Wild Mustang

The Wild Mustangs have been let loose on the grid.  We are pleased to not only bring you another wonderful Breedable animal but another animal with very lifelike animation and behavior.

In addition to the standard foods of WK Hay (Pet Food), WK Oats ( Breeding Food) and WK Salt (Happy Food) we are introducing a set of Training Treats.  Training Treats are purely optional and have no effect on the horse breeding.  Training Treats are used to gain your mustangs trust.  You may have noticed that the personality is listed in your animal’s stats this can be an indication of how easy the horse may be able to train. Don’t worry however all mustangs are trainable. If you look up your animals setting you will see the break down of the mustangs personality.  Confidence, Curiosity, Temperament, and Willingness.  You know your completed the trust building section when your confidence has reached 9.  The curiosity will gain after each treat eaten making them more interested in taking the next treat.  Willingness and Confidence raise with each successful treat though they can only eat 4 treats a day as they would get a tummy ache otherwise.

There are so many wonderful coats/furs for you to find there are several ways to unlock new furs. Will get to this in class and in another post.  In the crates, you will find 5 of the color strains, PalominoGray, Paint, Bay, CreamSpirit and Chestnut.  The Eyes that came out with the crated Mustangs are GreenApple, Brown, and PurpleFusion.  There are many more traits to list but you will want to stop by and check them out for yourself.

Class will be held on Saturday at 11 stop by for more information. http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/WK%20Wild%20Kajaera/222/44/3503