Special Critters

The first wave of special critters have hit the grid today with the start of the RFL. In addition to them we have special animals just for the season.

As we prepare for this holiday season we will be bring out some of the old favorites as well as some new toy items so check back regularly.

We also are partaking in 2 other special events and have some wonderful goodies for you so stay tune.


Opens Today

The RFL Christmas Fair opens today.

You can visit the WK Display here.

This year to help raise money for the cause we have a Male Lynx and a Female Lion.

We hope you will come out and support this great cause. We will be having a community auction is Friday the 11th.

There will be a little music at 5 before the auction starts promptly at 6 to give you time to check out all the offerings that the community has come out with. There is still time if you like to get your best two into the auction. 2 per person ONLY sent to Jaed Cartier.

Save the Snow Leopard

Taken from the Panthera website – “The snow leopard – known as the ‘ghost of the mountains’ – is one of the most enigmatic and least understood of the big cats. The snow leopard’s range spans 12 countries and  two million km2 in Asia, with 50 percent of their habitat found in China alone.

The snow leopard is listed as “Vulnerable” on the International Union for the Conservation of Nature (IUCN) Red List of Threatened Species.

Today, scientists believe that between 4,500 and 10,000 adult snow leopards remain in the wild; their exact number is relatively unknown given they are extremely elusive and challenging to survey. The species is very rarely seen even by local people. However, new research, including camera trapping, is beginning to indicate there may be more snow leopards than previously thought.”

WK has created a wonderful new Snow Leopard with some beautiful furs and eyes and even a new ear trait for you. The donation will go to Panthera to support there effort in saving this beautiful animal.

You can purchase your copy here.

Happy Halloween

Happy Halloween and its been a wonderful month with lots of exciting things that we have had for you. To end up the Halloween we have a wonderful event for you today.

In addition to the new Ferret and Motorbike the other animals have come back for the party.

Pink Power Rodeo

Pink Power Rodeo starts today at Noon and will run through Sunday the 25th. This is a Very SHORT fund raiser so get these items while you can they will only be out for the donation price during the weekend. OK OK Hold on to your seats the event is very short but we will be able to hold the items over until the morning of the November 1st.

The Event opens at 3 PM today landmark will be posted in the group at the time of the event opening.

Firestorm is 10 Years

Thank you – Firestorm for all the work you do!!

Wild Kajaera is excited to celebrate Firestorm’s 10th Anniversary!
To commemorate such an auspicious occasion WK has created a FREE Limited Edition Amur Tiger featuring a Phoenix brand and Fire eyes.
These highly interactive, artificially intelligent animals do not require food and will not breed without a Wild Thing Kit. These animals will be available for two weeks. The party is packed with some amazing talent.

They are limited to one per Avatar. Included in the box is a miniature shoulder pet Tiger.

Do enjoy them.

Party Landmarks

Dow Forest, Ghost Town and AreoDome

Wild Thing Kit can be found here.

Happy Halloween Wolf

Second in the skeleton style this Timber Wolf will not pass its fur but may pass an undiscovered fur Zeeland.

We do hope you are all enjoying this Halloween month and are staying safe. This Animal will be out for roughly a week and will be back for one final day on the 31st. You can find the Halloween animals out at the WK Main sim region.