S.O.S. Opens Today

We have some very special animals for you this year. You can pick the sex that you want each animal is 4000Ls. The exclusive toys only available at the even have two new ones this year we have a sugar cube ball and a bundle of spoons that are a must to add to your toy chest. The animals love them.

You can find our vendors here and here.

We are off to OZ

As the Wizard of OZ celebrates their 80th anniversary. Just over 5 years ago we released the very first of the Collectors Edition in tribute to the Wizard of OZ. Many loved this lion and as it was our very first and so long ago and there are presently less than 75 of them on the grid we decided to give an updated look to the Cowardly Lion. We have a New fur with a new face and deeper color as well as a new eye.

You can find all these at the WKU Toy Center

50 Years ago ….

50 years ago this weekend, in 1969, the original Woodstock Festival brought together half a million people in a celebration of peace, music and love. Fifty years later, there are  anniversary celebrations of Woodstock large and small taking place throughout the country and around the world50 years ago this weekend

In honor of the anniversary of this generationally defining event we are releasing the WK Peace Bear

Also available our two new toys.

Summer Time

Summer time is the best time of year – it is that time where you get to be a bit more relaxed and enjoy the outdoors more. The Wild Dogs have been waiting for their turn at being a DC and what better time then in the summer we have a brand new color strain for the Gray Wolves with a bit of sun bleaching on the back. Stop by the WK Toy Center to pick one or two up to add to your pack.

On sale till the 28th of August.

New WOWs

We have some new last litter chance animals. These are the animals that you only can get a chance of if either the mom to be or dad to be are on their very last litter.

Up first for the Little Varmint Ferrets.

Species ~ Ferret
Strain ~ GrapeJuice 0.01% 8
Scale ~ Mini 1.43% 5
Fur ~ ImNot-A-Prune 0.01% 9
Level ~ 5
Right Eye ~ Purple 0.01% 8
Left Eye ~ Purple 0.01% 8
Eye Glow ~ Lightness 15.30% 1
Right Ear ~ Wiggly 61.07% 1
Left Ear ~ Wiggly 33.64% 2
Tail ~ Small 6.62% 4
Whisker ~ ExLong~Purple 0.01% 8
Aura ~ Purple 0.01% 8
Shine ~ Glisten 0.01% 4

and then for the Wild Mustangs

Species ~ Mustang
Strain ~ BlackMagic 3.71% 3
Personality ~ Sparkling
Scale ~ 12 Hands 0.00% 8
Coat ~ Midnight 0.00% 9
Level ~ 5
Right Eye ~ BlueMagic 0.00% 7
Left Eye ~ BlueMagic 0.00% 7
Eye Glow ~ Lightness 1.07% 1
Right Ear ~ Curvy 1.06% 3
Left Ear ~ Curvy 1.91% 3
Tail ~ Luminous Black-Sweeping 0.00% 8
Mane ~ Luminous Black-KneeLength 0.00% 8
Aura ~ Moonlight 0.00% 8
Shine ~ Natural 99.48% 0
Skill ~ 0 ~ Confidence ~ 5 0

New Sanctuary Tiger

The newest of the Sanctuary Cats is released. It is a beautiful cat with a strawberry fur. The parents are familiar but introduce a new nose to the furs. For those of you who love things Mammoth this Tiger sports a broken Mammoth tooth.

You can find it here.

Fur will pass a different nose but everything else will pass.

Happy Independence Day

In honor of the Independence Day celebration we have a very special Hare Bunny Rabbit. Featuring a white fur with a blue and red star. We have a very special Top Hat for the Hare as well as a Jacket for you to dress up your hare to celebrate this day.

The Hare will be available until the 19th of July, you can find it at the WK Toy Center

In addition to the very special Hare we have a random dropping eye for the other animals. Which will only going on for 24 hours.

Happy 16th Birthday SL

Second Life is celebrating 16 years in operation and while we may not be part of the official celebration we would like to show our appreciation to Second Life. Wild Kajaera a.k.a WK is so grateful for Second Life and the platform that they provide, with out them we would not be here today.

In honor of there birthday we are giving away a BEAUTIFUL BRAZILIAN JAGUAR. The cat is FREE one per Avatar it is a forever pet at the time of getting it so there is NO food required. IF you would like to breed it and convert it to a breedable there is a fee for this and you need to get the Wild Thing Kit. The Jaguar was our very first animal and we are truly proud of them.

You can find the cat at the WKU Toy Center or at the Crystal River Greeting Area.