Mustang FAQ

How long does it take for a mare to breed and give birth who is just set to breeding food?

If breeding is set at age 3 Happy will reach 60 by age 6 and heat will rise within 5 days from then. If Happy is maintained at 100 the heat rise from then will be 5 days. Once pregnant the pregnancy will last 5 days unless boosters are used.

Booster – Pregnancy Vitamins 2 per day 10 points per Vitamins.

Booster – C SectionBedding Can be used when pregnancy reaches 90 or 95.

Does the breeding pair need to have the motion on while breeding?

No – Motion does not have any effect the Mustangs pregnancy.

Is the breeding pair capable of being ridden assuming they have had the appropriate training?

Yes – Riding is a good form of exercise and will not affect the outcome of the baby.

Does it matter what age the horse is to breed?

There is no age restriction on Mustangs except the need to be older than 3.

How does one put a newborn horse into MOOG inventory?

As soon as a Mustang is made it is in MOOG.  You are free to delete the sack in world and MOOG a fresh one when you like to birth it.

Is it possible for two level 3 horses, for example, to give birth to a foal with a higher level such as level 6 or 7?

Level follows the strain.  Typically if you have two 3’s breeding together you can get 1 level up, down or the same. If you get a strain that is different then the parents and flows an ancestor it will go off that level.

If the oats and salt are rezzed on the parcel, does the breeder horse need to be within its set range or is the breeding food good wherever it is placed on the land?

Food items are grid wide and do not need to be rezzed as we track and feed the Mustangs from the server side of the system.

Does the newborn foal, if allowed to birth from the sack, automatically set to hay?

Baby animals are looking for hay when born and need to be switched to breeding food when they come of age.

Will the foal eat from it regardless of where it is located on the parcel?

Food is fed from the server as long as you have food in your WK inventory of the right type the food units do not need to be near the animal.  The food is taken from the lowest portion food unit first.

Does the newborn foal need to be near the parents or can they just mingle on the range with the other Mustangs?

The foal if close to the mother will interact with her but does not need to be near her.

After a mustang is bred 10 times, can they still be kept as riding horses or are they required to go to heaven?

Mustangs can be kept for as long as you want them regardless of age or breedings. They do require food until you forever pet them.