The Birthing Process

As expecting keeper please be patient this can take up to 1 hour and 20 minutes.
Birthing stage one;
Mom lies down and gives you 20 minutes to come to be with her.

Stage two;
Mother starts to hiss at you, if all goes well she will lift her head and hiss 4 times on the 4th hiss you will see a birth sack.
Mother will still say expecting, because the birthing process is not finished.

Stage three;
In twenty minutes if your mother is finished delivering she will move to stage four. If your mother is to have a 2nd cub this process (stage two) will begin again. If your mother is to have a 3rd cub, in twenty minutes this process will begin again.

Stage four;
When she is completely finished delivering she will say she is tired and her hover text change from expecting. Her happy will drop to 50 and her heat is 0 and will continue as it did before.

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