The results are in…..

The Wild Dog Fair is coming to a close and the judging has concluded. It was an amazing event and we had some wonderful Wild Dogs on display. The results are as follows. Thank you all to who participated.

Overal Trait Category  

In 1st place with 64 Traits

Leia (LoreleiLynn Easterwood)  ID ~ 226079

Pσσρieℳarie Pιχєℓѕ (BabyPoopie Resident) ID ~ 226173

In 2nd place with 60 Traits 

BB2point0 Resident  ID ~ 231449

In 3rd Place with 59 Traits 

Senti (Sentinel Wunderlich) ID ~ 219424

Overal Trait Category with a complete Leg Set

In 1st place with 56 Traits 

Kyle24680 Resident ID ~ 226334

In 2nd place, with 55 Traits

BlueIceWaya Xeltentat ID ~ 225709

In 3rd place with 54 Traits 

Fhederica Resident ID ~ 234184

Eye and Ears Category 

In 1st place. we have a tie with 30 Traits points each 

Princess Tiaret ID ~ 171190

Kugal Resident ID ~ 229542

In 2nd Place,  29 Traits

AutumArchangel Resident ID ~ 221021

In 3rd place, with 26 points

Tenshi Dinzel ID ~ 224138

Zeva Firecaster ID ~ 234239

Rayven Avalira ID ~ 233763

Halomoon Fairey ID ~ 234275

Tails and Teeth Category 

In 1st place, we have a tie with 18 trait points 

Tok Renilo ID ~ 221818

goldenhart Resident ID ~161449

Chatte Ocello ID ~ 232785

In 2nd place, we have a tie with 17 trait points

Poison Tigerfish ID ~ 230441

In 3rd place, with 16 traits 

Shelbi Charman

ID ~ 223152