Understanding Little Varmint Breeding –

Understanding Little Varmint Ferret Breeding –

Ferret Breeding is a bit different than the other WK Animals – in the sense that the breeding is ancestral base with little random added in. Randomly introduced traits have been reduced and will more likely come from specialty animals.

The various parts of the animal are primarily coming from its background. The more pure you can breed the background to be, the more you can unlock with in that strain.

The almighty LEVEL in the Little Varmint Ferrets is more of a marker for breeders but plays little to no effect on what the animal will bring in. The background of the animal is really much more IMPORTANT then that of its level.

Lets take a look at the various trait workings will use eye color as an example.

If a Female has example
1 Sunrise
1 Merlot
1 Red
2 Wine
1 Neon Blue
1 Midnight

Any of these Eye colors can come out of this animal we are looking at.

If the desire is to pull out the eye color of Wine as it is the strongest in this animal you may want to find a male with similar Wine eyes or more. This will raise the probability of it passing.

You may want to bring out the Neon Blue Eye, you want to look for an animal with more Neon Blues, it will be possible to pull it out, but it will be a lower probability.

What is Strain?

Strain is the color family of the fur. The fur, like the eyes coming primary from the ancestry but there is one big change here.

The more pure the line of furs, the more ability you have to bring in a new fur within that strain. This could be due to the fact that you have a combination that will bring in a new look. For example:
If I have a Champagne Fur with a mask face marking white mitten on its left foot and another mask face marking with no mitten I might be able to move that mitten to the right foot. If I then take the left and right and put them together I can get a full mask face marking white mitten animal.

Whiskers –

Whiskers will come in various colors as time goes on. The first color whisker set that will come in will be in the WOW, Last Litter animal. Yes its a little ways off but that Last Litter Animal will bring in several new things based on its color. More on that in a bit.

Whiskers are animated on the Little Varmints and come in 5 lengths from Tiny, Trim, Medium, Long and Extra Long. The color they currently are is white.

Tails –

Come in 5 sizes Tiny, Small, Medium, Long and Extra Long and are introduced through ancestry of an animal.

Ears –

Come in 8 different shapes Wiggly, Dented, Squared, Saggy, Bitten, Squeezed, Perfect and Flappy. These are also introduced through the ancestry of an animal or specialty animals.

Aura –

Aura is in many colors and will come in via the WOW, last Litter Animal Chance. WK will keep the various colors under wraps at the moment. However, the first one to come in will be Rosey to go with the Cotton Candy themed animal.
Scale –

Scale for Runt and Mini work like the other animals on the second and third litter. Large, Extra Large and Extremes will come in via special releases of Sanctuary animals.


Will be adding this to the WK 101 Class under general information.

We’re Ready!!!

WK Little VarmintsWe are ready for adopting.

The Crates we come in are nice but we would like to get out soon as the food is being sold separately to help your Item Page not get cluttered up with so many pet foods.

Please stop by the new Little Varmint Shop located at http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/WK%20Wild%20Kajaera/204/138/21

Happy Mothers Day

Happy Mother’s Day to all.

The MomsLove Eyes will randomly drop today and finish up tomorrow around 8 AM

Due to the total number of TigerMomsLove eye already on the grid we have made a new version of this eye it is TigerMomsLove2 also new this year is the LynxMomsLove.

In addition to the Eyes in honor of the day we have not one but two special bears for you.  One is scaled to that of the Tiny Teddy’s these are real designed for the baby scales the runts and the smaller scales of the existing animals as well as the new Little Varmints. The bigger animals will also use them and don’t dispare they are not a choking danger to them.

The other is our larger teddy these are perfect for the larger scales but are very cute when a small one will grab it too.

These can be found at the either WKU sim or the Crystal River store.

Website Login Screen Update

In preparation for the upcoming release of the Little Varmints aka Ferrets we have started updating the website. The first noticeable changes are the new Main and Login pages.  You can check them out here http://portal.wildkajaera.com  The insides of the site are still the same until Sunday when we roll out the rest of the changes.  Soon after the Website updated is completed we will release the Little Varmint it could be as early as Monday.

Are you excited? I know we are.


Surf Club

The WK Ferrets are getting close they are enjoying the toys and forming their own Surf Club (kidding but don’t they look cute).  Will be letting you in on the final “Release Date” in the next day or so stay tune.  Just wanted to share one of the fabulous photos from the closed Beta Team.

Have you seen them?

Are you ready for something really exciting? Have you been looking for something cute and playful?

Presenting, our Little Varmints. Nestled away at our Crystal River location, some of you may have stopped by and noticed our new additions to the Wild Kajaera Family. If you haven’t, we invite you to the welcome area to watch our Little Varmints scurry about, playing with each other, pestering their bigger friends, and stealing toys to hoard.

Unlike our other wonderful WK Animals, these Little Varmints can accessorize. That’s right. YoFerret Chat_001u can slip special clothing over their fur, you can add an earring to them, put hats on them, and even add a collar for added bling (non-walking collar, that is). We are excited to present you with an entire new design, adding to our always growing Wild Kajaera Family.

It’s been a blast creating these Little Varmints. The changes don’t end with just accessorizing. We’ve also created a new way to breed them. With this new way, you have a chance to unlock furs through what we call the “A+B=C Method”. Instead of having new traits brought out only at levels, as you’ve seen before, we put more emphasis on breeding for traits. We just know you’ll find that breeding this way will be even more enjoyable.

We’ve also expanded the family tree to add another layer of ancestry that the traits have a chance of pulling from during breeding. This makes pulling random traits harder and focuses more on pulling from the ancestry.

Ready for the extra “WOW!”? How about a “where did that come from” chance? We will share more on this later, but we are definitely excited to present it. We hope you are equally excited.

Check them out at our Crystal River Welcome Area –


{ ~ G_P ~ } WK Ferrets


Your Wild Kajaera Staff

SOS Recap

The SOS – Doctors with out Borders Event was amazing.  As always the animals went over without any hitches. I hope those that bought the SOS Lynx are enjoying there new smaller wild cats.

We had a few first this time with Big Cats in the fashion show. So many new people got to see our cats strutting around with some very elegant models.

The Cats brought in 360,000K

The community auction brought in 86,000K

The most adorable of cats went to a very special breeder with such an amazingly caring heart. The generosity of Vendetta Breedables knows know bounds as this is not the first of the OOAKs that they have purchased in support of the Charities we support.

Many of you know the breeder behind Vendetta Breedables but if you have not gotten a chance to meet him you should make sure to say hello  ϮƝЄƠ ƬӇЄ0ƝЄ ƔЄƝƊЄƬƬƛϮ (oeNNeo Resident).  Their generosity has brought a lot of attention to WK Wild Kajaera and we greatly appreciate their devotion to WK and the community at large.

The OOAK – One of a Kind went for 300,000Ls.

Again thank you to all that participated and helped to raise so much money for such a wonderful cause.

Finally finished …..

Finally finished some new seasonal foods just in time for spring.  They come in both versions of Wild Dogs and Big Cats.

Finally finished some new sanctuary animals one for the Wild Dogs and one for the Big Cats.  The wolf will pass different furs that have yet to be seen has a new exclusive eye, will pass furs that have yet to be discovered. The cats the leopard introduces 3 new exclusive furs and two new traits.

SOS Liger Bidding –

Todays the Day –

The SOS Pre Bidding ends today at 3 and auction begins at 5.  If you have not seen this liger you will want to stop over and at least check him out.

Sign Set

Teleport to the auction area http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Spoonful%20Of%20Sugar/105/111/24

The Sweet Tooth the Liger is located to the right of the auction area.