Update Released 1/14/2013

The first week of testing is over !  There have been some minor and one major change to the cats over the last week.  The update released to testers include the following fixes.

Major ~

Animations – Fixed keeping the cat to stay together as a whole unit. This improves fluidity in the movement of the cats.

Minor ~

Keeper – No longer is the owner allowed to set themselves to keeper. Keepers, on the other hand are allowed to have the cats they are assigned to, to follow them.

Added –

Touch response so you know when a animal has been touched and the menu is on its way.

Animations for drinking from second life water.

Teddy Bear recognition so that the cat can find and pick up and play with the teddy bear on thier own, as well as when the owner request it.

Retrieval code was added for the Magical Orb of Goodness.

Corrected the name return message from his nose to my nose so it is not gender based.

Corrected message response in keeper so that both keeper and owner get a response back.

Fixed poses in pregnancy (alphas have reported these) some bodies were out of alignment.

Fixed the sound track. We changed the number of times a cat will make a particular sound and added new ones for more variety.
The Beta Experience ~

The team has really been working hard to make it viable for the BETA Testers to undergo a cat experience as close to a finished product as possible. We have had only minor troubles reported. And we have received a lot of praises too.

Most like ~

The design of the foods and the automatic switch to breeding when the cats become of age. Then all you have to do is put out the grid-wide breeding food and catnip. Testers also praised the the pet button as an alternative of setting back to pet food.

And most just loved the way they follow in tune with the owner or the keeper’s movements: running, swimming or simply walking. The “follow” animations are a really natural and transitions from one move to another is really smooth.

The dust and water splashes have been a big hit as well.

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