6/29/2015 ~ BetaBuddies once again thank you to all the testers that have taken the time to help us test.  At this time the testers are getting there instructions on what to expect during the testing period. (No more testers are needed at this time.)

7/1-2/2015 ~ MOOGablity of the BIG CATs.  For testing.  Need for this is to test the separation of  the Levels from the Fur and the Breed ability to breed for specific furs. (More on this later)

7/3/2015 ~ Delivery of the testing Leopards via the Dev MOOG system.

7/4/2015 ~ Found areas needing to be tweaked with the Pregnancy ~Working to resolve

7/7/2015 ~ Linked Level to Breed this appears to be the best combination, treats breed more like a Sub Spices of the Spices and Fur is free to move with in the breed. Beta Testers are liking the greater control this will give them over their different breeding projects.  One Beta Tester says ” I really like it so far. I feel like it’s something I can play with and it’s the most fun I’ve had with breeding in a while.”

What was tested and the results.

~ Tested the full system for updates to the server before moving them in to Production.  ~ Passed ready to implement.

~ Genetics test to work out any and all tweaks that needed to be made to the make sure the separation of Fur and Level was a success.  ~ Passed ready to implement.

~ Tested adding the small cat Leopard to the Big Cats.  ~ Passed ready to implement.

~ Level is now tied to Breed not Fur this will mean that the furs will move up and down with in a breed and levels will go up one, down one or stay the same based of the breed of the animal.  New furs added to an existing breed will come out to those breeding that breed.

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