WK Wild Mustangs

Wild Mustangs –

Horse coming soon-Rearing

Wild Mustangs are a very special kind of horse, they are thought to roam the American West as free spirits.  This may or may not be true today in real life but for us here in Second Life we hope to bring these spirited animals to a SIM near you soon.

Horse coming soon

Our Mustangs are currently in the the Alpha stage of testing.  You can see the progress we are making in the corral area at WKU.  Those that have stopped by to visit with us during this phase have commented the WK Mustangs with their animations are the most lifelike they have seen on the grid.


Our goal is to take these life-like animations and add to it how you interact with them.

Taking the training part of what we learned with the wolves, we are starting to work on how one will train them.  These horses are descendants of wild mustangs so of course you will need to be gentle with them before you can ride them. More to come on this as it develops.Horse coming soon3

The WK Wild Mustangs will act and function similarly to that of the other WK animals, meaning they eat twice a day, cost of food and crates will be the same.

The genetics of the mustang is a blending of what we have done with the Cats and the Ferrets.

Starting with the Ferrets we will be going back in the history so grandparents will pass forward.  The use of color strain like that of the Ferrets over breed so various colors that mustangs can have will be the focus and not worry so much about the various breeds of horses. This will allow you to purify your line strains though Mustangs are a melting pot of colors and may take some breeding to get this accomplished.  

From the Cat system were looking at using their level system. We have had varying opinions on keeping or removing the levels however, we are leaning toward leaving levels in at this point. The bulk of the the breeders we have talked with have argued that this is a system they can understand and do like despite any grumblings they may have from time to time.

Horse coming soon5

Many have asked if we are doing a beta on these or if we will go straight to release?You will have to stay tuned. At this point we are uncertain if we will need a test group beyond the developers and WK staff.

Other questions breeders have asked:

Will they have different sizes/scales like the cats?  Mustangs are generally between 14 and 15 hands tall and we will be introducing additional sizes over time but the size you’re seeing is what we are calling 14 hands. They will be going both larger and smaller.  

Will the Mustangs be rideable without a saddle?  Yes, we are putting in a part where the saddle is not needed to ride them bareback.

Will the Mustangs have multiple births like the others?  While it is very very rare for a twin to be born living in real life it does happen. We will have a very rare occurrence where you can get a twin here. Living of course when you choose to birth it.  The twin may be a bit smaller than the first. There will be no chance of a Triplet.  

Will the horses play with toys?  Yes, they will use some of the toys currently out, but will most likely need to have some toys just for themselves.