More Halloween stuff

This is a very special Mustang and will pass something similar but not it self. Only available for a limited time.

In addition to the Mustang we have new food items in the shape of the ghost they have the added feature of being able to move about. Make sure you buy the right ghost for the right animals.

Halloween Eyes

These Eyes will randomly drop in through out the month of October.

As with the tradition of these eyes for the Big Cats and the Wild Dogs they will have a chance to pass the Magical Flame eye until the end of January. At the end of January they will start to pass themselves. Little Varmints and Wild Mustangs they will have a chance to pass themselves with no delay.

Who will it be…..

We here at WK are anxiously awaiting the arrival of the first Wild Dog.

Wild Dog you say how do I make one? Wild Dogs are the Wolf/Fox Hybrid that was just released. To get one you will need a Fox and a Wolf. Could be a Dire Wolf, Gray Wolf or Timber Wolf. The combination could be male or female. Only rule is that it must be a Fox and a Wolf.

S.O.S 2

The favorite of all the toys happen to be the Teddy Bear and this is a bear with a few boo boos patched up by the wonderful doctors over there working with out borders. Please show your support and pick up one today.

Also mark your calendar the 19th at 3 PM we will be having the WK Community auctions. Please if you have any of the WK animal and you would like to donate it to the auction please contact Jaed Cartier or one of the CSRs.

Thank you again for showing the love and support.

S.O.S. Opens Today

We have some very special animals for you this year. You can pick the sex that you want each animal is 4000Ls. The exclusive toys only available at the even have two new ones this year we have a sugar cube ball and a bundle of spoons that are a must to add to your toy chest. The animals love them.

You can find our vendors here and here.

We are off to OZ

As the Wizard of OZ celebrates their 80th anniversary. Just over 5 years ago we released the very first of the Collectors Edition in tribute to the Wizard of OZ. Many loved this lion and as it was our very first and so long ago and there are presently less than 75 of them on the grid we decided to give an updated look to the Cowardly Lion. We have a New fur with a new face and deeper color as well as a new eye.

You can find all these at the WKU Toy Center