Firestorm Wolf –

Welcome to all the new WK Wild Dog – Wolf Owners –

Things to help as you get started exploring the wolf.

Low Prim will put your animal in a Box cutting your prims down.  To get your animal out of the box MOOG it.  MOOG is our redelivery system Registration is free as well and located at the main sim. or at any of the store locations.  See Auctions or previous post for store location.

When you first get them they have their eyes closed.  It takes 12 hours to open their eyes and a day to get the energy to move about.

The BlueFlame object that came with the wolf is a Toy Ball set it out when your wolf is 1 and you can turn motion on it will play with it.

You currently need NO Food for this animal.

If you want to convert the animal to a full breedable the potion is now available at the main sim.

The Support Group if you need additional help is here


We do have 24-hour live support.

12 thoughts on “Firestorm Wolf –

  1. [15:32] Firestorm Gray Wolf: Initializing…
    [15:32] Firestorm Gray Wolf: No individual animal flagged for recovery.

    What the heck is all this rigamarole!
    So frustrating! Something appeared, then disappeared. the “wolf” is no longer in my inventory. I don’t think I will try buying anything from you, if you make it this difficult.

  2. Good afternoon, I would like to understand what happened to the wolf that I got at the firestorm party. I gave rez to the wolf. It started with starting and then disappeared. It has not yet returned to the lost objects and neither from the pasture of the source file.

  3. Here the same, just wanted to rezz the wolf the same sentence in the local chat, no baby wolf to see. What the hell is that?

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