WK Daily Drawing

WK Give Away

Want to win free food daily?
Put us in your picks. It is as simple as that.  Each day the servers will generate a owners name if that owner is you and your picks has the WK Store location in your SL Picks. You Win!
We will randomly choose a new person daily to receive 10 free portions of pet food, from the people who have us in their picks.
Pretty easy isn’t it!
**NOTE: This random person picked is done with a randomizer program. Very fair and no weekly repeat winners.


3/30/2013 VardaSilver Spearsong

3/28/2013 scarlet Perdide

3/23/2013 MikoElias

3/22/2013 Lady Rusteen

3/18/2013 Holy Hell

3/11/2013 VardaSilver Spearsong

3/4/2013 Shun Viper

2/27/2013 oOArthmaelOo

2/21/2013 KopiLuwak Diesel

2/20/2013 Rex Midal

2/18/2013  Silent Bonde

2/14/2013 Speed Breon

2/13/2013 Paris Balazic

2/11/2013 ĿσҚiع ßعąŝţ

2/6/2013 VardaSilver Spearsong

2/5/2013 Dan Pevensey

2/4/2013 Meagy

2/3/203 Renee Redgrave

2/2/2013 PuppaMaus Butterfly

2/1/2013  Boboche Ghost

1/31/2013  Caroline73a

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