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At the end of each live class there is a chance for breeders to ask Questions

This pages is where you can leave a comment with a question pertaining to the WK Animals, Food Toys Website.  The questions will be answered just as quick as we can get to them.  Check the comment sections for your questions and answers.

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  1. 1) as cross breeding is possible with wolves. say for example i breed a wolf with a liger born,
    a) what are the chances of getting a liger?
    b) and what happens to the levels? say a lion is born from the couple how is the /she affected level wise?

    2) will there other scales like L and EXL for wolves?

    Thank you.

    • 1- Wild Dogs and Big Cats are not compatible and can NOT breed together. Cross Breeding will come when more wolf species come out such as the Arctic Wolf, Timber Wolf and Red Wolf.

      2- As with the Big Cats yes we will be introducing the Large Scale and the Extra Large traits.

  2. Hi the other day i brought a cat for 5000L and I went to open the bag and got this message [00:00] lvl 21 21 21 20T: Initializing…
    [00:00] lvl 21 21 21 20T: Oops, This sack has been born once before. Please contact the seller.
    Sack ID: 595085 Born.
    But no cat nothing , what can I do now?

    • Well the first thing to do is to check your webpage to make sure this is not a duplicate Sack that you had already birthed.

      If the sack is not there then what you need to do is exactly what the message says to do ” contact the seller” and discuss with them the issue. We provide you with the id of the sack in the message so you can go back to the person you bought it from with at least some information. The seller information as to who that is can be found in your transaction logs on your sl website dashboard. Sales in the 2nd Market are not anything that we can get involved with as it is between two independent people.

  3. I have a Liger and a Tigon and would like help figuring out the best pairing for them. is it better to put a Lion or a Tiger with a Liger, and same question for the Tigon

  4. I have 18 wolves. All are now 20% HEAT with the exception of one. They were all rezzed at the same time (day they came out). All sync’d, home set, etc. everything the same on all, but one of them is only 10% heat and happy is 10% under the rest of the pack. Some have moxie 78 and some 48? Why are they not all the same. I have plenty of food, happy bowl, etc??

    • A few things can cause Moxie to drop the first is if it is in your inventory and we can not communicate with it as no scripts are active in your inventory. The second is if the SL URL that we have on file has become broken and we can not get a response back from the animal. You can check the URL status on the Dashboard section of your portal under active animals. Generally nothing need be done as the animals will connect again but if you notice this not happening simply sync the animal and that will reconnect it so server communication can reach your animal.

      As for why the one maybe behind this can be a simple case of the birthdays being in two different hours causing one to not qualify at the same time as the others.

  5. It has never been in inventory…7 days old and been sync’d twice. Was rezzed maybe 5 minutes apart when I bought them. So all should be the same as the other 18.

    • It seems that when you set the of the animals to breeding you missed one. On the morning feeding cycle of the the 5th the one that is behind was set to pet food. The animal ate two more meals set to pet food before the animal was then switched over to Breeding ON accrued by the morning of the 6th. This would cause it to be 20 points behind the others. The moxie would also be affected by this.

  6. I have a question about the leg sets. People have been saying 2 different things.
    1. Its a mini game that will give you a trait count bonus. IE 1-2 extra on your trait count.

    2 Its a mini game that unlocks OTHER TRAITS. IE you get the leg set you can unlock Glow, Shine, Teeth, Scale things like that.

    Can you tell me which is correct?

  7. Is there or will there be in the near future, a trait value on the various leg formations as it relates to rarity/value of each leg formation and same question APPLIES to fur types?

  8. help, what is the meaning of Ipp, Iss?
    [23:41] Badastazz: it has no meaning its part of the leg sets for the wolves
    [23:41] Fhederica: or where can find one alphabet of abbreviations
    [23:41] Tazz (badastazz): best way to learn more about them is to goto the classes
    [23:41] Fhederica: yes but is phrases, no?
    [23:42] Fhederica: yes but my time no can
    [23:42] Fhederica: i work in RL
    [23:42] Tazz (badastazz): you can ask questions also now via the website
    [23:42] Fhederica: for this reason, ask

  9. I cannot see my lion I went to do a cuddle and did hug then never saw him again I know he is there cuase he keeps eating but I can’t see him please help me

  10. Historically we have not able to breed for a specific coat other than to aim for a level the coat exists on. For instance a blondie is just as likely to throw a silver, steel or golden ridge. With the introduction of the Onyx Speckled Nose, which can only come from the collector edition cougar, is that changing now?
    Will specific coats as well as traits pass genetically?

    • All traits and furs are looked at genetically, and added to the possibilities of what the cub or pup will have. The introduction of a new Breed is what has changed slightly. The Collector Edition Cats can pass a similar fur, as the fur they are sold with is a limited edition and can not pass.

  11. A few questions regarding the upcoming Uber release: ((first off Thank you and looking forward to it)) You stated in the Blog announcement::

    “To bring these new specie out we will be making some adjustments to the current 2 Hybrids. The Hybrids will all get a breed adjustment to Hybrid and the Levels will be changed from a number to that of a Uber Cat. The Uber Cat is going to average of the two parents that made it plus one.”

    1. Okay will the level changes to the Tigons/Ligers be retroactive (will they affect current cats birthed)?
    2. And if yes, will the effect also change those cats offspring already birthed? (Since the levels are like a chain reaction)
    3. And finally when will all this go live?

    Again thank you for all the work you do with the cats, and providing a forum to ask questions such as this.

  12. I had my pregnant wolf twice. In either times, has not appeared any bag when complete the process. Do I have to do something to make the bags appear?
    Sorry for my english, I use online translator.

    • If a Cub does not make it into Second Life you can use the webMOOG Sack to resend it to you. There are many causes to this and sadly none that we can fix. MOOG however can resend it to you, to access MOOG you will need to log into the website with the log in information you get from the activation sign at any of the WK in world stores.

  13. Question base on lvls and traits what do you think will be best to focus on when trying to cross breed to make a uber cat

    • That is truly a personal preference on anyones part. Will also depend if your goal is to make it and sell or make it and keep. Try focusing on the look of that cat you want to have and go from there. Best of luck to you your fellow breeders may have a better answer for you.

  14. Hypothetically – if for instance there were spcial eyes for valentines (for instance) is that determined for a pregnant female while pregnant or “given” to a cub at birth ? is it on the day itself only or is there a “window of opportunity ” for instance a few days before / after that holiday

    • They generally appear the morning of and then finish off the morning after for a 24 hour period. However some holiday eyes such as New Years run a few days. The cub or pup must be created with in that time period but can be birthed at any time.

  15. So if the female is bred on Valentine’s Day that may or may not generate a special set of eyes ? thats what you mean by create? thank you

  16. If you want a trait to be passed on to the offspring, is it better to have a strong background of the trait or a less strong background of a trait and it showing on the current animal?

  17. so, it would be fairly safe assessment that the trait value (which fluctuates) and level value are fairly stagnant. Age becomes the principle variable….thank you.

    • It comes from the Birthday Sumatran Tiger or from any Tiger that has the fur as the one you see or from one of his parents with that fur. If you can click the animal in world and you see the fur in either the stats or the parents stats it has the chance of moving into the next offspring.

  18. Hello I have noticed there are new lion eyes listed as “Sanctuary Lion” they are zodiac eyes. Can anyone tell me how to get these eyes?

  19. I just wanted to make a suggestion, i was thinking that it might be worth adding a listing of the different scales in order somewhere in the blog maybe with a silhouette of the cat in that size for reference

  20. Are the Sanming, Changde & Laibin furs of the Maltese Tiger considered to be random drop furs or exclusive furs considering the Maltese Tiger is an LE? What determines an exclusive fur in comparison to a random drop fur?

  21. is it important which tail my parents and their parents have…for the next cub ? or doenst this matter because the hidden matrix alone takes over which tail it will have ?i thought when i have only long or normal tail…i have a high chance to get a long or normal tail. i know although i can randomly get for example a stubby tail or something like this from the hidden matrix. but 5 times one after another like it just happend confuses me now. ty for the answer 🙂

    • The hidden matrix as you call it will add in a tail in and around the level that you’re at. Recently we have made an adjustment to the big cats to allow the ancestry traits to have a bit more weight than the matrix. Which should help you get the tail your trying for.

  22. Hello! When the mustangs came out, somewhere, somebody stated we should keep our lines pure. (I’m sorry I don’t remember where–either a class or a conversation in the chat group maybe.) But, obviously you have to mix coats/strains to get new strains… So, what’s the advantage of keeping your lines pure?

    • Not sure about where this was said but when you go for a solid strain line you can bring more of that same strains. Each strain has multiple coats. Some more than others. New strains are through mixing. Hopes this helps. If you need more explanation feel free to IM me in Second Life. Queenfelinea

    • Our animals have no age out. They can breed until they have had 10 pregnancies. If you wish to convert them to a forever pet you can do so with the WK Forever Pet Potion located on the booster boards

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