Save the Tiger 2022

We are very passionate about our Big Cats –

WK is proud to bring you another amazing tiger that will live in the virtual world but will help its real world counter part. We will donate a portion of each sale to Panthera a Big Cat Conservation group that helps protect the Tigers natural habitat areas.

From the Panthera Website “Known worldwide for its distinctive stripes and imposing size, the tiger (Panthera tigris) is one of the most iconic wildlife species in existence. While tigers are ubiquitous in music, sports and on our screens, they are much rarer in the wild and hovering close to extinction with only 4,500 remaining. But tiger habitat remains, giving us hope for a dramatic recovery if we rally behind tigers and protect them from poachers.”

Will be on sale through to August 1. Here.

SLB Gift

The gift is out and you wont want to miss this one.

Introduces a new strain called Iron Works.

You will find it in the Tapestry of Time display you may take the short cut TP Here. The animal is a forever pet and will roam around and act as a normal horse. You will need to give it treats to gain its trust before it decides to let you train it for riding. If you decide to breed him you can find a wild thing kit at the Wild Mustang Barn located on the WK Region.

We will be putting a companion animal out for him late this week. 🙂

Celebrating Pride

This year we start the Pride Month off with two of our Species getting their PRIDE on.

The Elephants started a paint fight amongst themselves so their parents also have the Paint Fight skin there are 6 version in all for you to breed out.

The Ferrets on the other hand got caught trying to run up a rainbow. The colors are a bit mixed up but they don’t mind. The Rainbow Pride Fur will not pass but will pass a new strain called Lite Sable.

These animals will be out for the month. Spread the word if you know someone who would like a special animal to brighten their Second Life WK has many animals to choose from and some amazing breeders in the community.

Stop by the Toy Center today!

WK Talicurres

It’s no secret that WK is working on another animesh animal. We are very excited about them.

Here is a short introduction them and why we chose them. You may be asking yourself what is a Talicurres? The name it self is an anagram minus the q from squirrel and cat. Pronounced Tal a short i sound and Curres like purrs.

Many of you have asked us to do squirrels and even more have asked us to do cats. Combining the two gives a bran new creature that is sure to delight you. Playful and energetic. These will be an amazing combination of the two! They will have sub breeds that may look more cat like. They are animesh and will share the same system as the Elephants which means they can share food with the elephants. They will have a breed cycle like the elephants 5 day heat gain 2.5 day pregnancy. Each litter will have a chance of 1 – 3 babies and the second offspring has a chance of a mini scale and the third offspring has a chance of either a runt or a mini scale.

Spring is awakening

Whats up next for WK’s amazing animal world. We are very excited about animesh. Animesh has opened up so many wonderful creatures and critters we have had on hold. As we prepare for the next addition to the WK Family we have opened up a habitat area for you to explore. Watch the blog for more information as it becomes available.

Teleport to Taliff to check it out.