Water Horse

Attention all Water Horse Owners

There is a medical emergency for the WaterHorses – If you are a owner of a WK WaterHorse please contact Queenfelinea for an exchange and further instructions.

The medical emergency has been corrected in the version but you will be back to age 0. Any offspring of the current WaterHorse will not have the abnormality and are yours to keep. New versions will be issues as a replacement.

Happy New Years

As we say goodbye to 2020 we look to the future and bring in the New Year. The New Years Eyes have been added to the random dropping pool and will be available through out the weekend. We will keep an eye on the quantity and make sure not too many come in.

Happy Breeding –

WK and Firestorm

Once again WK is proud to participate in the Firestorms party events. This one is a holiday themed event party with some great SL Performers, ElvisAronPresley Lisa, then Keeba Tammas and Tiny Maniacs, then Annette Seranade.

What party would it be if there were not some fabulous gifts to take home.

now the party is on 4 region one is reserved for the performers and the others will have the dance floors and the gifts. All of SL is invited so expect some lag and do your part in reducing it by checking your Avatar complexity at the door and keeping it as low as you can or at least 300,000 or less.

There are 3 regions so try them all if one does not work.

Ghost Town

Dow Forest


These are forever pet animals and if you would like to convert them to full breedables you will unlock some very exclusive furs and eyes just from these beautiful animals and they can be found at the WK Region.

Jaguar Wild Thing Kit

Ferret Wild Thing Kit Works on the Hare as well which you can find over at the Shop N Hop

Special Critters

The first wave of special critters have hit the grid today with the start of the RFL. In addition to them we have special animals just for the season.

As we prepare for this holiday season we will be bring out some of the old favorites as well as some new toy items so check back regularly.

We also are partaking in 2 other special events and have some wonderful goodies for you so stay tune.


Opens Today

The RFL Christmas Fair opens today.

You can visit the WK Display here.

This year to help raise money for the cause we have a Male Lynx and a Female Lion.

We hope you will come out and support this great cause. We will be having a community auction is Friday the 11th.

There will be a little music at 5 before the auction starts promptly at 6 to give you time to check out all the offerings that the community has come out with. There is still time if you like to get your best two into the auction. 2 per person ONLY sent to Jaed Cartier.

Save the Snow Leopard

Taken from the Panthera website – “The snow leopard – known as the ‘ghost of the mountains’ – is one of the most enigmatic and least understood of the big cats. The snow leopard’s range spans 12 countries and  two million km2 in Asia, with 50 percent of their habitat found in China alone.

The snow leopard is listed as “Vulnerable” on the International Union for the Conservation of Nature (IUCN) Red List of Threatened Species.

Today, scientists believe that between 4,500 and 10,000 adult snow leopards remain in the wild; their exact number is relatively unknown given they are extremely elusive and challenging to survey. The species is very rarely seen even by local people. However, new research, including camera trapping, is beginning to indicate there may be more snow leopards than previously thought.”

WK has created a wonderful new Snow Leopard with some beautiful furs and eyes and even a new ear trait for you. The donation will go to Panthera to support there effort in saving this beautiful animal.

You can purchase your copy here.

Happy Halloween

Happy Halloween and its been a wonderful month with lots of exciting things that we have had for you. To end up the Halloween we have a wonderful event for you today.

In addition to the new Ferret and Motorbike the other animals have come back for the party.