Big Cats Trait Count Update

We are preparing the first of the updates to the way the Traits are calculated to more accurately reflect the true percentage. This will give breeders a clearer picture of how their animal traits compare to the total grid count for that species.  You will see the rarity calculator and in world stats the .00 after the percentage this to help you see how rare things with similar percentage values differ.

We have changed the way the Teeth, Tail, Whiskers, GlowShine and Scale Traits are calculated. These traits are now calculated the same way as the Fur Eyes and Ears have been calculated for the last few years.  We do feel this will give a better understanding of the traits.

Wild Mustang Update

Update to 1.1.6 version

In this update, there are a few fixes to the training section such as shorter training times. There is a fix to the menu an added message in local when you rezz the mustangs to give you an idea of where they are in training.  The groundwork for a training hud has been added and the hud should be finished up in the next week or so.

There will be an updater box out shortly but the update is in MOOG so if you are training take advantage of the update.


New Scale Discovered

Horses in real life have an unlikely chance of carrying twins to full term and usually ends in the death of the second foal.  However, this is Second Life and we can enjoy something that we can’t get in the real life.  We don’t like the idea of foals dying so we made the rule that they would not die but would have a chance of an extra small horse. The small horse would have the hand height of 11 hands.  This is also a great size for our child avatars as a mini horse would be.

It is a rare chance to get twins and it is a rare chance in the chance to get an 11 Hand Mustang.

Firestorm Wolf –

Welcome to all the new WK Wild Dog – Wolf Owners –

Things to help as you get started exploring the wolf.

Low Prim will put your animal in a Box cutting your prims down.  To get your animal out of the box MOOG it.  MOOG is our redelivery system Registration is free as well and located at the main sim. or at any of the store locations.  See Auctions or previous post for store location.

When you first get them they have their eyes closed.  It takes 12 hours to open their eyes and a day to get the energy to move about.

The BlueFlame object that came with the wolf is a Toy Ball set it out when your wolf is 1 and you can turn motion on it will play with it.

You currently need NO Food for this animal.

If you want to convert the animal to a full breedable the potion is now available at the main sim.

The Support Group if you need additional help is here


We do have 24-hour live support.

Store Location

We would like to take a moment to let you know of some markets. Some of these markets are specializing in the New Wild Mustangs while others are supporting all WK Wild Kajaera Animals. While some of them may have additional auctions which will be posted on the Auction page as we get that information.  We invite you all to stop by and visit the markets.

Ancient Sunset – Wild Mustangs

Breeders Choice – All Animals

Cataclysm – Big Cats and Little Varmints

Galaxy – All Animals

Ground Location –

Space Ship Location –

Gerris – All Animals

Huntress – Wild Mustangs

Plantation Hideout – Wild Mustangs

Relax and Breed – Big Cats and Little Varmints

Soaring Eagles Wild Mustangs

Tiger Zoo – All Animals

Wild Cat Maina – All Animals

Wild Farm – Big Cats, Little Varmints, and Wild Dogs



Update Mustangs – 1.0.7

This Mustang update fixes training treats issues that arise with the 1.0.3. update.

The hover text will show an indication of the Mustangs Training.

If confidence is between 0 – 6 you will have no symbol above the name

If confidence is between 6.25 – 8.75 you will have a single *

If confidence is between 9 – skill level 0 you will have a double **

If training Skill is 1 or greater will show ☆, ☆☆, ☆☆☆, ☆☆☆☆, or ☆☆☆☆☆.

For those that ran into training issues, we will continue to work on getting them to where they should have been.



Training Treat HELP

If you’re struggling with the Training Treats and getting a bit frustrated, we would like to let you know we are here to assist.  Some of the issues we have seen with users having are two things.

First the basic things Mustangs must be age 3 and motion set to ON.

Second ONLY have ONE treat per Owner/Keeper/Training rezzed out at a time.  The Treat gives you a wear me. It is paired with the one that gave it to you.  By Rezzing and using at the same time you keep your inventory fairly clean.  Make sure to delete the wear me after the Mustangs eats the treat.  IF you need to take a break and start over MOOG a fresh one to make sure you have good communication.

It can take about 20 minutes in between each success.

Happy Training

Training Treats

Training Treats are available at the WK Sim for your Mustangs.

The treats come in four varieties and you may find that your equines like one flavor over another.  They will enjoy all of them but as with any pet, you may find them to have a favorite treat.

These treats are sold in sets of 20 to a purchase.  There will be 1 in the creat with the directions and the other 19 in your MOOG.  They can be used on Mustangs of age 3 or older, and are used to gain your Mustangs trust.  The motion of your animal needs to be set to on.

WM Training Treats

Wild Mustangs

The Wild Mustangs have been let loose on the grid.  We are pleased to not only bring you another wonderful Breedable animal but another animal with very lifelike animation and behavior.

In addition to the standard foods of WK Hay (Pet Food), WK Oats ( Breeding Food) and WK Salt (Happy Food) we are introducing a set of Training Treats.  Training Treats are purely optional and have no effect on the horse breeding.  Training Treats are used to gain your mustangs trust.  You may have noticed that the personality is listed in your animal’s stats this can be an indication of how easy the horse may be able to train. Don’t worry however all mustangs are trainable. If you look up your animals setting you will see the break down of the mustangs personality.  Confidence, Curiosity, Temperament, and Willingness.  You know your completed the trust building section when your confidence has reached 9.  The curiosity will gain after each treat eaten making them more interested in taking the next treat.  Willingness and Confidence raise with each successful treat though they can only eat 4 treats a day as they would get a tummy ache otherwise.

There are so many wonderful coats/furs for you to find there are several ways to unlock new furs. Will get to this in class and in another post.  In the crates, you will find 5 of the color strains, PalominoGray, Paint, Bay, CreamSpirit and Chestnut.  The Eyes that came out with the crated Mustangs are GreenApple, Brown, and PurpleFusion.  There are many more traits to list but you will want to stop by and check them out for yourself.

Class will be held on Saturday at 11 stop by for more information.

Halloween Animals

We have some very special animals for you this October.  Starting with our beloved Big Cats, we have a very special Tiger.  It is a Bengal with Bengal parents.

WK Ghost Cat

This cat comes with Random Sex, and some very exclusive furs the one you see is a Ghost and its parents are wearing the non Ghost version.  The Non Ghost version is called the Doppelganger.  Both of these furs will pass with a different nose. This is a brand new fur stripe pattern.  The Furs are exclusive meaning they will not come in randomly.  The DemonicGlow eye has been requested and what a more fitting way to introduce it then on the anniversary of the Demonic Eye release.

We have also given this cutie a set of Extra Long-Whiskers and a LongToothSNGLFan tooth.  We know many of you like the larger scale so we have made it extra Large but it will be very cute in any size. Jaed is looking forward to trying to get this on a baby scale.

For those Wild Dog breeders, we have a black ghost Gray Wolf that we are sure you will enjoy, so much so that we have given you a whole new fur strain for it. It has Ghost Parents and will produce more Ghost furs. It does come with a complete Let set and can have a chance of producing the larger scale animals as well. WK Ghost Wolf

Both of these animals are out at WKU wandering about or in either of the Big Cat or Wild Dog areas.

The Fun does not stop there as we have added the Little Varmints to our line and we could not forget about them.  We changed it up a bit and are offering you a very adorable Ferret with a Mink Fur that is exclusive. As well as the parents of this animal. The animal comes with a Limited Time Costume. The costume can be applied to any of the Little Varmints. It comes separate so you can apply it as if your getting them dressed up for the holiday.WK Ferret Halloween Costume

You can find these at the main stores. On sale till November 3rd.

Big Cats –

Wild Dogs –

Little Varmits –

Or you can find them at our back up location – on Crystal River.