Pricing in the 2nd Market

Pricing in the second market where do We start. This is the ? we get asked a lot and just like you were trying to figure it out.

A few things to know

Crated WK Animals are sold in fur levels 1 – 2 or 3 and the very odd chance of a 4 in Cheetahs.
Crated WK Animals cost 1500L’s for 1, 2500L’s for 2 and 3000L’s for 3.

This is what the company feels is the minimum that animals can sell for we get it after all why shouldn’t you.

We advertise in several different ways to bring new people into the market so there will always be a new stream of people coming into the market that will want to try the cats out first before investing a lot. Low Level Furs will always have a place but the demand may not be as great at times.

When you start to breed and make more cats of your own you have to look at what goes into making that cat, yes your here to have fun but if your breeding it is also a little bit like a business. Wouldn’t it be better to hang out and socialize with not having to pay out of pocket. Well to make sure your not paying out of pocket there are some things you can do to help that.

First find out your cost. WK is one of the least expensive breedables on the grid for the food you have to buy. But you have land cost and sale stall rentals and if you have auctions you have some cost there too. Make sure you include this stuff when thinking of your prices. A small portion of your price should be to cost some to future cats and of course overall profit.

Wonder what to charge for a particular cat that is wonderful and your so exited about but what is it worth. This will depend on how much went into getting the cat, did you boost it, did you let it go its natural time, how many cubs did it take you to get to this one you want to sell. All of these are factors into figuring out cost. Your the only one that can answer that.

The Rarity calculator is a tool for you to use to count your traits and compare how rare your cat is to other cats on the grid. I know your asking how much is a trait valued at? Good question when you figure it out let us know. We have heard people say they are 500 – 1000 even 2000 a trait is there method of pricing, is this good that is up to you.

When it is all said and done it is really only up to you and what you value it at. What the market will handle but it is you as breeders that control the pricing of the market. We all know what it is like when the tier is due we think slash the prices just this once but try to remember it is better to sell one cat at the price it is worth then to try to sell 10 cats to at lower prices. Those 10 cats just devalued and took 9 buyers away from other potential sellers.

Make sure that your also supporting the market you can not just sit back and expect your cats to sell you have to do some advertising to get them to sell but when you do, also consider buying. The market needs both buyers and sellers. If you have sold your cats in the past, look out for those buyers and when they go to sell, buy some from them to encourage the trading. Why buy from someone who is only interested in the selling. You have to support each other.

OK last little bit and this directed to those that have 100 ‘s of sacks

SANCTUARY really the boosters you buy to make the cats that sit in the sack for days weeks and even months on end really don’t you think it would be a good idea to take some of them off to sanctuary this would decrease the supply making the demand higher and then prices would rise and everyone will be happier. We offer boosters in sanctuary so you can can use them on the boosters you buy.

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