Happy May Day

In celebration of May Day we have released a May Day Mustangs. These mustangs come with New Ear shapes, Coats, Manes and tails. Packed full of traits its a must see.

Stop by the WK Toy Center to see the live version. They will be on sale till the 15th of May.

WK Mini Mart

The WK Mini Mart is a one a shop for all your animal supplies. Located in a woodland setting in the sky, the design simple and easy to find your food or booster needs.

All 4 of the Friend Refill Kiosk are located just out side the store to the left near the tree edge. If you need assistance or other products, there is a door that will teleport you to the ground level. The door is located in the store between two columns covered in ivy near the Wild Mustang Food Items.

This location will be replacing the Crystal River location which we have closed. To teleport to the new locations click here.

Easter Jaguars

There have been a few questions about what will or how will things pass from the Easter Jaguars primairly on the furs. These charts should help take some of the confusion away. The animal to the far left is the animal that made the Easter Jaguars. The animal in the middle is the animal you were able to make when you bought a crate from the kiosk. These animals you bought still have parents in the background that will make the color fur, so if your getting a color fur it is from the background. The animals moving forward will pass the natural tones.

Update to Portal WD

The Portal gets a grid update in Big Cats and Wild Dogs coming soon to Little Varmints and Wild Mustangs. The grids will now adjust to be wider on the screen making it easier to read.

That tool you all love in Big Cats and Wild Mustangs Trait Statistics has been added to Wild Dogs.

Not one but two new traits have been added to the Wild Dogs. The Strain is now a trait, this will help you know which strain there is more of on the grid. The point range on Strain is up 8 points. More info on Strain – its been added to several of the pages on website your Males, Females, Young and Sack. Strain is also been added to the stats in world and the rarity calculator. Ancestry is the last little spot you will find Strain.

The legs individually use to be up to 2 points a leg but that was just not enough points to work with for this new style of % so they each get shifted up to 8 points a piece OMG I know yes thats a total of 32 possible points just for the legs of your animal. If you are lucky enough no scratch that if you are talented enough to to be able to make the complete word set in order you get up to 10 more points. Making the legs worth a max of 42 points alone.

Exciting times for the Wild Dogs.

Wild Dog ~

Coming changes to the Wild Dogs.

The first of these changes that you will be able to see is the Wild Dog Strain page here on the Blog. It is located under whats a trait. The Wild Dog Strain is a sub set of the animal species and will be introduced as a new trait called Strain. Each strain has many fur combinations and leg words to work towards.

Strain is going to be added to the animal stats to help you know which fur comes from which strains.

The Trait Statics tool is nearing completion. This is not only the tool but the revamp to how the points get a sign. This will give you new ways to see the various traits that you have access to. It may seem overwhelming at first, remember it is there for you.

The Word Set – on the legs is a fun sub set of the animals that many of you are now getting the hang of. We would like to reward that hard work with extra trait points if you have the completed word set.

Wild Dog Eyes – The actual species Wild Dog has new eyes that they will trigger when they breed.

WK Support Group

At this time the WK Support Group seems to be having difficulties opening for some and typing in for others. If you need help and are unable to access the group or just want to party with a CSR, there is a CSR in the middle of the toy center. While the SL Groups are acting up if you want to stop by for a chat or just to say hello I am sure the CSR on duty would enjoy the company.

If your market groups are having the same issue check the Auction Page on the blog for the auction times and landmarks they are there for your easy access.

Wild Dog Sanctuary

The WK Sanctuary area has been overdue for a update and new additions. We will be updating all of the WK Sanctuary Stores in the coming weeks but the first to be updated is the Wild Dog Sanctuary. There are lots of items for you to spoil your Wild Dogs.

We have also released two new Animals which introduce a NEW Exclusive Strain. A Melanistic Silver Fox and a Blue Gray Alaskan Gray Wolf. These strains will not come in randomly so if you want them in your breeding genetics save your SPV points and get one before they are gone.

Teleport to the Wild Dog Sanctuary

TRex joins the Funny Friends

Its official the TRex joins the WK Funny Friends. These are partially breedable as they will make more but they are not transferable so the offsprings are not sellable. The reason they make babies are for your WK animals to catch and send them off to sanctuary earning you sanctuary points.

The bed is a perfect setting for them to rest in and you can find them both here.

New Toys for RFL

RFL is well under way and WK has produced 4 new toys to go along with the team and the them of this years event. The Lion and the Fairy will fly about the land in a range searching out your WK animals and hovering near them as a companion. The Dragons are cuddle toys the animals love to carry about and to nap with.

For the last several years we have assisted the Dragon Spirit team this year it has a new name but still the same great people behind it. DragonsNightfall toy vendors can be found here. They work tirelessly to bring various events and items to the SL people to earn support for the RFL organization. The toys are also out at the WK Toy Center.

In addition to these wonderful toys Sunday the 11 of April at Noon we would like to invite you out to the Paint Ball Fight show to cheer on the WK Paintball Team. Stadium opens on Sunday

Looking forward to seeing you all at the event.