Are you ready?

WK Foxes are nearly ready to join the family. Testing is wrapping up and it should not be much longer.  The Foxes will be part of the Wild Dog System but will not be able to breed with the wolves right off the bat. This is to allow the Foxes a chance to get established and bring out some of their own traits.

Getting Set Up for Little Varmint Fair

There are 4 categories

Highest Total Traits Overall    Green Section


Highest Combined Total Traits Eyes and Ears   Purple Section

Highest Combined Total Traits Tails and Whiskers    Yellow Section

Highest Combined Total Traits Scale, Aura, and Shine  Blue Section

We look forward to seeing the wonderful ferrets that have been bred.


Set up is to be completed by 8 PM Monday the 6th.

Good Luck to all who choose to enter.

Wild Dog Fair Results

The Wild Dog Fair results sorry for the delay. It was a very exciting event and the winners are as follows;

Overal Trait Category For a Wild Dog 

In 1st place with 64 Traits

Leia (LoreleiLynn Easterwood)  ID ~ 226079

Pσσρieℳarie Pιχєℓѕ (BabyPoopie Resident) ID ~ 226173

In 2nd place with 60 Traits 

BB2point0 Resident ID ~ 231449

In 3rd Place with 63 Traits

Senti (Sentinel Wunderlich) ID ~ 219424

Overal Trait Category For a Wild Dog with a complete leg set

In 1st place with 56 Traits

Kyle24680 Resident ID ~ 226334

In 2nd place, 55 Trait

BlueIceWaya Xeltentat ID ~ 225709

In 3rd place with 54 Traits 

Fhederica Resident ID ~ 234184

Eye and Ears Category 

In 1st place with a tie of 30 Trait points

Princess Tiaret ID ~ 171190

Kugal Resident ID ~ 229542

In 2nd Place, with 29 Traits

AutumArchangel Resident ID ~ 235385

In 3rd place, with 28 Trait points

Tenshi Dinzel ID ~ 224138

Zeva Firecaster ID ~ 234239

Rayven Avalira ID ~ 233763

Halomoon Fairey ID ~ 234275

Tails and Teeth Category 

In 1st place with a 3-way tie of 18 Traits point

Tok Renilo ID ~ 221818

goldenhart Resident ID ~ 161449

Chatte Ocello ID ~ 232785

In 2nd Place, with 17 Traits

Poison Tigerfish ID ~ 230441

In 3rd place, with 16 points

Shelbi Charman ID ~ 223152

Save the Tigers

As a maker of breedable animals, it is only natural that we are animal lovers. In the news this past weekend July 29th was Global Tiger day. Well, we could not make a donation to the efforts that are being done to donate on this very special day but Tigers are still endangered. They need help from the various organizations commented on saving the wild tiger.

WK would like to introduce this very special Limited Edition sale Tiger. Each of these Siberian Tigers sold during the sale period of August 1 to August 15th will have a portion of the sale donated to,

The primary threats to the survival of Siberian tigers are poaching and habitat loss from intensive logging and development.

The Tiger will be on sale until 8 PM on the 15th of August with 50% of each sale being donated to the less any SL transaction fees.

Up Next Wild Dogs County Fair

We had an amazing fair with the Big Cats and are looking forward to having another great County Fair with the Dogs.

Wild Dog Set up is ready to set your wolf up. There are only 4 categories for the wild dogs.

Green – Is for Highest Trait Total

Yellow – Is for Highest Trait Total with a complete leg set.

Purple – Eyes and Ears

Blue – Teeth and Tails

Set up must be completed by Monday at 8 PM slt.


WK Big Cat Fair –

The Big Cat Fair is coming to a close and the judging has concluded. We like the entrants to leave their animals up till 6 PM if they can to give the community a chance to see the wonderful animals.

Overal Trait Category For an Uber Cat 

In 1st place with 66 Traits

亗Ŗäé ČŖΫŞŤΆŁΉЁÃŖŤ亗 (blackrae75 Resident)  ID ~ 1734326

In 2nd place with 64 Traits 

Ƭσк Ƒαℓℓєη (Tok Renilo)   ID ~ 1738519

In 3rd Place with 63 Traits 

Misery Carter  ID ~ 2027555

Overal Trait Category For a Non Uber Cat 

In 1st place with 52 Traits

BB (BB2point0 Resident)  ID ~ 2094591

In 2nd place, we have a tie with 51 trait points each

SeNsUaL T BlAkE (SeNsUaL Tryce)  ID ~ 2110866

Lucy Dreamer (Schizoprinces Resident)  ID ~ 2032996

In 3rd place with 49 Traits 

Lily Lion (RaggedyMortis Haystack)  ID ~ 2061007

Eye and Ears Category 

In 1st place. we have a tie with 26 Traits points each 

Kate (Jovannah Smit)  ID ~ 2099003

Pσσρieℳarie Pιχєℓѕ (BabyPoopie Resident)  ID ~ 1565243

In 2nd Place, we have a 4-way tie with 25 Traits

Dҽҽ  ƑąӀӀҽղ (Sunndee1 Resident)  ID ~ 2127112

Nate Bracken  ID ~ 2103993

Omara Lyric   ID ~ 1890209

ღNαɲα Çαгȋɲȼ™ღ (nanagirl75 Resident)  ID ~ 2081898

In 3rd place, with 24 points

Joe Blake (JamesRegulator Resident)   ID ~ 2092720

Tails and Teeth Category 

In 1st place, with 16 trait points 

Ąυէυɱ Ąяçђąŋɠєℓ (AutumArchangel Resident)  ID ~ 2102201

In 2nd place, we have a tie with 15 trait points

Tania1007T (tania1007 Resident)  ID ~ 2115083

Senti (Sentinel Wunderlich)  ID ~ 1934551

In 3rd place, we have a 4-way tie with 14 traits 

Darkstone Aeon  ID ~ 2117601

ZEN ZEHN (Tenshi Dinzel)  ID ~ 2126316

Shiney (Shaniny Resident)  ID ~ 2132136

Shelbi Charman  ID ~ 1993109

Whiskers, Glow, Shine and Scale Category

In Ist place, we have a tie with 15 traits

Aly Mode (Alysana Resident)  ID ~ 2105942

Thrust Mode  ID ~ 2078752

In 2nd place. we have a tie with 14 traits

Rαуνєη ƜσƖfмσση Mαяcн (Rayven Avalira)   ID ~ 2112505

Mensa (NGC1512 Resident)  ID ~ 2095336

In 3rd place, we have a tie with 12 traits 

ღÞëŤαlღ (petal77 Resident)    ID ~ 2104925

officer CΔTWOMΔN (Chatte Ocello)   ID ~ 2071282

The OOAK Auction has also concluded with a winning bid of 200,000Ls.  oeNNeo was the winning bidder and we look forward to working on his design soon.

If you would like to check out the winners TP over before they go home.

Big Cat County Fair Set UP

The Big Cat County Fair is ready for set up.  There are 5 various color stumps for you to set your animal for judging on. Each section will be judged only for the traits in that section, make sure to set your Big Cat in the right category.

Recapping ALL cats must be live no sacks we want to be able to see your wonderful breeding and show it off to the SL community. We have listed the event in the SL events so the whole of SL is invited to view your wonderful animals.

The sections are broken up All traits Ubers and Regulars in the same general area running perpendicular to the midway. Stump colors for the all trait section are green and pink.

Teeth and Tails opposite of Ears and Eyes on one side of the midway on the blue and purple stumps.

Whiskers Scale Glow and Shine are located on the other side of the midway on the yellow stumps.

The Silent Auction Board for the Big Cat Exclusive Fur is set up on the midway.  The Silent Auction will end next Saturday morning.

Souvenirs are still being finished up but the first of them is the Extra Large Teddy Bear which can also be found on the midway.

Teleport to the Midway Set up is open.   Set up needs to be complete by Monday when the judging will start.



County Fair OOAK Silent Auction

Over the past 5 years, it has been no secret that we get a lot of request for various things, from animals to be made or toys for them to play as well suggestions for the look of the animal.  Some of the suggestions have been a bit outside our normal area leaning almost into Fantasy. While this may not be our taste it certainly is not impossible to do.  The question was how do we do this to create the least amount of drama.  Being completely transparent about how a custom Fur/Coat came about is the first thing.

We have decided that we will hold a Silent Auction for a Custom Design Fur/Coat.  The Fur/Coat will be placed then on a Level 5 animal. Remaining traits will be chosen from the current list of traits to be decided on by the winning bidder and QueenFelinea.

The winner of the Fur/Coat will work with Kay Rembrandt to get the design to there liking.  You all have seen the talent were confident that we will be able to produce something the winner would be happy with.  The Fur/Coat will be an exclusive Fur/Coat and pass as any other exclusive with a different nose except that if the choice is a Hybrid. If you have doubts your idea would be possible drop Kay an IM and ask before bidding.

As with any of the other OOAKs we have ever done we will also be creating a complementary eye.

We will be offering these at the county fair. Opening bid will be set at 100,000Ls.