Wild Dog Sanctuary

The WK Sanctuary area has been overdue for a update and new additions. We will be updating all of the WK Sanctuary Stores in the coming weeks but the first to be updated is the Wild Dog Sanctuary. There are lots of items for you to spoil your Wild Dogs.

We have also released two new Animals which introduce a NEW Exclusive Strain. A Melanistic Silver Fox and a Blue Gray Alaskan Gray Wolf. These strains will not come in randomly so if you want them in your breeding genetics save your SPV points and get one before they are gone.

Teleport to the Wild Dog Sanctuary

TRex joins the Funny Friends

Its official the TRex joins the WK Funny Friends. These are partially breedable as they will make more but they are not transferable so the offsprings are not sellable. The reason they make babies are for your WK animals to catch and send them off to sanctuary earning you sanctuary points.

The bed is a perfect setting for them to rest in and you can find them both here.

New Toys for RFL

RFL is well under way and WK has produced 4 new toys to go along with the team and the them of this years event. The Lion and the Fairy will fly about the land in a range searching out your WK animals and hovering near them as a companion. The Dragons are cuddle toys the animals love to carry about and to nap with.

For the last several years we have assisted the Dragon Spirit team this year it has a new name but still the same great people behind it. DragonsNightfall toy vendors can be found here. They work tirelessly to bring various events and items to the SL people to earn support for the RFL organization. The toys are also out at the WK Toy Center.

In addition to these wonderful toys Sunday the 11 of April at Noon we would like to invite you out to the Paint Ball Fight show to cheer on the WK Paintball Team. Stadium opens on Sunday

Looking forward to seeing you all at the event.

Easter Bunny drops by.

This Easter the bunny has gone and colored our US – Jaguars and our Brazilian – Jaguars. They wont be around for long so drop on by and pick up a few today!

There are two furs for each color, they vary by the noses the Grandparent/ Parents are wearing one nose and if it is is chosen as the winning fur it will pass a fur with the same color and a different nose. The second fur in the color set will change and pass a New Undiscovered fur in a more natural tone.

You can find these colorful Jaguars at the WK Toy Center. The special toys for Easter out as well and will be out until mid next week.

Today at WK

Today is the day that you have been waiting for, the WK Miniature Mustangs make their official release to the SL Grid.

The way today will work so you can mark your calendar or set your alarms.

Roughly around noon in SL the Bid Board Dapple and Mate will come to a close. See previous post for locations and pictures. There are only 9 Males up for grabs. These coats will only come from these Males and will not be released in any other way in the future.

Next up will be the release of the Saint Patricks Day Miniature Mustang. This is the little mustang that got the whole thing started and he is a Tiny scale. This scale is not released in the crates. He has on a slightly green brown hue of a coat and had some very pretty parents. They all have a unique Claddagh ring eye design with various jewel tones.

You may select either a male or a female.

We did not want this little one to be the only Miniature available so at this time we are also releasing companions in the way of new crated animals. These will all be level 3 and come with random furs some more rare than the others. The A + B Look up tool has been updated to include the Miniature Mustangs to help you on your way with breeding combinations to look for.

At the WK Stores ONLY

The excitement never ends at WK.

The beautiful and exotic Wild Mustangs just weren’t enough, now there are Miniature Wild Mustangs!
The breeding will included many different scales (sizes), lots of gorgeous NEW coats designed specifically for the Minis, and oooh those eyes!

What’s this bid board at the WK store all about?

WK will be releasing the NEW Miniature Wild Mustangs for St Patty’s day,

HOWEVER just to tease you each WK store will have a bid board with one – special Miniature Mustang! The unique coat will not be available in the crate.
This gives the winners a 3 day start too! The list of stores is in the attachment.

Added to the bid board in each location a crated female to pair in age to the special Male Miniature Mustang. These females are all different and you will want to check them out. In addition to the females we have finished set up on all locations and corrected the teleport to as SL Map was giving us an issue last evening.

WK Main Store Where we grew too – Won by ladyfantaC Resident – 50,000

WK Crystal River Where it all began – Won by Douglass McDonnell  – 35,000

Ami’s – A mix Breedable Region – Won by Elenor Lapointe – 27,000

Gerris – Home of the Big Cats and Wild Dogs and Little Varmints – Won By Colvinna Resident – 80,000

Gerris – Home of Wild Mustangs and Zebras – Won by Yazhu Ichibara – 40,000

Huntress – A mix Breedable Region – Won by petal77 Resident – 65,000

Safari A WK Exclusive Region – Won by DavenaGrace Resident – 50,000

Unicorn Garden – A mix Breedable Region – Won by Savvoir Resident  – 35,000

Windy City – WK Auction House and Market – Won by Amandapanda Clip  – 27,000

Pictures of the couples.

Miniature Mustangs

New Species in Wild Mustangs!!

The Leprechauns have shrunk the Mustangs, just in time for St. Patricks Day. These Miniature Mustangs are adorable. These will have some differences over the Wild Mustangs, like with the Real World Miniature Horses these even the Mammoth scale will not be rideable as they are barely above the shoulder of a full size horse. The scales will be similar to that of the cats as you cant size these little one up by hands. They will also have all new coats for you to discover. They will not be able to breed with the big ones as that would just be painful for the Mini Mamas.

Keep your eyes on the blog and in world notices for more news about the Miniature Mustangs. They will be release very soon if the luck of the Irish are with us.