This September

This September we are proud to introduce a very special eye Brain Aneurysm Awareness or B.A.A. for short.  This is a condition that effects 1- 50 people and can be survived.  We hope this eye will prompt you to read up on B.A.A. the more you know.

The way the eye will come in through out the month is in a 3 day rotation through the species.  The order will be Jaguar, Cougars, Tigers, Cheetahs, Lions, Gray Wolves, Timber Wolves, Leopard, Dire Wolf, Lynx and finally Ferrets.


3 thoughts on “This September

  1. A 3-day rotation? Can you please go into more detail how that will occur? For 3 days (Sept. 1-3) it will drop for only jags? Then the next three days (4-6) only cougars? Or will it do a complete rotation through all 11 species in 3 days and then restart again?

  2. Thank you, Queen so very much for developing this eye. As I had told you, in 2010 I had brain surgery to repair an 8mm aneurysm. Yes, I am a survivor, but that has not been the end of the journey. Four moths later I had 2 mini strokes in the same week. I now today have another aneurysm developing, it is small 2mm so it is being monitored. This is hereditary, I encourage you all to take a moment & please get educated

  3. Beautiful eye indeed! Would love to see more eyes like this come out lung cancer or all around screw cancer eye or Alzheimer’s etc. You get what im saying. Thanks!!

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