WK Wild Kajaera Animals – Eating

One of the first things most will notice when they try WK Wild Kajaera Animals is that they are not grazers, they are meal/portion eaters. Which means their stats or portions on food only change twice a day. This will allow you to sit back and enjoy there antics. A few have asked when they eat? This is occurring at different times through out the day but will generally happen in the early to mid morning and early afternoon to evening hours in sl. Why the different times? Each Stat Hunger, Happy, Heat are calculated at separate times, the stats will go up after each one is effected.


If you decide to start down the Breeding Path and get impatient and think stats are not going up as they should and breeding isn’t really set ( if you can see the happy and heat stat its really set ) DO NOT CLICK BREEDING OFF AND ON AGAIN.Regardless of how fast you are the server is faster. SL may hold on to the previous stat numbers but that will change the next meal cycle.

By clicking PET you set it back to a pet status instantly on the server. THIS WILL WIPE OUT ANY HEAT GAIN AND ANY HAPPY GAIN. Pets don’t have to worry about eating catnip or eating breeding food. Your stats should go up in happy 10 points every meal/portion and once it reaches 50 the heat will go up 10 points every meal/portion.

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