News on the Mustangs

The Mustangs are coming along nicely. They are more exceeding our expectations.

Taking a closer look at Mustangs, in general, when we researched them we found that they were about 14 or 15 hands tall. If you don’t know what this means let me explain.  Hands is a unit of measure that the Horse world uses to convey the height of the horse.

Height of Horses

Horse Hights in real life – Horse Hights in SL may vary .

From the ground up to the withers are what is used to measure a Mustang as the head can move up or down. Most men’s hands across the knuckles are roughly 4 inches. Back in the day ranchers would use their hands sideways to count how tall a horse was.  Now our Mustangs may not be exact to size but we are using this measurement to indicate the scale or size of the Mustang.

The Mustangs also have personalities. This is what we’re working on now. This is the part of the Mustangs that is the part that you can do while you’re waiting for babies.  We know that many breeders won’t worry so much about training them, as there is no trait value to a personality.  Personalities are very important to horses as they are not all the same.  Before you can get a Wild Mustang trained to be able to ride them you have to earn their trust. You cant expect to jump on and ride a Wild Mustang.  Before you can really get into training there is a pre-training part. Pre-train starts at the age of 3 days. Trying to get them to eat a treat from your hand is how pre-training is done. No more than 4 treats per day we don’t want them to have too many treats or they will become spoiled. It’s been a joy to watch them as they try to figure out if they can trust you.

Training the horse can be done by both the owner of the Mustang and the keeper of the Mustang.  There is a limit on how much training can be done per day 2 30 Minute sessions per horse once the pre-training has been met, this is to not overwork the horse or the trainer.  As this information is being tracked we are looking at making a registry for the trainers. This is a feature that may be developed after release just depending on the need of the breeders.



October Tradition

Here at WK we have some very special traditions. Every October since we started we have done a random dropped Halloween Eye there have been various amounts of them through the early years, however, this is getting to be a lot of eyes for the season so we have scaled it back a bit this year.  We will have a new eye out each week in Big Cats and in Wild Dogs and it will run for 7 days.  As in previous years and with the reduction of Magical Flame Eyes on the grid we will have these eyes pass Magical Flame until our birthday celebration (January 28th), where at the magical flame will be turned off and they will be able to pass themselves.

For Little Varmints, we have not been able to get the graphic type eye to work so well with it being so small – however, we will continue to try various ideas.

Throughout this month, we have some very exciting things happening.  Stay tuned and we will let you know more about them.

Halloween Eys 2017

WK Wild Mustangs

We have placed a informational sign at the WK main sim near the corral. If your interested in knowing more about them please stop by and click the the information sign. By clicking the sign it will help us with planning.

Horse coming soon4

The Sign is just over the gate of the display area.

This September

This September we are proud to introduce a very special eye Brain Aneurysm Awareness or B.A.A. for short.  This is a condition that effects 1- 50 people and can be survived.  We hope this eye will prompt you to read up on B.A.A. the more you know.

The way the eye will come in through out the month is in a 3 day rotation through the species.  The order will be Jaguar, Cougars, Tigers, Cheetahs, Lions, Gray Wolves, Timber Wolves, Leopard, Dire Wolf, Lynx and finally Ferrets.


New Glow and Shine in BC

We are excited to announce that we will be releasing in the BIG CATS 2 new Glows and 1 new Shine versions.  The new version are Eclipse, Solar and Luster.  With the release of the new versions however we do need to remove current Moonlight and Sunlight and Glisten from the random drop.  They WILL continue to pass.  They have been around for a very long time so we are confident that they will continue to be found in the secondary market.

The new versions will come in at a higher levels than the older versions.  In order to qualify for Eclipse you need to have an offspring resulting at level 50 or higher, Luster is level 60 or higher and Solar at level 65.

Happy Breeding –

Clarification on how this passes – it starts with the random drop and the offspring must be the resulting level or higher.  There was a day we had a small issue where it did pass to levels not correctly. These have been corrected.

Once the animal has either the glow or the shine it passes up or down the levels.

Level only matters when there is no ancestral presence of the trait.

Food Update

I am sure you had heard someone say in group “My foods gone how do I get it back?” We had several helpers and CSRs say MOOG it. This is something we have been trying to track down and while it was impossible to reproduce we do think we found the cause.  The update should prevent a dish from going poof in the future if your sim runs out of URLs.  However you may still get the warning that the sim is out of URLs and it is a good indication that your sim needs a restart.  If you have food out that is an older version this is fine you may leave it as is the food will still be eaten. If however you rerezz said dish it will poof asking you to MOOG a current version.

Current Food version for all but the Happy Teddies in all animals is 2.7.3 in Happy Teddies it is 4.1.1


Xanda Lives On

You may have been sadden recently with the report of yet another one of these beautiful creatures being taken from the world. His father was magnificent a while he lived a full 13 years of life his son was not so lucky he lived only a short 6.

Xanda seems to have had a few fights in his time one at age 4 that took a large rip into his nose. Its healed but has left some fairly deep scars.

Xanda Lives On


Xanda will be available at the WKU and Crystal River Sims from today until August 9th.


Crystal River –

Xanda’s Mother is never mentioned in any reports so we have created her name is Ekundayo – her fur is simply named Xander’s Mom this is a beautiful near white fur. Her name means sorrow to joy, we choose this in hopes that Xanda living on here in Second Life brings you joy.

Xanda’s Father of course is the Cecil CE that we released back in 2015.

Happy Independence Day

Happy Day to you all. In celebration of today have a very special Limited Edition Bear one for the bigger animals and one for the smaller animals.

Independence Bears

These can be found at the main sims –

Big Cat Area –

Wild Dog Area –

Little Varmints –

Crystal River – Welcome Area –