We are introducing an accreditation system for those who would like to participate. What is this you are wondering?  This will be a published list of Individual, Markets and Auction Houses that do their best to uphold the WK Wild Kajaera Market.

This is something that will give you another way to advertise your store, market or auction house.

The list will be published on the blog.

If you would like to participate please send a notecard named “Application for Accreditation”.

In the notecard include your landmark, your name and the type of animals you sell. Then send the notecard to Queenfelinea Resident.

Over the next week, we will review the applications and build the list. Which will be posted as a permanent page on the left side menu.

For requirements look in the menu to the left for accredited sellers.

A few Days ago…

A few days ago we opened up Little Varmint and Wild Mustangs Sanctuary Stores. You can find them next to the Big Cats and Wild Dogs located on the WKU sim.

Some of the toy items can be found in the Little Varmint or the Wild Mustangs. We have added a few items to the Big Cats and Wild Dogs and will continue to add more over the next few weeks.

Looking for a Job??

WK has some of the most amazing markets that support the community and its breeders. Markets take a lot of effort to keep running smoothly from CSRs to Auctioneers. If you have some spare time and would like to contribute to the community through employment opportunity check out the listings.

If your a Market and would like to add a listing contact, Kay Rembrandt, to have your add posted.

V-DAY Bears

They are so many sizes for the animals these days we thought it only fitting to make the bears in various sizes to give to that SPECIAl Animal of yours.

WK Valentine Bears 2018

The Bears will work with ALL of the WK Animals.  From those Big Cats, the Wild Dogs, Little Varmints and Wild Mustang.


Recent Updates

The birthday may be over but that does not mean we are slowing down any. We have put out updates in 3 of our animals.

Big Cats – to version 2.8.4  This update has New Lion Manes and New Coding for Mesh Land items.

Wild Dogs – to version 2.4.2 New Land Mesh awareness and fixed an error when going to the website from the animal.

Wild Mustangs – to version 1.3.1 New Toys, and a few small tweaks, added animations.

Sofas have been updated to include more animations.