajaera Brag & Chat<> group secondlife:///app/group/29ff9bfa-a24f-4ba3-682d-60755b99d2e9/about.

Many would like our advise on if an animal is good or bad and we have to be honest we love each and every one of the animals you show us.  It is only a personal opinion of course.  How to sell and what to sell or what to breed is really a PERSONAL opinion.

Most of all we encourage you to have fun with it.  The market is constantly changing with new people coming in and others going out. This is SL and we do go through cycles the animals may go for a higher price one month and lower the next it does not mean they are now bad it just means that something else has changed. With any market it is best to not panic with these changes.