More Mutants + New Tool

This next combination of a Zebra and a Mustang will result in some very interesting combinations. The Appaloosa Gray- coats and the Soweto could possibly make up various combinations.

While the combinations are many and the lists are hard to keep track of. We have developed a NEW tool that you will be able to find on the Wild Mustang Dashboard, located on the left hand side of the dashboard called A + B Look Up. The tool will show you the various combinations at this time for Coats, Manes and Tails. Just a reminder these are added chances not a guarantee.

If you are not finding the New Tool refresh your page.

1st of the Mutants

Mutants are released on to the grid. These are rare ish animals that you can breed for if you combine the Grant Zebra (white and black one) with a certain Chestnut coat list will be at the bottom of the post. These are not a hybrid this is a new strain for each of the species Mustangs and Zebra. They are not randomly added they get the added chance to the genetic pool if you combine the right coats.

Mutants came about for those people who wanted to put a Horse Mane on a Zebra and as we cant do this we can cross coats over.

While we continue to work on other mixes for the the various coats do enjoy these first coats.

Chestnuts to combine with a Grant – Tanzania

Female ChestnutMale Chestnut

Just a reminder on how to get the Grant Tanzania

As we continue to add more we will keep you updated on the combinations but these combinations are live now.

Happy Breeding.


Saying Goodbye is never easy but we hope you will join us and his friends at the Mountain Lion Club as we remember and honor Zod.

Its with great sadness that we say that Zod passed away earlier this month due to his illness. We at WK are mourning his loss, but more over we are remembering him. Not only was he a terrific CSR, with correct information, always going above and beyond. Zod was a constant source of trivia and comedy. He brightened our days with his positive spirit. The WK Community was a great distraction for Zod and we know you will all miss him as much as we do.
To say he will be missed is such an understatement.

There will be a Memorial Set this Saturday at 10 AM – Noon Feb the 20, 2021 to celebrate the life of Zod Colville at the Mountain Lion Club & Amusement Park.

Water Horse comes back

Due to a high demand of request since yesterdays post we will put the Water Horse back out for sale from Feb 1 to Feb 3. This is a short sale you will be able to pick the sex this time around. All other stats will be the same. However you do have a much more interesting background.

Water Horse

Thank you to all the breeders that have so far exchanged the waterhorse. It is every exciting and for them to breed with the exchanged animals, they look the same but the genetics in them is what was suppose to be there and a lot of possibilities that can come from them.

Do Fire and Water mix? Well here at WK we thought they should thanks to one breeders suggestion. There are a huge amount of the WK Firestorm Horses in peoples inventory that have yet to breed. We think its high time that they came out to see the light of day. Below you will find a visual chart to show you what and why. These are A + B = C combinations to try.

We will continue to work on various coats and mane tail combinations for you to enjoy in the future so stay tune.

If you have yet to exchange your water horse please do not delay all you will be doing is delaying time to get started on these beautiful animals as the originals do not have the correct genetics.

Once again thank you for your understanding.

Water Horse

Attention all Water Horse Owners

There is a medical emergency for the WaterHorses – If you are a owner of a WK WaterHorse please contact Queenfelinea for an exchange and further instructions.

The medical emergency has been corrected in the version but you will be back to age 0. Any offspring of the current WaterHorse will not have the abnormality and are yours to keep. New versions will be issues as a replacement.

Happy New Years

As we say goodbye to 2020 we look to the future and bring in the New Year. The New Years Eyes have been added to the random dropping pool and will be available through out the weekend. We will keep an eye on the quantity and make sure not too many come in.

Happy Breeding –