Cool as a Cougar

The Cougars have been released in to the WK Cat family.  As these wonderful cats have grown we have heard comments from many of the Jaguar breeders that these animals are the best and most realistic animals in Second Life.  Like real life cats they don’t always listen too you when you tempt them with a toy you may have asked them to stay in one position and they try to listen but they just have to pounce on that toy and get it.

The WK Ball was introduced just before the cougars were released and the cats just love this toy they will launch themselves at it and there reactions and behavior is very much like a real cat.  They will walk away as if not interested in but then turn and launch themselves at the ball in a attack of capture.  It’s adorable to watch.

The cougar, also known as the puma, mountain lion, panther, or catamount, is a large cat of the family Felidae native to the Americas. Mountain lions once roamed nearly all of the United States. They were prized by hunters and despised by farmers and ranchers who suffered livestock losses at their hands. Subsequently, by the dawn of the 20th century, mountain lions were eliminated from nearly all of their range in the Midwest and Eastern U.S.—though the endangered Florida panther survives.

As the cougars grow the sounds they make while some are similar and shared sounds with the jaguars there are some very distinct cougars sounds you will hear.  As they do not exactly roar we do have a very recognizable cougar cry.

Each of our cats that come to market can be breed alone or cross breed with our other cats.  Why would you want to cross breed you say well that is to be able to bring one trait from one cat spices in to the trait of another cat spices. The litters will be either or so if you have a litter of 2 for example it could be one of each on that follows after moms spices and one that follows dads spices.  The neat part about the cross breed is you may get a 2 different color eye combination so the right eye can be one color and the left eye another this is a rare chance but can only happen if mom and dad are different spices.

We are trying to make the breeding experience as fun and unique as we can.

Happy Breeding 🙂

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