SOS Begins

We are so very excited for the event.

We have the SOS community auction today at 5 PM with the Auctioneer Teach. Make sure to drop in and pick up an amazing animal all donated by the breeders of the community.

The various SOS items over at the WK Display are also a donation to the SOS event. The SOS events donate 100 % of the collected funds to the Doctors without Borders or MSF organization.


OMG we are so EXCITED! 

The SOS Event is one we enjoy so much. It is to support Doctors with out Borders who in this time in the world need as much support as they can get. 

We have many offerings to entice you to want to help the MSF here is a a preview of what you can get.

Your animals will love you for any and all of the toys you bring home to them.

In addition to what we have on offering TOMORROW we have the WK – Community Auction. This will be held at 5 PM SLT on Saturday. Please watch your notices for the teleport.

WK Zebras

The Zebras have arrived joining the WK Wild Mustang Family. This release brings some changes to the Wild Mustangs as well as new features. For this reason users should MOOG to update their Mustangs.

Wild Mustangs – Mustangs and Zebras now have the market mode, MOOG options from both Low Prim and Market Mode.

Genetic changes – Reduction in the amount of animals included in the gene pool of the next animal. We removed the Great Grandparents from the gene pool, allowing for a more balance chance from random genes and ancestry genes.

Currently the Mustangs and the Zebras can breed together. This will allow you to move some of the traits from Mustangs to Zebras (like Scale) and Zebras to Mustangs (like Eye Glow). Some traits wont cross presently. Manes and Tails for example are species specific and will not directly cross. There will be a few Manes or Tails that, when combined, can produce something special to the WK Zebras if you mix them with WK Mustangs.

Current version is 2.1.0

Global Tiger Day

It is with great sadness that we have to report that the Tigers in the wild have dwindled to approximately 3,900. That some areas of Asia are at great risk of having the Tiger disappear from the wild.

Panthera is a organization that is fighting to help the tigers and all the big cats. As a Big Cat Lover WK has created the above tiger to help raise funds for this wonderful cause. Like the tigers of the wild it wont be around forever only available until Aug 6th.

The parents of this beautiful cat have new furs and new eyes.

Stop by the shop today and help us help Panthera in their efforts to SAVE THE TIGERS

Big Cat Update 4.0.1

We are very excited to introduce this update. We have 2 new features in this version.

The first is a MOOG Button to the Menu so you can request an update for that animal from the animal it self.

The second is a Market Mode this is very important to anyone who has their animals in a market region.

We are asking for Markets to encourage their renters to have the animals put into market mode. This will greatly help the market region performance.

Market Mode is indicate on by the hover text *o.O M M O.o * over the stats.

Animals in Market Mode will still be fully functional in regards to breeding and deliver sacks.

These features will be added to the other animals as time goes on.

Happy 4th of July

While we all may not be feeling very free with all that is going on in the world at the moment. We do still have a lot to be grateful for in that case we like to celebrate with the release of the Fireworks2 eye. It is a limited edition eye and will only drop in until the 5th of July.

Enjoy stay safe and come on in to Second Life and socialize with us.